Sunday 4 October 2020

Sotonia CC Club Hill Climb, Results


 Dean Hill, Sunday 4th October.

Red Walters (pictured) was a comfortable winner of a wet and windy Sotonia hillclimb in what is thought to be a record time. 20 riders faced timekeeper Dave Crocker for this annual anti-gravity test and Walters was in class of his own, scaling the climb in under 2 minutes.

Salisbury based student, Matthew Bond, finished runner up just in front of a couple of novice riders, Phil Gough and Chris Lynch.

1. Red Walters BCN 1.59

2. Matthew Bond Cambridge University CC 2.18

3. Phil Gough Come and try 2.19

4. Chris Lynch Come and try 2.24

5. Kouros Driscoll Sotonia 2.26

6. Luke Essigmans Sheffield University RC 2.29

7. Harry Johnson Nopinz Symec RT 2.31

8. Craig Smith New Forest CC 2.38

=9. Dave Barnes Come and try 2.49

=9. James Cooper Sotonia 2.49

11. Oliver Starkey Sotonia 2.54

=12. William Fox Grant SRAMcc 3.11

=12. Isobel Conibear DHC 3.11

14. Jez Hart Sotonia 3.12

15. Martin Olney Sotonia 3.13

16. Gemma Wilks Sotonia 3.30

17. David White Come and try 3.42

18. Wout Davidse Sotonia 3.48

19. Gemma Herbertson SRAMcc 4.05

20. Freya Herbertson-Hill SRAMcc 4.39

Big thanks to all those would turned up to ride and especially to the timekeepers, Dave Crocker and Martin Napier for turning out in unpleasant conditions.

 Thanks to Julian Gee

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