Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Club 10, Results

Bob Richardson won the Bournemouth Jubilee wheelers club 10 but the real victors were the Jubilee, the committee members and maybe even local cycling itself. After a barren 4 months it was good to see competion back,all be it very different. The determination of the Jubilee committee to offer some racing again was a defiant, resilient gesture, a positive response to the COVID-19 pandemic, no small amount of courage required for that. There was no tea and biscuits, no post race chat, no excuses around the result board but there was racing and all were thankful for that, from 14 year old Akiva Maxwell to 79 year old Pat Pinchen. It was fitting that Jubilee chairman Richardson won on what was a “pretty good” night, falling pressure and light winds reminding us of what we have missed!
P311 Ringwood-Sopley-Ringwood.
1 Bob Richardson BJW 21:25
2 Andy Cooper BJW 22:01
3 Tom Stocker BJW 22:21
4 Jason Gault BJW (2nd claim) 22:13
5 Nick Jones BJW 22:20
6 Julian Lockwood BJW (2nd claim) 22:24
7 Phil Scriven BJW 23:30
8 Ian Diaper BJW 23:46
9 Mark Hitchcott BJW 23:57
10 Rupert Silman BJW 24:40
11 Sandro Lemos BJW 24:49
12 Anja Heijnen BJW 25:04
13 Gary Chiverton BJW 25:25
14 Colin Scott BJW 25:30
15 Louisa Cooper BJW 25:33
16 Andy Khan BJW 25:54
17 Mark Freeman BJW 26:11
18 Lizzy Stocker BJW 26:19
19 Graham Sharman BJW 27:01
20 Mike Round BJW 27:12
21 Julian Snook BJW 27:58
22 Sue Barber BJW 29:44
23 Pat Pinchen BJW 34:04
1 Aron Kelly New Forest CC 21:31
2 Dan Byrne Primera-Teamjobs 22:48
3 George Creasey Bournemouth Cycleworks 23:46
4 Patrick Mahon Poole Wh 24:03
5 Barry Hards New Forest CC 24:07
6 Akiva Maxwell (J) HBC 27:09

Racing Returns: Club Time Trials this Week!

Club time trials return with Andover Wheelers, Bournemouth Jubilee, Portsmouth North End CC, Gillingham & District Wh and Bournemouth Arrow all running events this week. All events must adhere to CTT COVID guidelines around social distancing.* The recent CTT/Newbury Velo test events attracted 60 entries, however clubs and organisers will set their own limits, with Bournemouth Jubilee and Portsmouth North End opting for a limit of 30 riders. Hampshire-based Andover Wheelers have a field of 36 for their Clanville 10 on Tuesday 14th with Bournemouth Arrow limiting their first event to 20, increasing to 30 if “the event goes well” The New Forest CC are intending to run a test event from their calendar on 28th July on the P164. This event will be open to first claim members only, and limited to 20 riders. The races will follow CTT COVID guidelines and as with all clubs, signing on for the event will mean acceptance and adherence to these by all participants.Entry via NFCC website Depending on the success of the event, the remaining calendar for this year will be decided on. Meanwhile Sotonia CC will run a club 10 on the P182 on the 6th August restricted to club members only, Sotonia club events are free to club members, a nice gesture and not having to collect monies will be one less thing to worry about. Further west Poole Wheelers and CC Weymouth as yet have no plans to resume their respective club calendars.
*All events are pre-entry only, no sign on the line.
Tues 14th July
Bournemouth Jubilee 10 P311 Ringwood
Andover Wheelers 10 P604 Clanville
Wed 15th July
Gillingham & District Wh 10 Gillingham
Thurs 16th July
Portsmouth North End 10 P813 Hambledon Circuit
Bournemouth Arrow 10 P311 Ringwood

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Club Time Trials 2020

Bournemouth Jubilee wheelers are resuming club time trials on P311 course on Tuesday 14th July by implementing the CTT COVID19 risk assessment and guideline. (Full details below).

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Club Time Trials: Revised Calendar:
Tuesday July 14th P311 19:15
Tuesday July 21st P311 19:15
Tuesday July 28th P311
(Club Championship) 19:15
Tuesday August 4th P311 19:00
Tuesday August 11th P311 19:00
Tuesday August 18th P311
(Handicap Championship) 18:45
Tuesday August 25th P311 18:45

All events will be limited to 20 riders, pre-booking online only and priority to BJW members.

Riders should read the information very carefully as failure to comply with the regulations could result in disqualification from the event.
All events are pre-booking only. Numbers are limited to 20 riders, and priority will be given to BJW members.
Details on entry will follow on the club website and Facebook page in a similar fashion to last season. However,
the deadline for entries will be midday, on the day of the event, no exceptions. Do not attend if you are not
booked in.
Competitors should not attend if they feel ill in ANY way, if family members have any COVID19 symptoms
or if they have been told to self-isolate, for example through the Governments ‘Track and Trace’ system.
Tier 1 members of public - those with a PHE/NHS letter suggesting that they currently shield, may not attend.
Anyone within the government’s defined “Clinically vulnerable people” group is strongly advised not to
Before the event
Competitors must be ‘ready to race’ on arrival. Dressed, bike ready to go (other than installing wheels). No
changing, pumping tyres, chain oiling etc allowed at HQ.
Do not bring non-competitors with you. Only exceptions to this is for riders under 18 may need to bring a
parent or guardian with them, or if someone is unable to drive themselves. In these cases, the non-competitors
must remain inside their own vehicle for the duration of the event.
Remember to bring a working rear light, as there will be no lights available to borrow. No light = No ride!
No support can be provided if a competitor suffers mechanical difficulties. It is strongly advised that all
competitors carry with them a spare inner-tube/tubular, pump and tyre levers if required.
It is strongly advised that all competitors carry a mobile phone and take with them the telephone number of
the event organiser (Available at HQ). Please telephone the organiser if you have failed to finish the event.
Parking at Ringwood Furlong carpark. No Parking at EXPRO carpark. Leave at least 1 bay clear between cars. A
carpark Marshall may direct you for parking, please follow instructions.
Other than for signing on, competitors must stay in their own vehicle, no socialising. If you ride to the event,
other than for signing on, you must not be in the HQ area.
One way system for sign on, with 2m spacing marked.
We are unable to look after/store any bags, clothing, water bottles etc at HQ. Competitors that ride to the
event will need to make sure they have somewhere to store their items or not bring anything with them that
they are unable to carry.
3 stage process with separate tables
1. Sanitise, read rider information & make payment – Before doing anything, hands must be sanitized using
provided hand sanitizer. Rider information will be available at this point and payment of £5 made using,
preferably contactless payment (card, phone, watch etc) or correct cash in a sealed envelope with your
name written on it. No change given. If you require glasses to read, you may want to bring them.
2. Collect number and pen – Self-adhesive disposable numbers with individual sanitizer pens. Each
individually laid out on the table. Do not touch other numbers or pens, make sure you know your number
3. Sign pre-filled CTT form – Sign form, return your pen to tub of disinfectant, then return immediately to
your vehicle or leave HQ.
Riders must stick their own numbers on. The self-adhesive numbers should be easy to attach to any garment.
Make sure they are firmly attached in the correct position.
No turbos/rollers – Warm up on the road only, not carpark. If you have an abnormally elevated or fast rising
HR during warmup you must not race and instead leave immediately. Warm up must be done on your own,
no groups.
Start area will be limited to 4 competitors only. Riders must arrive at the start no earlier than 4 minutes before
their start time. Spare set of numbers used to show last rider allowed at start. Please avoid large numbers
riding in Wellworthy Way/Yeoman Road as much as possible, by not arriving too early.
Start point marked by cone/chalk as well are distancing for waiting competitors. Waiting competitors will be
on the pavement, not the road.
No pusher. Competitors must have 1 foot on the ground at start
Start timekeeper will stand 2m+ away from start point on grass bank
In race
All competitors to be aware of procedure for passing a caught rider. (Signage information at sign on)
Responsibility of caught rider to drop back 30 metres minimum asap
At finish line no stopping, proceed to HQ. No group riding.
Return to your own vehicle immediately upon returning to HQ
Do not form gatherings of any number even if ‘social distancing’ is observed
No refreshments will be available
Leave as soon as possible and avoid discussing the event/ socialising
If you wish to socialise with fellow competitors after the event, please relocate to a different open area on
your way home, still observing 2 metre social distancing. No gatherings of any number are permitted at HQ
Results will be available ASAP online and NOT at the event

Glorious Goodwood, Closed Road Racing

As Time Trialing returns next week Dave Collard Berry & the ...a3crg present "Glorious Time Trialling at Goodwood

"Well it's time to see if you can squeeze into the skinsuit after months of binging on "Box Sets". Well we have the perfect remeday to help you get back into a bit of time trialling without having to dodge the traffic heading for La Plage Bournemouth or Durdle Dooring

We are presenting you the opportunity of a closed circuit time trial at the quintessentially English motor racing circuit Goodwood. Now that may send a shudder through some of the "die-hards" as they wonder how on earth will we find an aero cravat! Don't Panic, I'm sure Xavier Disley will be running up a few already & testing them in the wind tunnel.

The date is Sunday 26th July & it is just for a short period in the morning before the regular clientele arrive. The programme ...a3crg has put together is for both road bike & TT bikes for both men & women, plus two events for juveniles 11yrs - 13yrs & 14yrs- 15yrs, what isn't there to like. There is a great viewing platform above the pits but all the accompany riders must register beforehand, otherwise that will be left outside wandering around the Rolls Royce car park, could be an expensive day out Entries are via the normal CTT Entry system. FULL DETAILS HERE

Monday, 6 July 2020


This update relates to CTT events in England only. It does not relate to events in Wales or Scotland.

Currently, all CTT Type B ‘club’ events are suspended up to and including 12 July 2020 and all Type A ‘open’ events are suspended up to and including 17 July 2020.

Having considered the amended government guidelines and legislation released on 04 July, the Board of Cycling Time Trials is pleased to confirm that as the situation stands at present, it is not proposed to extend that suspension of events further and that competition can resume.

Accordingly, CTT Type B ‘club’ events can be held from and including Monday 13 July 2020 and all CTT events, to include Type A ‘open’ events, can be held from and including Saturday 18 July 2020.

When holding an event, whether that be a Type B ‘club’ or Type A ‘open’ event, it is essential that the requirements as set out in the CTT COVID-19 risk assessment are followed. It is also essential that in the case of a ‘local lockdown’ due to an increase in COVID-19 infection in any particular area, that any such local lockdown is respected and adhered to. If any club or organiser is in any doubt as to whether or not an event can proceed, please contact the National Secretary (Legal & Corporate) nick.sharpe@cyclingtimetrials.org.uk

The COVID-19 risk assessment and guidance – Putting on a Cycling Time Trials Event under COVID-19 is available on the CTT website:


CTT will continue to monitor the position closely. The threat of COVID-19 and the risk of infection does still remain. If you are not well or showing signs of COVID-19 then please do not attend at any CTT event.

Please remember that we have had many events cancelled this year due to COVID-19. Also, many of the sport’s volunteers, without whom events cannot take place, are themselves in the vulnerable age categories and so will not be able to help out.

The sport needs volunteers!

If you can, and you enjoy time trialling, please offer your services for an event and help. Unless there are volunteers willing to do so, quite simply we won’t have any events for you to race in.

06 July 2020

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Isle of Wight to Host Tour of Britain 2022 Final Stage

The Isle of Wight will host the Tour of Britain – the UK’s biggest and most prestigious professional cycle race – for the first time ever in September 2022, following an agreement between race organisers and the Isle of Wight Council signed this morning (Saturday 4 July) that will see the final stage of the 2022 race taking place on the island.

It will mark the first time that the Tour of Britain has visited the Isle of Wight, providing a unique opportunity for residents and tourists to watch the world’s top teams and riders racing on the Isle, in front of a worldwide live television audience.

The news was announced this morning – Saturday 4 July – following a signing ceremony in Ryde, which also marked the start of The Great Tour, a 64-day, 6,700 kilometre charity fundraising cycle, from Ryde.

The Isle of Wight is no stranger to hosting cycle races – the pro-am, cross-Europe Sealink International stage race (1983), the Isle of Wight Classic (1985) and the Tour Series (2015) have all taken place – although 2022’s Tour stage there will be the biggest sporting event ever to take place on its roads.

Isle of Wight Council leader, Councillor Dave Stewart said: “Securing the Tour of Britain is a major coup for the Island and just what is needed to help boost the local economy after the devastating impact of coronavirus.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the stunning landscapes of the Island to an international audience, attracting spectators locally and from afar to enjoy world-class cycling.

“This event will support our economy through hotel stays or spending money in local shops and businesses.

“Just as the Isle of Wight is synonymous with sailing, so too I hope we can become a mecca for all things cycling with Tour of Britain and other exciting cycling events in the pipeline.”

“We are delighted to be officially confirming in two years’ time we will be bringing the world’s best cyclists to the Isle of Wight for the final stage of the Tour of Britain, in what I am sure will be one of our most memorable stages,” said Hugh Roberts, Managing Director of Tour of Britain organisers SweetSpot Group.

“The fact that despite this summer’s events we are working ahead with partners and planning the routes for 2021, 2022 and beyond shows that despite adversity, the Tour of Britain will continue to flourish. We hope that seeing this news will inspire more people and organisations than ever before to get behind and support our national Tour and to help us reach our goal of making the Tour of Britain the biggest stage race outside of the three Grand Tours by the end of the decade.

“This is just the start of our relationship with the Isle of Wight, and through events like the start of the 64-day Great Tour ride today we will be working with the Isle of Wight Council and partners to put the island firmly on the cycling map in the 2020s and helping people to ‘Ride the Isle’. I look forward to returning to Ryde and the Isle of Wight in September at the conclusion of The Great Tour having hopefully done a lot to create a legacy route around Britain’s coastline and raised awareness and funds for a variety of community, health and environmental causes, and look forward even more to September 2022.”

Stephen Park, Performance Director for the Great Britain Cycling Team said:

“The Isle of Wight is well known for its sailing heritage and it’s also a brilliant place to ride a bike thanks to the unique and distinctive coastline and scenery, so I know the stage will be a landmark event in 2022’s sporting summer. While we will all miss watching this year’s Tour of Britain, it is great to see the organisers break new ground with a first trip to the island.”

The 2022 Tour of Britain is due to begin in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire and finish with a final stage on the Isle of Wight. The exact date of the race will be confirmed next September following the publication of the UCI’s 2022 road cycling calendar.

Tour of Britain organisers SweetSpot and the Isle of Wight Council are also jointly exploring other opportunities in cycling for 2021 as a build up to September 2020 when the island will become the focus of the cycling world during the final stage of the Tour of Britain.

The Great Tour, a 64-day ride around the coastline of Britain is due to finish back in Ryde on Saturday 5 September, having completed an anti-clockwise loop of the English, Scottish and Welsh coasts to raise money for a variety of health charities. SweetSpot Group Managing Director Hugh Roberts is one of two cyclists aiming to complete the entire 6,700 kilometre route.

With its mix of stunning landscapes and gruelling terrain, Councillor Wayne Whittle, Cabinet member for regeneration and business development, said the Island would provide a spectacular finale to The Tour of Britain, saying “The Tour Series was a huge success when it came to Ryde four years ago and the Tour of Britain promises to be even bigger and involve the whole Island.

“Estimates from other councils staging similar stages have shown up to a 40 per cent increase in visitor numbers and a £4 million economic boost to their local economy.

“Add to this the legacy of support for our Island’s cycling ambitions and it really is good news at a time we need it most.”

Following the postponement of this September’s Tour of Britain, the next edition of the Tour of Britain be in September 2021, starting in Penzance, Cornwall on Sunday 5 September and finishing in Aberdeen on Sunday 12 September. Full details of the 2021 race route will be announced in the autumn.

The Tour of Britain is British Cycling’s premier road cycling event, giving cycling fans the opportunity to see the world’s best teams and riders competing on their doorstep and helping to build a great cycling nation.

Covid -19 British Cycling Update

British Cycling Statement 3rd July 2020
British Cycling can today give an update on work to enable people to return to the sport of cycling, and in particular the blanket suspensions of regional and national-level racing, which are currently due to run until August 1 and September 1 respectively.

On June 18, we lifted the suspension on club and group activity in England with the publication of the first iteration of The Way Forward, our guide aimed at empowering the people at the grassroots of our sport to resume activities. Our clubs have taken this opportunity to begin responsibly organising activity in small groups, and this weekend sees the return of our led ride programmes, HSBC UK Breeze and Guided Rides, which are a vital gateway to cycling for thousands of people every year.

Regional racing
Currently, regional-level racing is suspended until August 1, and we committed ourselves to giving four weeks’ notice of any extension or curtailment.

At this stage, we do not believe there is a case to extend the suspension of regional-level racing beyond August 1, because there are certain formats in a number of disciplines of our sport which may be in a position to return sooner than others – provided they can comply with the relevant government guidelines in place at that point. This is still expected to include restrictions on group size, hygiene controls and social distancing, format of the activity and any additional measures such as restrictions on travel.

The disciplines and formats we believe could make the earliest return include BMX, cycle speedway, track, circuit racing, road time trials, cyclo-cross, and cross-country and gravity mountain biking. British Cycling staff are currently working with the respective discipline commissions and colleagues at Scottish Cycling and Welsh Cycling to produce a framework including guidelines and tools for the safe return of each discipline.

We are keenly aware that road racing is the passion of a great number of our members. While we were able to reintroduce small club rides on June 18, we believe there are particular challenges when it comes to reintroducing this discipline as well as other mass-start events on the public highway, including sportives.

These challenges include the impact on the communities whose roads we use, field sizes and the support required from emergency services. Therefore, it is likely that when mass start road events do return, they will do so first on closed circuits.

Of course, all of this planning and all of this work depends on the relevant restrictions put in place by the government authorities in England, Scotland and Wales. We will continue to work closely with event organisers, our cycle sport commissions and other volunteers, as well as colleagues in Scottish Cycling and Welsh Cycling, to be in the best position to react quickly to support and enable activity, as the restrictions change. This includes ensuring we are able to react to any localised restrictions, such as those recently introduced in Leicester.

However, we wanted you to know that while not all disciplines and formats will return at the same time and in the same way, we are working hard with colleagues in government and across sport to help organised cycling return as soon as is practical. Our aim is to be flexible and responsive as conditions change to support our sport which is, like many others, largely volunteer delivered.

National Series and National Championships
Racing at national series and national championships level is currently suspended until September 1. Following consultation with teams and event organisers, we do not believe it is possible to this year hold national series and national championships in disciplines which take place in the spring and summer months. This means we will not see national series or championships in road, mountain biking, BMX and cycle speedway. The exceptions to this are some national youth and junior events which, with school sport expected to return in September, could still take place on rearranged dates. In addition, we remain hopeful that national series and championship racing could take place in cyclo-cross and track later this year and in early 2021.

This news will come as a disappointment to many – a feeling which everyone at British Cycling shares – but particularly to those who hoped to compete for the jerseys which are awarded to our national champions and worn with pride in races around the world.

British Cycling Integrity and Compliance Director, Rod Findlay, said:

“After several months of exploring alternatives and discussions with the relevant authorities, today we have made the difficult decision to formally cancel all national series and national championship events in the disciplines of road, cross country, downhill and 4X mountain biking, BMX and cycle speedway. This is not a decision we ever wanted to make however in the interests of providing clarity and certainty to our teams, riders and event organisers we believe it is the correct one. I’m pleased to say that the organisers who were to host events in 2020, will retain them for 2021.

“Our team is now working hard to lay the groundwork for resuming regional-level activity, and we remain hopeful that we will see some competitive racing next month. Plans for our winter programme are progressing well and though the past three months have been frustrating for all of us, I want to thank everybody involved in our sport for their patience and understanding in challenging circumstances. We can also now look forward to our national championships returning with strength in 2021.”

Following advice from British Cycling, the UCI have confirmed that current national champions will be permitted to continue to wear their national champions jersey until the next edition of the relevant event.
Later this month, we plan to publish an update to The Way Forward with further detail on the return of organised cycling, including information to help event organisers, and we will continue to add to our series of webinars aimed at supporting all those involved in delivering our sport. In addition, we will communicate further on points and categories for this year.

In the meantime, we are grateful for the continued support of our members, the volunteers on whom our sport depends, and everyone who loves cycling.

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Dorset Races Cancelled

The Womens 2 day on 5th/6th September and the Portmore Autumn classic planned for 26th September have both been cancelled due to the COVID pandemic. Currently there is no racing up to 1st August. Organiser Tom Clements told us:
Due to covid 19 and the wider implications of running a race on the health of all involved I have made the decision to cancel both the races in September, the Women’s 2 Day and the Portmore Classic. Hopefully we will be back back next year.”

On a more optimistic note club time trials are currently due to resume the week beginning 13th July, final confirmation of this will come from the CTT.

Friday, 26 June 2020

Coronavirus Update: Club Time Trials Still on Hold...


This update relates to CTT events in England only. It does not relate to events in Wales or Scotland.

In the update on 08 June, it was said that in anticipation of the government restrictions on social distancing being relaxed sufficiently to allow competition to resume once more, the suspension of competition was to be further extended, although for a limited period only, with Type B ‘club’ events being further suspended up to and including 05 July 2020 and all Type A events being further suspended up to and including 17 July 2020.

Since then, although the social distancing measures have been relaxed quite considerably, it remains the case that as of today’s date, people from multiple households can meet only in groups of up to six.

CTT remains optimistic that it will be possible, within the government guidelines, to resume competition in July. However, the guidance released by the government has not been as clear as had been hoped for. It is anticipated that further clarification will be provided by the government when the amended legislation is published, which is expected on 04 July.

CTT is very much aware that clubs and organisers do need certainty about whether or not events can be held. As the government guidance is not clear, and as the amended legislation will unlikely be available until 04 July, it is very unlikely that CTT will be able to give the “green light” in good time for those club events due to be held in the few days after 04 July.

Accordingly, the suspension of Type B ‘club’ events is further extended by one week, up to and including 12 July 2020, to allow time to consider the legislation and any further government guidance that may be published around the same time.

Type A events remain suspended up to and including 17 July 2020.

The COVID-19 risk assessment and guidance – Putting on a Cycling Time Trials Events under COVID-19 is available on the CTT website.

CTT will continue to review the position and a further update will be released shortly.

26 June 2020

Monday, 22 June 2020

Easy for Culverwell as Road Racing Returns to Guernsey

"After all the hype, not the most exciting road race in the end unfortunately!"

Overnight rain meant the race started on wet roads, and the stiff south westerly wind combined with a high tide to add some sea spray to the mix along the coast road too, Reports Alex Margison.....Given the conditions the race started at a fairly steady pace, with the group of 10 Division 1 riders staying together until Sam Culverwell attacked the bunch at the top of the course midway round the second lap of the 6 lap race. He’d built a 25 second lead by the end of the lap, but a crash in the chasing bunch on the notoriously slippery left hand corner at the bottom of the main climb ended the race of both Seb Tremlett and Mike Serafin. It also held the peloton up enough to effectively end the race as a contest too, with Sam’s advantage up to over 2 minutes by the end of the third lap.
The bunch managed to claw back 15 seconds on each of the next two laps, but Sam had edged the gap back out to over 2 minutes by the finish as the chasing group eased up in the final lap for a bit of cat and mouse ahead of the sprint for second place which was won by Jack English from Marc Cox in third.
Full Result
Div 1 1 Sam Culverwell Trinity Racing 6 laps 01:52:46
Div 1 2 Jack English Guernsey Velo Club 6 laps 01:54:54 +2:08
Div 1 3 Marc Cox Guernsey Velo Club 6 laps st +2:08
Div 1 4 James Roe Guernsey Velo Club 6 laps st +2:08
Div 1 5 Sam Reed Côtes d'Armor Marie Morin Véranda Rideau 6 laps st +2:08
Div 1 6 Matt Osborn Guernsey Velo Club 6 laps 01:54:57 +2:11
Div 1 7 Jack Reed CC Plancoët 6 laps 01:56:35 +3:49
Div 1 8 Andy Colver Guernsey Velo Club 6 laps 02:00:55 +8:09
Div 2 9 Jack Hoskins Guernsey Velo Club 5 laps 01:39:23 1 lap
Div 2 10 Tony Bleasdale Guernsey Velo Club 5 laps st 1 lap
Div 2 11 Andy Gibson Guernsey Velo Club 5 laps st 1 lap
Div 2 12 Simon Baker Guernsey Velo Club 5 laps st 1 lap
Div 2 13 Kyle Nelson Guernsey Velo Club 5 laps st 1 lap
Div 2 14 Phil Touzeau Guernsey Velo Club 5 laps st 1 lap
Div 2 15 Jon Osborn Guernsey Velo Club 5 laps 01:39:24 1 lap
Div 2 16 Mark Smith Guernsey Velo Club 5 laps 01:39:29 1 lap
Div 3 17 Dave Fairbrother Guernsey Velo Club 4 laps 01:20:52 2 laps
Div 3 18 Charles Lowe Guernsey Velo Club 4 laps 01:20:53 2 laps
Div 3 19 Nick Despres Guernsey Velo Club 4 laps 01:20:56 2 laps
Div 3 20 Danielle Hanley Guernsey Velo Club 4 laps 01:23:01 2 laps
Div 3 21 Chantal Green Guernsey Velo Club 4 laps st 2 laps
Div 3 22 Andy Godfrey Guernsey Velo Club 4 laps 01:23:02 2 laps
Div 3 23 Adam Torode Guernsey Velo Club 4 laps st 2 laps
Div 3 24 Maddie Wilson Guernsey Velo Club 4 laps st 2 laps
Div 3 25 Kylie Vaudin Guernsey Velo Club 4 laps st 2 laps
Div 3 26 Jack Castleman Guernsey Velo Club 4 laps st 2 laps
Div 3 27 Simon Francart Guernsey Velo Club 4 laps st 2 laps
Div 3 28 Steve James Guernsey Velo Club 4 laps st 2 laps
Div 3 29 Jamie Rive Guernsey Velo Club 4 laps 01:23:03 2 laps
Div 3 30 Alex Clark Guernsey Velo Club 4 laps 01:23:07 2 laps
Div 3 31 Nathan Medlock Guernsey Velo Club 4 laps 01:27:51 2 laps
Div 3 32 Andrea Nightingale Guernsey Velo Club 4 laps 01:32:21 2 laps
Div 3 33 Ed Rocha Guernsey Velo Club 4 laps 01:34:03 2 laps
Div 3 34 Marina Bleasdale Guernsey Velo Club 4 laps 01:38:18 2 laps
Div 3 35 James Duguid Guernsey Velo Club 4 laps 01:38:19 2 laps
Div 3 36 Adrian Vaudin Guernsey Velo Club 4 laps 01:39:30 2 laps

Friday, 19 June 2020

Time Trialling: Another Casualty of Covid 19?

In a reflective mood: Julian Gee (Sotonia CC) looks back with nostalgia and forward with some pessimism……..
On 21st June 1980 I organised my first open time trial – the British Students Sports Federation ‘25’ on the Six Hills course in Leicester. There were only a handful of cyclists at Leicester University at the time so I was grateful for the help of some of the local Leicester clubs and some friends I managed to rope in to run what turned out to be a successful event, with over 60 entries from Universities (and Polytechnics – remember those?) all over the country.
In that era, the traditional club structure was quite strong as I recall and most clubs whose members competed also promoted their own events, whether that be road, track, TT, cross or across all disciplines. Many clubs would also run regular club time trials for their own members and guests during the racing season.
Fast forward 40 years and the scene has changed quite dramatically. There are still plenty of people cycling (even more so during the recent lock down) but many fewer ‘traditional’ clubs and with that the BC and CTT handbook and lists of events are much slimmer volumes that in the past.
There has been an increase in clubs and ‘team’ numbers in recent years but most of these outfits are relatively small, often (but not always) somewhat elitist and usually launch with a manifesto to compete but no obvious plans to shoulder any of the promotional load.
There has been a rise in commercially promoted ‘sportives’ but, these same organisation haven’t much ventured into the promotion of bread and butter road events or time trials – these are still the preserve of a reducing number of clubs that in many cases have been around for decades.
I am reflecting on this following a recent plea from CTT Head Office for people to step forward to help organise events following the hopeful resumption time trialling again as Covid 19 lockdown conditions ease : I hope clubs will be able to reactivate at least some of their promotional plans in what remains of the season and will find a ready stream of volunteers to help run them, however, I am a little pessimistic, not just for this season, but for the seasons ahead.
The recent racing hiatus could see further clubs being unwilling or unable to run the events that they have been promoting year in, year out and then one asks what will happen to the racing calendar longer term and the finances of bodies like CTT (who are mostly financed by race levies)?
I don’t have all the answers to this question (or perhaps any answer!) but I think the recent troubles have highlighted the need for the sport to start to seriously consider the issue of who and how the sport is continued long term, as I suspect (I hope wrongly!) than in a further 40 years (when I might still be around at 101 years’ old – I hope again!) when all that is left to do is to reflect on what once was great sport and pastime.
Julian Gee
P.S. In case you are interested, my first promotion was won by Steve Hudson, (pic) of Coventry in 57-47.

Road Racing Returns to Guernsey this Weekend

With no new cases of Covid-19 for 50 days on Guernsey, local restrictions will be lifted from midnight 19th June allowing contact sport to make a welcome return to the island this weekend. Guernsey Velo Club will be hosting their first road race since 1 March on Sunday (21st) morning on the 7.75 mile L'Erée circuit in the far South West of the island. The start/finish is at Rocquaine Bay and the course immediately heads up the Col du Pleinmont before a false flat along the South coast as far as the airport, then a left turn for a long descent via St Peter's village back down to the coast at L'Erée and down the West coast along Rocque Poisson back to Rocquaine. There are currently 45 signed up, but GVC are expecting further entries on the day, the racing will be run on a divisional basis with Division 1 racing 6 laps, Division 2 5 laps, Division 3 4 laps and a 3 lap novice race. The popular 10-round Open 10 mile Time Trial series also makes a welcome return on Saturday, so it promises to be a busy weekend on the island.

Friday, 12 June 2020

2021 Tour of Britain Race Dates: 5-12 September

Following the postponement of the 2020 Tour of Britain, the provisional race dates for next year’s race are Sunday 5 to Sunday 12 September 2021.

These dates are provisional and subject to change until the publication of the 2021 UCI calendar later this year, although organisers are anticipating there should be no significant change to what is the Tour of Britain’s traditional early September position. Further stage details will be released throughout the summer.

Sunday, 31 May 2020

Guernsey VC Club 10's Results:Racing Returns to the British Isle's!

A successful weekend's racing!

Alex Margison writes………The field was split into two heats to satisfy maximum gathering size rules, with one on the Saturday morning and the other at the same time on Sunday. Weather conditions were pretty similar both days, warm and sunny with a gentle to moderate Easterly meaning a tailwind off the start line and block headwind on the way back round the final bay to the finish.

Fastest on Saturday was Seb Tremlett with a very creditable 20:02 given the foot down start, just outside his own course record of 19:55. Marc Cox posted Sunday's best time and the second fastest of the weekend with 20:23, whilst Trinity Racing's Sam Culverwell recorded the third fastest time with 21.39 on a road bike.

Karina Bowie was top female with 23:54, fractionally missing her own course record of 23:53. Among the the HSBC/Ian Brown's Cycle Shop Academy riders, top male was Thierry Le Cheminant with 23:12 and Kylie Vaudin was fastest junior female with 25:59.

It's been an amazing team effort between the Club and the Guernsey Sports Commission to restart racing on the island this weekend, with Club President Mark Smith putting in the hours to ensure everything ran smoothly and in accordance with our local lockdown exit framework. It felt a little strange not having a minute man to chase down given that fastest riders went off first at two-minute intervals, but it was just a pleasure to be out in the sunshine racing again.

1 Seb Tremlett Guernsey Velo Club Senior 23 - 39 20:02.4
2 Marc Cox Guernsey Velo Club Senior 23 - 39 20:23.2
3 Sam Culverwell Trinity Racing Espoir 18-23 21:39.8
4 Tony Bleasdale Guernsey Velo Club Veteran 40+ 21:39.9
5 Matt Osborn Guernsey Velo Club Senior 23 - 39 21:42.1
6 Steve Dawes Guernsey Velo Club Senior 23 - 39 21:47.2
7 Nathan Gosling Guernsey Velo Club Senior 23 - 39 21:53.5
8 Jack English Guernsey Velo Club Senior 23 - 39 22:25.0
9 James Roe Guernsey Velo Club Senior 23 - 39 22:44.5
10 Kyle Nelson Guernsey Velo Club Senior 23 - 39 22:53.8
11 Neil Ridley Guernsey Velo Club Grand Veteran 50+ 22:59.3
12 Thierry Le Cheminant Guernsey Velo Club Under 16 23:12.3
13 Alex Margison Guernsey Velo Club Veteran 40+ 23:12.4
14 Paul Jackson Guernsey Velo Club Grand Veteran 50+ 23:12.5
15 Mark Smith Guernsey Velo Club Veteran 40+ 23:37.9
16 Richard Saunders Guernsey Velo Club Grand Veteran 50+ 23:38.5
17 Charles Lowe Guernsey Velo Club Senior 23 - 39 23:38.9
18 Gregory Robert Guernsey Velo Club Super Veteran 60+ 23:46.6
19 Jack Hoskins Guernsey Velo Club Espoir 18-23 23:47.0
20 Karina Bowie Guernsey Velo Club Veteran 40+ Female 23:54.7
21 Jack Reed CC Plancoët Junior 16-17 23:55.0
22 Dan O'Hara Guernsey Velo Club Veteran 40+ 23:56.6
23 Andy Gibson Guernsey Velo Club Veteran 40+ Male 24:20.9
24 Nick Ravenscroft Guernsey Velo Club Grand Veteran 50+ Male 24:21.2
25 Sergio Henriques Guernsey Velo Club Veteran 40+ Male 24:26.3
26 Dani Hanley Guernsey Velo Club Senior 23 - 39 Female 24:31.6
27 Steven Palmer Guernsey Velo Club Veteran 40+ Male 24:42.8
28 Philip Reid Guernsey Velo Club Veteran 40+ Male 24:45.3
29 James Duguid Guernsey Velo Club Grand Veteran 50+ Male 24:57.4
30 Charlie Pimlott Guernsey Velo Club Veteran 40+ Male 25:06.5
31 Joshua Saunders Guernsey Velo Club Under 16 Male 25:14.4
32 Bruce Maltwood Guernsey Velo Club Grand Veteran 50+ Male 25:16.5
33 Chantal Green Guernsey Velo Club Senior 23 - 39 Female 25:22.6
34 Andrew Godfrey Guernsey Velo Club Grand Veteran 50+ Male 25:23.1
35 Kylie Vaudin Guernsey Velo Club Junior 16-17 Female 25:59.6
36 Marina Bleasdale Guernsey Velo Club Veteran 40+ Female 26:07.6
37 Philip Touzeau Guernsey Velo Club Senior 23 - 39 Male 26:26.9
38 Ade Vaudin Guernsey Velo Club Grand Veteran 50+ Male 26:48.0
39 Ed Rocha Guernsey Velo Club Veteran 40+ Male 27:19.6
40 Helena Duguid Guernsey Velo Club Under 16 Female 27:21.5
41 Maddie Wilson Guernsey Velo Club Senior 23 - 39 Female 27:24.4
42 Claire Allen Guernsey Velo Club Veteran 40+ Female 27:48.3
43 Dianne Tierney Guernsey Velo Club Veteran 40+ Female 27:48.5
44 Miles Le Prevost Guernsey Velo Club Under14 Male 28:11.0
45 Alex Ward Guernsey Velo Club Under 16 Male 28:35.0
46 Dan Clark Guernsey Velo Club Under 16 Male 28:46.1
47 Andre Carre Guernsey Velo Club Veteran 40+ Male 28:46.6
48 Chay Kennedy-Cook Guernsey Velo Club Under14 Male 29:40.5
49 Gary Wallbridge Guernsey Velo Club Super Veteran 60+ Male 30:06.1
50 Iain Kilpatrick Guernsey Velo Club Grand Veteran 50+ Male 30:21.5
51 Ollie Duguid Guernsey Velo Club Under14 Male 30:40.9
52 Kiko Rocha Guernsey Velo Club Under14 Male 33:29.4
53 Mike De Robillard Guernsey Velo Club Veteran 40+ Male 34:11.0

Friday, 29 May 2020

Racing Finally Returns to the British Isle's: Guernsey VC Club Time Trials

Racing finally returns to the South this weekend with the Guernsey VC Club 10. Thought to be the first racing in the British Isle’s since the start of the Covid 19 lockdown measure’s since March 23rd, the Guernsey Velo Club will run 10 mile time trials on both Saturday & Sunday. The Cobo Bay course on the West Coast starts at the South end of the Bay and heads down the coast to Rocquaine Bay and then back up again to the finish at Albecq. Fairly flat the whole way, with a small rise around Albecq headland just after the start and dead turn at the halfway point. First rider off at 06:45 then 2minute intervals with fastest riders first in the interest of social distancing. Current course record is 19:55 held jointly by Seb Tremlett & James McLaughlin. Saturday’s race includes Guernsey Commonwealth Games riders, Jack English (pictured) & joint course record holder, Seb Tremlett, another games competitor James Roe rides on Sunday.
Guernsey Velo club treasurer Alex Margison told us..
We haven’t had any new cases of Covid on Guernsey for 28 days now, and there are no known cases in the Bailiwick currently, so we’re moving to Phase 4 of our lockdown exit strategy from midnight Friday/Saturday which includes the resumption of non-contact sports. All going well, Phase 5 is a maximum of 8 weeks away and will see the resumption of road racing, MTB racing & our hopefully Academy and Junior training & racing leagues, but I’m afraid travel restrictions won’t be lifted until Phase 6 so the opportunity for off-islanders to come over & race is limited!” Margison added “ I wont miss Zwift this weekend
Rider List
Saturday 30th May
Claire Allen Veteran 40+ Female
Andre Carre Veteran 40+ Male
Dan Clark Under 16 Male
Jack English Senior 23 - 39 Male
Andy Gibson Veteran 40+ Male
Andrew Godfrey Grand Veteran 50+ Male
Chantal Green Senior 23 - 39 Female
Dani Hanley Senior 23 - 39 Female
Jack Hoskins Espoir 18-23 Male
Paul Jackson Grand Veteran 50+ Male
Chay Kennedy-Cook Under14 Male
Iain Kilpatrick Grand Veteran 50+ Male
Miles Le Prevost Under14 Male
Charles Lowe Senior 23 - 39 Male
Nathan Medlock Veteran 40+ Male
Charlie Pimlott Veteran 40+ Male
Nick Ravenscroft Grand Veteran 50+ Male
Jack Reed Junior 16-17 Male
Neil Ridley Grand Veteran 50+ Male
Gregory Robert Super Veteran 60+ Male
Joshua Saunders Under 16 Male
Richard Saunders Grand Veteran 50+ Male
Philip Touzeau Senior 23 - 39 Male
Seb Tremlett Senior 23 - 39 Male
Ade Vaudin Grand Veteran 50+ Male
Kylie Vaudin Junior 16-17 Female
Gary Wallbridge Super Veteran 60+ Male
Alex Ward Under 16 Male
Maddie Wilson Senior 23 - 39 Female

Sunday 31st May

First name Last name Category Gender
Marina Bleasdale Veteran 40+ Female
Tony Bleasdale Veteran 40+ Male
Karina Bowie Veteran 40+ Female
Marc Cox Senior 23 - 39 Male
Steve Dawes Senior 23 - 39 Male
Helena Duguid Under 16 Female
Ollie Duguid Under14 Male
James Duguid Grand Veteran 50+ Male
Nathan Gosling Senior 23 - 39 Male
Sergio Henriques Veteran 40+ Male
Thierry Le Cheminant Under 16 Male
Alex Margison Veteran 40+ Male
Kyle Nelson Senior 23 - 39 Male
Matt Osborn Senior 23 - 39 Male
Philip Reid Veteran 40+ Male
Ed Rocha Veteran 40+ Male
Kiko Rocha Under14 Male
James Roe Senior 23 - 39 Male
Mark Smith Veteran 40+ Male
Dianne Tierney Veteran 40+ Female
Oscar Webber Junior 16-17 Male

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Winchester Criterium Announces New Date!

Winchester Criterium & Cyclefest 2020 have announced the event will now take place on Sunday 13th September. Originally scheduled for the 14th June but cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Winchester Criterium incorporates the South Region circuit race championships. Entries are not yet LIVE on the British Cycling website, further updates are expected……

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Local Clubs Turn to Virtual Racing

As the Corona Virus pandemic takes hold and British Cycling have suspended all sanctioned events including club activities, local clubs are turning to virtual reality racing to replace traditional group rides. The governing body continues to advocate riding bikes, in fact actively encouraging it as a way to support the community but will not support group riding: “Our recommendation to clubs is that no organised activity (including rides, training, coaching, events) should take place during this period, in line with government advice on social gatherings on non-essential travel” reads the British Cycling website. In light of this, Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers, Poole Wheelers, New Forest CC and other local clubs have started to replace regular group rides with racing on Zwift. There are races for all levels of riders and, without having to leave your own home you can pin a virtual number on, it is easy to adhere to social distancing advice, avoid group riding and still stay in contact with your club mates.
Races in Zwift are usually organised into categories from A to D with A being the fastest. Although there might be racers of other categories visible, you’re only usually competing against other riders in your category. Of course Zwift has been around for a while gaining popularity long before Covad-19 threatened outdoor riding but we could be getting a glimpse into the future. Older cyclists have been self isolating for years, it goes with time trialling territory. New generations of bike riders have grown up with social media, platforms that promote distancing, so there should be few problems, surviving on virtual café’s and virtual cake may be the biggest challenge.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Covid-19: TLI Statement

TLI Cycling

URGENT Announcement Re Coronavirus and Competitive Events:

Monday 16th March 2020

Dear TLI Cycling Member,

Given today’s updated guidelines from the UK Government and the significant changes in the transmission and infection rate of the virus, it is with sincere regret that:

TLI Cycling is suspending all competitive events with immediate effect.

This decision will be reviewed in two months’ time, at which point, depending on national circumstances, it will either be lifted or extended. I’m afraid that an extension looks more likely at this point in time.

I am really sorry to be the bearer of this news, especially given the quality of the 2020 Racing Programme and the massive contribution to date by our Organisers, supported by Rider HQ.

I also appreciate the time, effort and anticipation that all members will have put into getting ready for this season.

Obviously World events have overtaken all of us. Please do look out for one another, especially our older members and those with health concerns. Enjoy your cycling, preferably solo, while we are still allowed to exercise outdoors. It’s good for you!

Thank you for supporting TLI Cycling.

Kind Regards,

Nigel Harrop, National Secretary (On Behalf of the National Management Committee)

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Covid-19:Cycling Time Trials Statement

In light of the government advice now given, Cycling Time Trials (CTT) has taken the decision to suspend all CTT events, (this includes all Type A and Type B events), with immediate effect up to and including Sunday 31 May 2020.

The decision will be subject to continued review and has been taken in the interests of organisers, competitors, all those who volunteer their time to make the events “work”, supporters and in the interests of the time trialling community as a whole.

Where possible, all are encouraged to maintain their own personal fitness and keep active during this time, while following government guidelines about safe distance and safe exercise environments.

CTT will continue to review and monitor government advice and will provide detailed updates in the coming weeks.

Social distancing and advice

Social distancing measures (as defined by Public Health England as spending more than 15 minutes and within a 2-metre distance talking to someone) are now advised not only for those who test positive or have symptoms, but in day to day life. The government is advising anyone with a “new, continuous” cough or high temperature and those they live with that they need to self-isolate to help prevent the spread of the virus.

guidance on coronavirus from the NHS is available here.
guidance can be found on the government website here.
Wash your hands

The World Health Organisation advises that all should wash their hands properly to avoid spread of coronavirus. WHO advise that one of the best and most basic protective measures that people can take against the coronavirus is to wash your hands frequently. On its website, WHO states: ‘Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.’

Covid-19: British Cycling Statement

British Cycling guidance for Covid-19 attached:

Based on the Government’s latest advice and guidance on the developing situation around Coronavirus/COVID19, British Cycling has suspended all of its sanctioned, cycling activities, initially until April 30.

This includes (but is not limited to):

- Competitive events at all levels - Non-competitive, registered events (eg sportives, reliability trials) - Recreational rides (throughout our suite of programmes including HSBC UK Breeze, HSBC UK Guided Rides, HSBC UK Ride Social, Let’s Ride Pop-up) - All educational courses or activities (eg coaching courses, Ride Leader courses, commissaire courses)

The decision has been taken based on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s caution against unnecessary travel and contact with others, to take the necessary steps to protect the health and wellbeing of riders, officials, volunteers and spectators, and alleviate the risk of an additional burden on the emergency services at what is a hugely testing time.

We would strongly encourage all levels of the cycling community to join with British Cycling and the rest of the country in doing all we can to halt the spread of the virus in the midst of what is an unprecedented situation, however we recognise that this news will be disappointing, and potentially worrying, for some.

British Cycling chief executive Julie Harrington said: “This was not a decision taken lightly and it is one we have taken in close cooperation with our colleagues at Scottish Cycling and Welsh Cycling.

“We fully understand and appreciate the financial, social and community impact that this suspension could have, and we are working now to ensure that cycling is in the best possible health once the suspension can be lifted.

“As I’m sure everyone can appreciate, these are truly unprecedented circumstances, and while we will be doing all we can to retain a sense of normality and continuity, it may take some time to return to full capacity as an organisation and as a sport once this situation has been resolved.

“We will continue to update our members with more information, and will be doing everything within our power to support those who have contributed to the rich cycling culture that this country boasts.”

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Tornado RCC 10, Report,Results

Paul Jones (Primera-Teamjobs) won the Tornado RCC 10, clocking 22:37 on the P164 at Lyndhurst in Hampshire. Coached by former Multi-national Champion, Julia Shaw, the 49 year old from Poole finished 3 seconds clear of Aron Kelly (New Forest CC), also coached by Shaw. two of only three riders inside 23 minutes on a grey, windy morning in the New Forest. Shaw has added volume and specificity to Jones’s work ethic and “it works” the coach’s empathy abundantly clear as the pair discussed the race at the HQ.
In the Women’s race, Faye Faber (Cyclecoach. Com), 24:05, won comfortably from Kirsty McSeveny (…a3crg), 26:35. The 36 year old citing a 10 day training camp in Calpe for her good form.
Stephen Swindley (Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA) was as Dominant as Faber in the Road Bike event, his superb 22:45 bettered only by Jones & Kelly A marine engineer in the Royal Navy, 26 year old Swindley prefers a rolling road race and is targeting the VE Day stage race with the Armed Forces team.
Course record holder, Matt Buckley (VC St Raphael) was a non starter but his 20:58 was never under threat, a chilly south westerly wind scudding across the open Forest heath left most happy just to get a race in the legs after a string of early season cancellations.
Provisional Result

Mary Corbett & Norman Harvey (Sotonia CC) on way to a VTTA age group record, 34:45
Road Bikes
10 DREW HOSIE …a3crg MV 56 00:27:15
19 LUCY MITCHELL …a3crg FV 42 00:29:27
22 MIKE GARNER …a3crg MV 66 00:30:37
NORMAN HARVEY SOTONIA CC MV 87 00:34:45 Tandem Trike
Time Trial Bikes
20 KIRSTY MCSEVENEY …a3crg FS 39 00:26:35
26 MIKE BOYCE …a3crg MV 64 00:27:56

Friday, 13 March 2020

Tour Series & Womens Tour Cancelled

Following consultation with stakeholders, sponsors and partners, we have decided to postpone the upcoming twelfth edition of the domestic cycle race series (throughout May 2020) and the 7th edition of the Women's Tour (8-13 June) due to the current uncertainty surrounding the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The decision to delay the series until later in 2020 has been taken with the best interests of competitors, officials, staff and spectators in mind following discussions with event stakeholders and partners, in order to provide certainty to the many parties involved in the planning and organisation of the events, including local authorities, police and health services in the venues.

We will work with British Cycling and other stakeholders to identify an alternative suitable date later in the summer for the races to take place.

The decision has been taken early in light of the worsening global situation, following discussions with event stakeholders and partners, in order to provide certainty to the many parties involved in the planning and organisation of the event, including local authorities, police and health services in the UK.

As a part of the UCI Women’s WorldTour, the Women’s Tour attracts a significant international presence from teams, riders, officials, staff, media and spectators, and it is felt that the risk of increased restrictions on international travel would be detrimental to the future of the race should an early, and conclusive, decision not be made.

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Club 10, Results

P472a Furzehill 08/03/20
“Everyone was so soaking wet, they all hurried away. There were only nine riders and the times were slow with Nick Jones only doing a 25 and Bob Richardson and Tom Stocker 27s. Some riders were delayed by the traffic lights on the course on the Cranborne Road.”
1 Nick Jones 00:25:50 BJW
2 Bob Richardson00:27:01 BJW
3 Tom Stocker 00:27:11 BJW
4 Rupert Silman 00:28:44 BJW
5 Gary Chiverton 00:30:01 BJW
6 Colin White 00:30:29 BJW
7 Will Soloman 00:34:16 BJW Mountain Bike
8 John O'Brien 00:34:31 BJW
9 James Chant 00:28:28 Giingham & District Wh

Thanks to Jacky Prosser

Fareham Wheelers Spring Events

The Fareham Wheelers cc reliabillity rides canceled in February due to the storms are now rescheduled for Sunday 5th April 2020
Reliability Rides 32,50 & 70 miles
Sunday 5th April 2020
Wickham Community centre
Mill Ln, Wickham, Fareham PO17 5AL
Start from 0830hrs.
£3.00 entry
Event organiser: Nigel Sign 07909942071

Ride alone or in groups of no more than 12, challenge yourself to achieve a standard and finish with plenty of tea, coffee and cakes at the HQ. Plus a certificate for successful completion.
The events is open to riders of all ages; however,
Young Riders (14 - 18)
Under 18's Please bring along your membership card (FWCC riders) to the event, or please fill out the registration form including parental/guardian consent on the morning of the event
Under 16's You will need to bring a membership card (FWCC riders) to the event or alternatively under 16's are welcome on the ride accompanied by parent or guardian.
Courses: Trundle and Steep 70 miles

Petersfield 50 miles

Social Lite 32 miles

3 Time standards for 2 longer rides:
70 mile.......
. Gold 17mph+ under 4hrs 7m
Silver 15mph+ under 4hrs 40m
Bronze 13mph+ under 5hrs 24m

51 mile.......
Gold 17mph+ under 3hrs 00m
Silver 15mph+ under 3hrs 24m
Bronze 13mph+ under 3hrs 55m

A reliability trial is a ride which challenges a rider to complete a course within a preset time limit. Such events are often held in the winter months of the year and are used by cyclists as training rides. For example; a common test would be a 100 in 8 – 100 miles would have to be completed within eight hours, including any stops.
The term is historic when cycling equipment was less reliable, roads were rougher, routes were more poorly sign-posted. The name was also a way of emphasising to the police, at a time when the place of cycle sport on British roads was insecure, that the mass rides they might see were not races.
Reliability trial riders needed to be self-sufficient, adept at navigation, able to deal with mechanical problems, and fit enough to complete the course. In some cases, successful completion of the ride entitles the rider to a certificate.
Or perhaps try this.....
Fareham wheelers open 10 mile time trial.

Saturday 28th March 2020

First rider off at 1401

Course: P829a (B2177 from Hundred acres to Southwick roundabout, straight on to the roundabout at the top of Portsdown hill and return.

Categories for TT bikes, road bikes and tandems.

Entry via CTT website close 17th March.

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Gillingham & Dist Wh Hardriders 10, Results

1 Nick Livermore Bristol South Cycling Club 32:51:00 Male Senior
2 Tavis Walker Rogue Racing 33:29:00 Male Senior
3 Morgan Curle Rogue Racing 34:33:00 Male Espoir
4 Ethan Moody Tri UK 35:32:00 Male Junior
5 Tony Chapman Frome and District Wheelers 35:41:00 Male Vet
6 David Bolton Bristol South Cycling Club 35:44:00 Male Vet
7 Roy Carless Swindon Road Club 36:32:00 Male Vet
8 Tim Butler Gloucester City Cycling Club 36:38:00 Male Vet
9 Luke Smith Bristol South Cycling Club 36:51:00 Male Vet
10 Jamie Richardson Paige Magspeed Racing 37:27:00 Male Senior
11 Paul Mustow Salisbury Road and Mountain CC 37:47:00 Male Vet
12 Nathaniel Brookes Giant CC Halo Films 38:00:00 Male Junior
13 Steve Martin Tri UK 38:20:00 Male Senior
14 Tony Hamilton Salisbury Road and Mountain CC 38:25:00 Male Vet
15 Leslie Thomas Tri UK 38:27:00 Male Vet
16 David West Salisbury Road and Mountain CC 38:31:00 Male Vet
17 Daniel Kempe Bristol South Cycling Club 38:46:00 Male Vet
18 Keith Penny Frome and District Wheelers 39:12:00 Male Vet
19 Paul Whatley Salisbury Road and Mountain CC 39:50:00 Male Vet
20 Chris Broad-Drake Swindon Road Club 40:13:00 Male Vet
21 James Harness Bath Cycling Club 40:51:00 Male Senior
22 Joanne Jago Performance Cycles CC 40:56:00 Female Senior
23 Ian Mountjoy Bristol South Cycling Club 40:58:00 Male Vet
24 Daryl Stroud Gloucester City Cycling Club 41:12:00 Male Vet
25 Nick Cooper Yeovil Cycling Club 42:00:00 Male Senior
26 Richard Emery Severn Road Club 42:15:00 Male Vet
27 Mike Anderson Club Cycliste Moncontourais 42:32:00 Male Vet
28 Mark Harvey Gillingham and District Wheelers / Wheels Cycles 42:38:00 Male Vet
29 Anthony Sprules Frome and District Wheelers 42:50:00 Male Vet
30 Katy Parsons Salisbury Road and Mountain CC 43:09:00 Female Vet
31 Christopher Mullett Gillingham and District Wheelers / 44:10:00 Male Senior
31 Richard Brookes Gillingham and District Wheelers / Wheels Cycles 44:10:00 Male Vet
33 Charlie Bird Rogue Racing 44:45:00 Male Senior
34 Joanna Knight Bristol South Cycling Club 45:32:00 Female Vet
35 Graham Smith Severn Road Club 46:20:00 Male Vet
36 Katie West Salisbury Road and Mountain CC 46:45:00 Female Vet
37 Olive Holliday Tri UK 47:53:00 Female Senior
38 Nick Hudd Gillingham and District Wheelers / Wheels Cycles 48:31:00 Male Vet
39 Russ Tanner Wincanton Wheelers 50:14:00 Male Vet
40 Sarah Roberts Wincanton Wheelers 56:13:00 Female Vet

Saturday, 7 March 2020

Sandisons 2 Day, Start List

The 4th edition of the springtime Sandisons Race in Dorset will be a two day affair, featuring 3 stages for category 2 & 3 riders.
Day one kicks off in Pimperne with a 1 mile hill TT, followed by a 10 mile, Road Bike only TT on the Pimperne Circuit.
Day two is based at The Inside Park, with a 53 mile road race on the testing Blandford course.
(Picture, Adam Toole Wins Stage 3 in 2019)

Sandison 2 Day 21st/22nd March 2029 Start List
Stage 1 Hill Climb Prologue 10.00am
Stage 2 10 Mile Individual Time Trial 14.00pm
Stage 3 53 Mile Road Race 10.00am

1 Ben Williams GS Mossa 2nd
2 Steven Whitehurst Reflex Racing 2nd
3 Jack Whitehouse Vector Cycling Race Team 3rd
4 Samuel Westlake PDQ Cycle Coaching 3rd
5 Finn Walshe Abingdon Race Team 3rd
6 James Veal Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT. 3rd
7 Mark Valentine Poole Wheelers CC 3rd
8 Ben Trotter Macclesfield Wheelers 3rd
9 Alexandre Touche Pontypool RCC 2nd
10 Kevin Thomas Bradford on Avon 3rd
11 Gareth Thomas Paceline RT 2nd
12 Zak Snell BmthCycleworks VitecFire FordCE 3rd
13 Callum Slade Jam Cycling RT coached by BPC 2nd
14 George Skinner Primera-TeamJobs 2nd
15 Tom Sharp Bristol RC 2nd
16 Darren Rider Team PB Performance 2nd
17 Nick Pyman Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 3rd
18 Ross Phelps Bristol RC 3rd
19 James Peckham Sotonia CC 2nd
20 Joe Peatson BIKESTRONG-KTM 2nd
21 Matthew Norris Primera-TeamJobs 2nd
22 Sam Murphy DHCyclesport Cycling Club 2nd
23 Luke Monahan BmthCycleworks VitecFire FordCE 3rd
24 Julian Lockwood Primera-TeamJobs 2nd
25 William Lewis RE VO LTN 2nd
26 Matt Lelliott Steele Davis Via Roma RT 2nd
27 Thomas King Brother U.K - Cycle Team OnForm 2nd
28 Guy Jones Equipe CMI 2nd
29 Fergus Jones JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team 2nd
30 Warren Jesse Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT 2nd
31 Andrew Jenner Team ODZ 3rd
32 Philip Hopley Bradford on Avon 3rd
33 Sam Hodges Verulam - reallymoving.com 2nd
34 Shawn Gray Gillingham and District Wheelers 3rd
35 Philip Godfrey Sotonia CC 3rd
36 Rory Gilling RE VO LTN 2nd
37 Sean Frost Tri UK 3rd
38 Robert Francis Reflex Racing 2nd
39 George Evans Team Bottrill 2nd
40 Robert Durnford Paceline RT 3rd
41 Alexander Cross Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT 2nd
42 Eugene Cross Lifting Gear Prod/CyclesInMotion 2nd
43 Archie Cross Bristol RC 2nd
44 David Creeggan Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT 2nd
45 Phillip Cole Wessex Road Club 3rd
46 Jacques Coates PB Cycle Coaching Racing Team 2nd
47 Joseph Clark GS Mossa 2nd
48 Kevin Chant Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT. 2nd
49 Nicholas Candy North Road CC 2nd
50 Liam Cahill Reflex Racing 2nd
51 Dan Byrne Poole Wheelers CC 2nd
52 Paul Burton Paceline RT 2nd
53 James Brown Tri UK 2nd
54 James Bevan Army Cycling Union 2nd
55 Stefan Barnett Bradford on Avon 3rd
56 Tom Atkins DRAKON Group Racing 2nd
57 Simon Archer Team Andrew Allan Architecture 2nd
58 Matthew Allsopp Wightlink,Wight Mountain CRT. 2nd
59 Tim Allen Team LDN 2nd
60 Robert Abbey Hemel Hempstead CC 2nd

Thursday, 5 March 2020

Tornado RCC Open 10, Start List

P164 Boltons Bench, Lyndhurst Sunday 15th March
Tandem (Trike)
1 09:02:00 Norman Harvey Sotonia CC Male Vet
1 09:02:00 Mary Corbett Sotonia CC Female Vet
Road Bikes (Spring Cup)
3 09:03:00 Richard Wyeth Tornado Road Cycling Club Male Vet
4 09:04:00 Chris Tyler Portsdown Hill CC Male Senior
5 09:05:00 Mike Anderson Club Cycliste Moncontourais Male Vet
6 09:06:00 Nigel Baker Evolution Triathlon Club Male Vet
7 09:07:00 Phil Morris Fareham Wheelers CC Male Vet
8 09:08:00 Kevin Bannister Hardley Runners Male Vet
9 09:09:00 Ollie Hollister Crabwood CC Male Vet
10 09:10:00 Ben Gibbs Velo Club Venta Male Vet
11 09:11:00 Vernon Schutte Farnborough & Camberley CC Male Vet
12 09:12:00 Tony Hamilton Salisbury Road And Mountain CC Male Vet
13 09:13:00 Katie West Salisbury Road And Mountain CC Female Vet
14 09:14:00 Sien Van Der Plank University Of Southampton RC Female Senior
15 09:15:00 Katy Parsons Salisbury Road And Mountain CC Female Vet
16 09:16:00 Rachel Clay GS Vecchi Female Vet
17 09:17:00 Lucy Mitchell ...A3crg Female Vet
18 09:18:00 Michelle Walter Bournemouth Arrow CC Female Vet
19 09:19:00 Tony Ballinger Honiton Spinners Male Vet
20 09:20:00 Aaron Cooper Fareham Wheelers CC Male Senior
21 09:21:00 Steven Foster Sussex Revolution Velo Club Male Vet
22 09:22:00 Ian Hayden Tornado Road Cycling Club Male Vet
23 09:23:00 Chris Mcgovern University Of Southampton RC Male Senior
24 09:24:00 Ian Turner Tornado Road Cycling Club Male Vet
25 09:25:00 Mike Garner ...A3crg Male Vet
26 09:26:00 Colin Mooney Portsdown Hill CC Male Vet
27 09:27:00 Stephen Skinner Velo Club St Raphael Male Vet
28 09:28:00 David West Salisbury Road And Mountain CC Male Vet
29 09:29:00 Tom Bandy Portsdown Hill CC Male Senior
30 09:30:00 Andrew Mayfield Bournemouth Arrow CC Male Vet
31 09:31:00 Drew Hosie ...A3crg Male Vet
32 09:32:00 Thomas Piloni Poole Whs Male Senior
33 09:33:00 Richard Porter CC Weymouth Male Vet
34 09:34:00 Alexander Ballinger Farnborough & Camberley CC Male Senior
35 09:35:00 Stephen Swindley Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA Male Senior
36 09:36:00 Dave Dent GS Stella Male Vet
38 09:38:00 Anna Wadsworth PH-MAS Cycling Female Junior
39 09:39:00 Owen Tudor Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA Male Senior
40 09:40:00 Kym Harvey Fareham Wheelers CC Female Vet
41 09:41:00 James Cooper Sotonia CC Male Senior
42 09:42:00 Richard Smith Velo Club Venta Male Vet
43 09:43:00 Robert Jolliffe New Forest CC Male Vet
44 09:44:00 William Simmons Christchurch Bicycle Club Male Vet
45 09:45:00 Michael Round Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male Vet
46 09:46:00 James Chant Gillingham And District Wheelers / Wheels Cycles Male Vet
47 09:47:00 Tom Kelly Poole Whs Male Vet
48 09:48:00 Samuel Wood University Of Southampton RC Male Espoir
49 09:49:00 Lizzy Stocker Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Female Senior
50 09:50:00 Rachel Hackman Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA Female Vet
51 09:51:00 Louisa Cooper Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Female Senior
52 09:52:00 Mike Boyce ...A3crg Male Vet
53 09:53:00 Liam Kemp University Of Southampton RC Male Espoir
54 09:54:00 Barry Hards New Forest CC Male Vet
55 09:55:00 Hugh Madeley London Dynamo Male Espoir
56 09:56:00 Darren Lyons Velo Club Venta Male Senior
57 09:57:00 Antonio Maschio Sotonia CC Male Vet
58 09:58:00 Henry Salmon University Of Southampton RC Male Senior
59 09:59:00 Stuart Thompson Velo Club St Raphael Male Vet
60 10:00:00 Ian Hatch Sotonia CC Male Vet
61 10:01:00 Martin Beale Velo Club St Raphael Male Vet
62 10:02:00 Kirsty Mcseveney ...A3crg Female Senior
63 10:03:00 Faye Faber CycleCoach.Com Female Senior
64 10:04:00 Stuart Peckham Velo Club St Raphael Male Vet
65 10:05:00 Liam Somerville Bike Jockey CC Male Senior
66 10:06:00 Mark Valentine Poole Whs Male Vet
67 10:07:00 Phil Brown TrainSharp Male Vet
68 10:08:00 Andrew Rivett Velo Club St Raphael Male Vet
69 10:09:00 Darren Orchard Wessex Road Club Male Vet
70 10:10:00 Tom Stocker Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male Senior
71 10:11:00 James Fox Velo Club Venta Male Senior
72 10:12:00 Brendan Reese Army Cycling Male Vet
73 10:13:00 Shawn Gray Gillingham And District Wheelers / Wheels Cycles Male Vet
74 10:14:00 Nigel Pratt Velo Club St Raphael Male Vet
75 10:15:00 Bryce Dyer AeroCoach Male Vet
76 10:16:00 Aron Kelly New Forest CC Male Senior
77 10:17:00 Craig Haslam Velo Club St Raphael Male Vet
78 10:18:00 Paul Jones Primera-Teamjobs Male Vet
79 10:19:00 Matthew Buckley Velo Club St Raphael Male Senior

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Severn Bridge RR, Results

Sunday 4th March
1. George Mills-Keeling Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling
3. Eliot Ward Inflite-Dynamic Rides Race Team
4. Samuel Clark MB Cyclery
5. Josh Housley Team PB Performance
6. Oliver Winwood Bratchell Velo Club Venta
7. Nic McKibbin Zappi Racing Team
8. Matthew Downie Nopinz Symec Race Team
9. Ashley Cox Team Bottrill
10. Chris McNamara Nuun-Sigma Sports-London RT
11. Oliver Maxwell Saint Piran
12. Joe Griffiths TORQ Performance
13. Andrew Whittemore Exeter Wheelers
14. Miles Burton Sixtysix RSN
15. Alexander Welburn trainSharp Club
16. Joseph West TBW23 Stuart Hall Cycling
17. Sam Freeman Z Junior Race Team
18. Conor McGoldrick University of Bath Cycling Club
19. David Kovacs Nopinz Symec Race Team
20. Ross Holland Saint Piran
21. Matthew Houlberg Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT
22. Joe Hill ActiveEdge Race Team
23. Mark Richards DAP Cycling Club
24. Luke Barfoot Tri UK
25. Ethan Browne The Bulls
26. Freddy Pett DAP Cycling Club
27. Christopher Owram Primera-TeamJobs
28. Peter Cocker Richardsons-Trek RT
29. Eugene Cross Lifting Gear Prod/CyclesInMotion
30. Matt Lelliott Steele Davis Via Roma RT
31. Christopher Rothwell BW Cycling
32. Matthew Clarke Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
33. Carl Jolly University of Bristol CC
34. Tom Couzens Zappi Racing Team
35. Thomas Harrington Cardiff Ajax CC
36. Andrew Turner SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling