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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

South DC Youth Time Trial Champs, Results/Report

Results -Youth Time Trial Championships
(South DC District Heat)
Course: P847/10k Funtington West Stoke 22nd June 2017

Thursday evening (22nd) was the local round of the National Youth Time Trial Championships held on the Funtington road near Chichester. Competitors from around the Wessex region descended on West Stoke Village Hall HQ with Poole Wheelers bringing a team of 6 riders.
The race was over 10 kilometres with riders setting off at minute intervals. First girl was Caitlin Peters (i-Team), the current Junior British Best All Rounder with a time of 15:10 followed by Izzy Brickell (Fareham Wheelers) 15:57 and Lucy Gadd (Poole Wheelers) 16:40 in third.
For the Boys VC Venta took the first two places with Charlie Walters 13:56 and Elliot Cox 14:18, in third place was Thomas Day (Poole Wheelers) 14:28. Unfortunately, VC Venta did not have a third counting rider and the team prize went to Poole Wheelers (Thomas Day, Dan Byrne and Jamie Whitcher) who retained their title from last year.
There were also qualifying places for age categories (12,13,14,15 & 16) with promoting club Solent Pirates Youth CC taking two, Ella Lawrence (14 girl) and Thomas Green (15 Boy). Other qualifiers for the National final were Peter Drabble (VC Meudon) 12 Boy and Matthew Hickman (Portsmouth NECC) 13 boy.

1 Charlie Walters M16 JUN Velo Club Venta 00:13:56 26.76
2 Elliot Cox M16 JUN Velo Club Venta 00:14:18 26.07
3 Thomas Day M14 JUV Poole Wheelers 00:14:28 25.77
4 Samuel Freeman M14 JUV SPYCC 00:14:52 25.08
5 Matthew Hickman M13 JUV Portsmouth NECC 00:14:55 24.99
6 Harry Parsons M16 JUN Sotonia CC 00:15:00 24.85
7 Jacob Schnabel M13 JUV Fareham Wheelers CC 00:15:08 24.64
8 Caitlin Peters F15 JUV i-Team CC 00:15:10 24.58
=9 Izzy Brickell F13 JUV Fareham Wheelers CC 00:15:57 23.37
=9 Jamie Whitcher M13 JUV Poole Wheelers 00:15:57 23.37
10 Max Edgington M14 JUV SPYCC 00:16:09 23.08
11 Thomas Green M15 JUV SPYCC 00:16:10 23.06
12 Dan Byrne M15 JUV Poole Wheelers 00:16:22 22.78
13 Lucy Gadd F16 JUN Poole Wheelers 00:16:40 22.37
14 Freya Richardson F15 JUV Portsmouth NECC 00:16:46 22.24
15 Peter Drabble M12 JUV VC Meudon 00:17:18 21.55
16 Isaac Warrington M14 JUV SPYCC 00:17:21 21.49
17 Ellie farrow F15 JUV SPYCC 00:17:25 21.41
18 Connor Hinkley M14 JUV …a3crg 00:17:27 21.36
19 Madeline Grace Cooper F13 JUV Spokes BPC Racing 00:17:41 21.08
20 Ben Gill M13 JUV Poole Wheelers 00:18:06 20.60
21 Charlotte Kelly F13 JUV Poole Wheelers 00:18:13 20.47
22 Ella Lawrence F14 JUV SPYCC 00:18:20 20.34
23 Mat Remani M15 JUV SPYCC 00:18:22 20.30
24 Scott Morgan M15 JUV SPYCC 00:18:49 19.81

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