Thursday, 8 October 2020

Local Riders, Local Races


After 10 years  running “Local Riders, Local Races” I have decided to step back. Pretentious reasons like pursuing other projects are half-right but mostly i just want to ride the bike again. Riding the bike gave us the empathy to do it, racing the bike perhaps gave us the credibility  to get away with it. “Local Riders, Local Races” grew from our Bournemouth Echo Cyclesport column, as the paper abandoned cycling Local Riders flourished. The cumbersome name was also the brief, allowing plenty of scope while keeping us in check, no Tour de France reports here, unless, of course someone from the South was riding! We covered road racing, time trials, cyclocross, track racing, mountain bike, paracycling & BMX, reliability trials, training rides, club runs and social riding and always strived to avoid the cliché-rich, weather report style of others, we did not always succeed but we tried. (we also sponsored races, funding prize lists and adding additional prizes) I would like to say a big thank you to Bill Temple at Primera-Sports, who backed us almost from the start and  Chris McNamara & Jon Sharples at Trainsharp   who understood and appreciated what “Local Riders” was about. Thank you also to all the race organisers, clubs and individuals who sent me start sheets, results, reports, news and gossip and also corrected my mistakes. The site will remain and be accessible as an archive/resource and maybe even the odd news item.

Best wishes and see you up the road!



  1. Thanks for everything you've done for the sport Eamonn, and for all the brilliant photos!

  2. The site is going to be very much missed. It's a first port of call for me. But, we'll all be seeing you out on your bike more. Thanks for the past ten years. Bob

  3. Good effort Eamonn, I read the site regularly and did so when I lived over in Oz to keep up with what was going on locally dahn Sarf! What about an 'apprentice' to keep it going while you ride the bike more? Surely there is someone as keen and passionate as you around....? YOu just need to ask people.

  4. All good things come to an end, sadly. Thank you Eamonn and all the best.

  5. Sad to see this go, my go to for many race results.
    Best of Luck Julia