Thursday 31 May 2012

Matt Hill takes "Home Win" at Moreton

Matt Hill (UK-BIKING) got a well-deserved “Home Win” in the latest round at Moreton. Riding for the race series sponsors, mountain biker Hill took the win after the scratch group failed to make up their deficit. Fifty one riders set off and even at 7pm it was like dusk under the trees. The 19 strong scratch group had enough experience in its wheels to pull the race together, yet they could not manage it. Perhaps the group was too big, too many passengers? Whatever the reason they never seemed to get organised. Will Stephenson (Primera/Specialized) came down after a touch of wheels, which further hindered the chase. Will got up ok but was out of it and the group would miss his turns. The rest of the race was together and growing in confidence, sensing an upset. At the bell, the gap seemed bridgeable but if anything it drifted out as Hill took the sprint ahead of Darryl Price (Poole Wh) and cycle speedway rider Matt Mildon (mud,sweat n’gears).


Wednesday 30 May 2012

BMX. Joyce Brothers at the Worlds: Dads View!

Steve Joyce with a father’s view of the recent BMX World Championshps
“The Worlds turned out to be a bit of a disaster, Kobi had the worst crash of his life in practice on the Tuesday before the race on Thursday, he suffered really bad bruising across his hips and thighs (and wrecked the bike), despite this he still raced on the Thursday, but rode with a lot of caution, he made it out of the qualifying moto's but got knocked out in the last 64, still a great achievement considering how bad the crash was and the bruising he was riding with. Ryder got taken out in open practice the morning of the race by a much older kid, ended up with a grazing and a tyre print on his ribs… he ended up racing on, and despite riding a bit gingerly still made the last 32…
Kobi's biggest achievement came on the Sunday where he raced the Cruiser (24" wheel) class; he seemed to perk up a bit from earlier in the week. He raced the 12&under class and managed to make the last 32, huge achievement against bigger stronger kids….
Other Bournemouth club results were varied, Jordan Hatcher and Elliot Pateman rode the Boys 15's unfortunately both boys were put in the same qualifying moto, Jordan was ridding well and earned enough points to get through after just 2 of the 3 moto's, but unfortunately crashed in his 3rd race breaking his wrist in the process, even worse, Pateman was right behind him, crashed into him and broke a rib in the process !
The older guys got a mixed bag too, Jon Moore racing 40-45 cruiser crashed out in the quarter finals, whilst leading out last year’s world champion, taking him out in the process. Anthony Revell was the Man of the week though, coming out of BMX retirement about 6 months ago, he lifted the world title to confirm he's still a class act “!

Bournemouth Arrow/Raymond Brown Track League 5: Report,Results,Comment

Poole Wheelers Junior, Harrison Fielding continues to dominate the Tuesday night track league in Bournemouth. Having been promoted from  group B Fielding is virtually unbeatable in the group A races and leads the league overall after this latest round. Victo

ries in the 8 & 16 lap scratch races and the elimination race were almost a formality. Will Stephenson (Primera/Specialized) provides competition and takes the initiative but ultimately lacks the power & pure speed, either to come round or hold off. With 60 miles in the legs and an uphill finish, the result might be different.

Andy Buddle (Poole Wh) got the better of Fielding in the final event of the evening, the 40 lap scratch race. The Poole pair and Stephenson stole a lap on the bunch early doors. They kept the pace high and the bunch splintered under the constant pressure, the Commissaires were working hard to keep tabs as riders were spread all over the track. The head of the race was never in doubt and the leading three were clear again as they took the bell. Buddle has been riding well and wanted this one, Stephenson sat up and for once, Fielding had no answer.

The B group is less clear cut, Barry Watkinson (Bournemouth Arrow) and Jason Falconer (PM) shared the  spoils with Ellie Gilham. Gilham leads the ladies, there is little competition but that is not her fault.

Two invitation Kierin races added some extra excitement to the proceedings. Barry Watkinson won the first after Alan McRae had been forced to bump start the temperamental Derny bike. Fielding, of course, took the second Kierin.
A concern for the Bournemouth Arrow and the Bournemouth Cycling Centre are the low numbers. A disappointing field of only 20 riders rode round 5, the racing is keen but predictable. The weather was perfect and there is no shortage of riders turning out for practice sessions, so why are there so few racing? (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers club 10 on the same evening attracted 40 riders). The Bournemouth track is a fantastic facility; the track league is well run with plenty of officials and willing volunteers. What it needs is riders!

Alan MaCrae's race report
A warm evening and the benefits of weekly track racing were all there for spectators to enjoy at this week’s Raymond Brown Track League. With the best and closest racing yet in this the League’s first year, progress in rider’s race sharpness and use of tactics were particularly visible in the B Group where Jason Falconer, Bournemouth Arrow, and Ellie Gilham, VC St Raphael, used their heads as well as their legs to make intelligent race moves to good effect, both securing their first wins at this level.
“Kierin” was the watchword for the night as first it was the invitation Keirin Events which gave the opportunity for both A and B riders to test out the feel of another Olympic discipline. This was followed up with a Keirin style 10 lap 34 mph derny paced leadout to get the A Group rider’s legs buzzing as they launched straight into their traditional Elimination Race.
The previously competitive Will Stephenson, Primera, absent through exams in recent weeks, looked strong but was not sharp enough to overcome Harrison Fielding or Andy Buddle both Poole Wheelers. Fielding was dominant through till the finale 40 lap Scratch as, true to form, these 3 succeeded in lapping the field, then going straight through the remains of the decimated bunch to try it all over again. In the brutal run in to the line however, it was Buddle who proved clearly to be the strongest of the strong, leaving Fielding and Stephenson to scrap it out for the minor placings.
The structure of Graham Hurst’s excellent Youth events again proved how seemingly “novelty” events can be used to stimulate and challenge young riders, this week’s handicap team sprint proving the point!
The League organiser confirms that races will take place next Tuesday on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with the number 60 forming an integral part of the main event. Riders will be pleased to hear the number will be associated with the value of the main event’s prizes, not the race distance.

1 Barrie WATKINSON Bournemouth Arrow CC
2 Jason FALCONER BC Private Member
3 John MARINER Bournemouth Jubilee Whs
4 Ellie GILHAM VC St.Raphael
5 Alex CADZOW Welwyn Whs CC
6 Les PICK Poole Wheelers
7 Jake THOMAS Bristol Cycling Dev Squad
8 Gordon SKILLEN Poole Wheelers
9 Don O'CONNOR Brereton Wheelers
10 Phil HARVEY Bournemouth Jubilee Whs
11 David CARTER Bournemouth Arrow CC
1 Harrison FIELDING Poole Wheelers
2 Adam D'ARCY WYKES VC St.Raphael
3 Will STEPHENSON Primera-Specialized
4 Andy BUDDLE Poole Wheelers
5 Will STEVENS Bournemouth Arrow CC
1 Barrie WATKINSON Bournemouth Arrow CC
2 Jason FALCONER BC Private Member
3 Ellie GILHAM VC St.Raphael
4 Alex CADZOW Welwyn Whs CC
5 David CARTER Bournemouth Arrow CC
1 Harrison FIELDING Poole Wheelers
2 Will STEPHENSON Primera-Specialized
3 Will STEVENS Bournemouth Arrow CC
4 Andy BUDDLE Poole Wheelers
5 John MARINER Bournemouth Jubilee Whs
1 Ellie GILHAM VC St.Raphael
2 David CARTER Bournemouth Arrow CC
3 Alex CADZOW Welwyn Whs CC
4 Jason FALCONER BC Private Member
5 Don O'CONNOR Brereton Wheelers
6 Barrie WATKINSON Bournemouth Arrow CC
7 Jake THOMAS Bristol Cycling Dev Squad
8 Phil HARVEY Bournemouth Jubilee Whs
9 Les PICK Poole Wheelers
10 Gordon SKILLEN Poole Wheelers
1 Harrison FIELDING Poole Wheelers
2 Will STEPHENSON Primera-Specialized
3 Andy BUDDLE Poole Wheelers
4 Adam D'ARCY WYKES VC St.Raphael
5 Will STEVENS Bournemouth Arrow CC
1 Jason FALCONER BC Private Member
2 Ellie GILHAM VC St.Raphael
3 Gordon SKILLEN Poole Wheelers
4 David CARTER Bournemouth Arrow CC
5 Phil HARVEY Bournemouth Jubilee Whs
6 Barrie WATKINSON Bournemouth Arrow CC
7 Don O'CONNOR Brereton Wheelers
8 John MARINER Bournemouth Jubilee Whs
9 Les PICK Poole Wheelers
10 Jake THOMAS Bristol Cycling Dev Squad
11 Alex CADZOW Welwyn Whs CC
1 Harrison FIELDING Poole Wheelers
2 Will STEPHENSON Primera-Specialized
3 Will STEVENS Bournemouth Arrow CC
4 Adam D'ARCY WYKES VC St.Raphael
5 Andy BUDDLE Poole Wheelers
1 Andy BUDDLE Poole Wheelers
2 Harrison FIELDING Poole Wheelers
3 Will STEPHENSON Primera-Specialized
4 Adam D'ARCY WYKES VC St.Raphael
5 Jason FALCONER BC Private Member
6 Will STEVENS Bournemouth Arrow CC
7 John MARINER Bournemouth Jubilee Whs
8 Barrie WATKINSON Bournemouth Arrow CC
9 Ellie GILHAM VC St.Raphael
10 Don O'CONNOR Brereton Wheelers
0 Alex CADZOW Welwyn Whs CC
0 Jake THOMAS Bristol Cycling Dev Squad
0 Phil HARVEY Bournemouth Jubilee Whs
0 Gordon SKILLEN Poole Wheelers

1 Ryan HODGKYNS Poole Wheelers 716108 D(M) 0
2 Sam READ Poole Wheelers 897838 E(M) 0
3 Charlotte PICK Poole Wheelers 897836 D(F) 0
4 Rebecca HURST Poole Wheelers 710667 B(F) 0
1 Rebecca HURST Poole Wheelers 710667 B(F) 0
2 Sam READ Poole Wheelers 897838 E(M) 0
3 Ryan HODGKYNS Poole Wheelers 716108 D(M) 0
4 Charlotte PICK Poole Wheelers 897836 D(F) 0
EVENT 6 - SCRATCH RACE Starters: 4
1 Rebecca HURST Poole Wheelers 710667 B(F) 0
2 Ryan HODGKYNS Poole Wheelers 716108 D(M) 0
3 Sam READ Poole Wheelers 897838 E(M) 0
4 Charlotte PICK Poole Wheelers 897836 D(F) 0
TEAM 1 :-
1 Sam READ Poole Wheelers 897838 E(M) 0
1 Rebecca HURST Poole Wheelers 710667 B(F) 0
TEAM 2 :-
2 Charlotte PICK Poole Wheelers 897836 D(F) 0
2 Ryan HODGKYNS Poole Wheelers 716108 D(M) 0
1 Ryan HODGKYNS Poole Wheelers 716108 D(M) 0
2 Sam READ Poole Wheelers 897838 E(M) 0
3 Charlotte PICK Poole Wheelers 897836 D(F) 0
4 Rebecca HURST Poole Wheelers 710667 B(F) 0

Chief Commissaire Gerrish GRAY
Commissaire Graham HURST
Commissaire Jean BAYLISS
Asst. Commissaire Colin PRICE

CC Weymouth Club Hilly 18 P451/18

Steve Pink writes....“Records are there to be broken” so the saying goes, and CC Weymouth’s own Paddy Dunn proved just that as he put in a stunning ride to take a huge 1:28 off of, World age group Duathalon champion, Ian Cardy’s previous best mark from 2010. Paddy has been having a stellar season and is continuing to find more speed every week. Having taken time out to start a family a couple of seasons ago Paddy rode sparingly last year. However after putting in the hard miles over the winter and coupled with a new TT bike, this season Paddy is starting to show again what he’s really all about!

The condition last night were almost perfect and quick times were seen all round with several PBs being posted. A great ride from Greg Parker, a MTB and road racing convert, who put in a cracking time despite still suffering from a mammoth ride on Sunday. New member Matthew Pye is also starting to see the fruits of his training efforts as his times start to tumble and the ever smiling David Butt going under the 50 minute mark for the first time.

Two riders who were not quite so lucky were Charlie Lawson and Myself. At least Charlie made it three quarters of the way round before he punctured, I never even got to the start line. The frustration of missing out on such a quick night was clear to see on both our faces, however I found my way to the finish line to keep our faithful time keeper, Justin, company and roar on the guys through the last few yards!,

Full Results

1. Paddy Dunn CC Weymouth 0:42:51 CR
2. Julian Thacker VC St Raphael 0:45:28
3. Greg Parker CC Weymouth 0:46:28 PB
4. Bryce Riglar CC Weymouth 0:47:38
5. David Butt CC Weymouth 0:48:55 PB
6. Chris Mullett Gillingham Dist Whs 0:52:01
7. Chris Dodds CC Weymouth 0:53:20
8. Matt Merritt CC Weymouth 0:56:06
9. Stuart Carrington CC Weymouth 0:56:11 PB
10. Ian Miller CC Weymouth 0:58:39
11. Paul Stockwell CC Weymouth 1:01:03
12. Matthew Pye CC Weymouth 1:01:19 PB
13. Colin Deuchars CC Weymouth 1:03:39
13. Richard Gould CC Weymouth 1:06:17
14. Charlie Lawson CC Weymouth DNF (puncture)
15. Steven Pink CC Weymouth DNS (puncture)

Bournemouth Jubilee Club 10 29/05/12

P311 Mooortown-Sopley
1Dave PickeringBJW22.02
2Cliff RoweBJW22.54

3Ian DiaperBJW22.58
4Steve GroomeBJW23.00
5Danny FrenchBJW23.01
6Jon ClemasBJW23.13
7Kevin RidgeBJW23.32
8Dave HicksBJW23.49
9Phil EvansBJW23.58
10Steven PyeBJW24.12
11James FullerBJW24.37
12Matt BlytheBJW25.05
13Mike CourageBJW25.37
14Gary ReevesBJW25.41
15Rob HammondBJW25.52
16James BonneyBJW26.10
17Barrie StevensBJW26.14
18Vince FowlerBJW26.43
19Paul BrownBJW26.58
20Kevin HaywoodBJW27.22
21Pat PinchinBJW28.21
22Elly KellyBJW28.24
23Jordan SymingtonBJW29.04
24Graham ReevesBJW29.57
25Dave SymingtonBJW30.53
Jim Kelly BJW dnf

2upJoe Thomas/Joe OatleyBJW26.17

Richard HortonPrimera22.20
Simon BarnesGA23.11

Martin BealeVCR23.12
Martin AldridgePWH23.29
Kevin KingSotonia23.37
Mark HitchcottFeat23.41
Martin Ross U/A25.21
Rob EllisVCR25.31
John Solomon U/A25.39
Chris Courage U/A26.25
Lora White ND Tri26.37
Michael Bird U/A27.25
Ian TaylorBACC29.20

marshals. J Prosser, D Mansfield, R Wareing, C Peskett,
B O'Callaghan
Good conditions, warm, light breeze.

Tuesday 29 May 2012

British Age Group Sprint Triathlon Championships: Mosley Misses out!

Two months after winning the British duathlon championship, Phil Mosley (B’mth Cycleworks/Scott/ClifBar) couldn’t repeat his success this time around. A poor swim left him 95 seconds behind the leaders, and although he posted the day’s fastest bike and run splits he still finished 25 seconds behind first placed Roger Witz Barnes. His time of 58:31 was fast enough to earn him the title of British champion in the 35-39 age category. He wasn’t the only local medallist either. Despite still feeling tired from winning a gold medal at the European age group triathlon championships in Israel recently, Lymington Tri Club’s Barbara Walton was still fast enough to clinch a bronze medal in the 60 to 64 category. Amazingly, her time was still four minutes faster than she did two years ago at the same race (when she was only 61!). Keith Mahon from Zoom Tri also won a silver medal in the 50 to 54 category, which he can add to his ever growing list of triathlon achievements. All the more impressive is that he only started the sport a few years ago, and he’s now competing against several former pro’s in his age group. Another talented newcomer to the sport is Tony Rendall, who finished 18th in the 35 to 39 age group in only his second year in the sport.

Barbara Walton: 1:24:47
Phil Mosley: 58:31
Keith Mahon: 1:04:17
Tony Rendall: 1:04:53

Meanwhile local sensation, Richard Horton (Primera) got his triathlon career off to a winning start. Having become European Junior Duathlon champion in just two races, Horton was an emphatic winner of the Swanage Triathlon, finishing 10 minutes clear of the opposition. Horton lead from the front in the 750M Swim/20km Cycle/5km run in the Purbecks.

1, Richard Horton 1.11.54
2, Oliver Noakes 1.22.57
3, Steve Birtwistle 1.23.40

Monday 28 May 2012

Keirin races come to Bournemouth Track

Two invitation Keirin Races, complete with a Derny Pacer, will be held of 29th May during the Track League evening with each race having 5 riders taking part in Bournemouth's first such event. Will those strong riders who have forced their way over the line first in previous competition be able to repeat it in this 30+ mph Olympic discipline. Come along to Bournemouth Cycling Centre at Slades Farm at 7.00pm and find out!

Local Riders,Local Races

Bob Joliffe reports from the New Forest……………..

Southern distance experts got their British Best All-Rounder campaigns an early boost in the Hounslow & District Wheelers’ 100-mile time trial at Bentley in North Hampshire on sunny Sunday .Poole-based Adam Topham (High Wycombe CC) shrugged off the heat and roared around five laps of the A31-based course in a stunning 3-37-40 to beat Southampton’s Julian Jenkinson (Contre la Montre) into second spot.Jenkinson, who won the national BBAR in 2010 and was second in the competition last year, was almost six minutes slower than Topham with 3-43-40.Third place was taken by Jenkinson’s teammate, ace Ironman James Gilfillan with an excellent time of 3-47-30. With Marc Barfoot’s 4-50-20, Contre la Montre went on to take the team award.Bournemouth Jubilee Wheeler Dave Pickering clocked a fine 4-08-01 while teammate Phil Evans finished with 4-39-15 to his credit. Sotonia CC’s Stuart Martingale clocked 4-16-12 and Wessex RC veteran Fred Newton, 4-46-11.Event organiser Trevor Gilbert said: “It could be described as very hot. The wind had an effect but it was not as bad as yesterday.”He said Topham’s time was “the fastest ever recorded for our normal event, the only time it was beaten was in the Championship in 1997”.“I think it was a brilliant ride. After the event, Adam was staggering rather than walking.”

“I DIDN’T have the legs today,” admitted Totton-based Stephen Whitewick after he missed beating his own year-old course record in New Forest Cycling Club’s Round the Forest time trial.Nonetheless, 51-year-old Whitewick (Contre la Montre) – who clocked 1-11-15 for the 32-mile New Milton-based circuit 12 months ago – still won in a very rapid 1-12-42 from nearest challenger Gary Dighton (Poole Whrs) who was a minute and seven seconds slower.Third place went to Steve Walkling of VC St Raphael with 1-14-30 while his teammate Andy Rivett took fourth with 1-16-39.Best of six New Forest CC competitors was John Heffernan in 10th with 1-18-58, just 19 seconds faster than clubmate Gary Lock in 11th.First rider on the road was NFCC’s Stuart Peckham who took 20th with 1-23-44, just three days after improving his personal best 10 from 24-51 to 24-18.Chris Hughes was 24th with 1-28-20, Rob Brinsdon 29th with 1-32-11 and Bob Jolliffe 31st with 1-46-55. Second claim member Martin Beale (VC St Raphael) was 16th with 1-21-03.Lesley Walkling (VC St Raphael) took the women’s award with 1-27-49 after Bramshaw’s Julia Shaw was a non-starter following her win in the fourth round of the Rudy Project series promoted by Doncaster Wheelers the previous day.Fresh from her sixth win in the National 10-mile championship six days previously, Shaw (Drag2Zero) cracked around the 13-mile course in 29min 54sec to beat London Dynamo’s Rebecca Slack by 2min 7sec.
Same time for Gilfillan ,Contre la Montre’s James Gilfillan clocked exactly the same time as seven days previously when he won the latest Bournemouth Arrow CC 10 at Ringwood in 21-57, beating BJW’s Ian Diaper into second place by 1-04.Third place went to Primera’s Richard Horton with 23-07, while second claim NFCC member Martin Beale (VC St Raphael) was fourth with 23-25. New Forest’s Stuart Peckham clocked 24-18 to improve his personal best 10-mile time by 33 seconds to take eighth.

Other times (BACC unless stated): Steve Groome (BJW) 23-29, John Marriner (BJW) 23-36, Keith Mahon 23-39, Kevin May 25-10, Pete Wilson 25-26, Rob Ellis (VC St Raphael/second claim NFCC) 25-27, Phil Millard 25-40, Howard Doe (NFCC) 25-47, Martin Shields 25-48, Tony Strickland 25-50, Rob Anderson 26-03, Richard Wyeth 26-21, Brian Garrard 26-21, David King 27-30, Paul Groome (BJW) 28-00, Paul Brian (BJW) 28-07, Martin Atkins 28-37, Ian Hayden 28-40, Sarah Barrett (Zoom Tri) 28-47, Simon Hannam (BJW) 29-28, Ian Taylor 29-49, Bob Jolliffe (NFCC) 30-13, Richard Page 30-30.
Chris improves!New Forest’s Chris Jolliffe improved his season’s best 10 to 26-19 in the Stowmarket & District CC event on Sunday. First place went to David McGaw (Cambridge CC) with 20-49.
Prebble best at Farnham. Node4-Giordana RT ace Richard Prebble won Saturday’s Farnham RC 10 in 20-38 despite the warm wind that battered the field.Poole Wheeler Darren Lewis took 34th place with 23-27.

Sunday 27 May 2012

New Forest 32! Win for Whitewick!

Despite being over 90 seconds slower than his winning course record ride last year, Stephen Whitewick (Contre la Montre) was still too fast for the opposition in the New Forest CC 32. Whitewick clocked 1.12.46 for a 1m 7sec advantage over Gary Dighton (Poole Wh). He was happy but admitted “It’s not quite there?” Dighton is improving week by week and was pleased to get “this close to Steve”

Steve Walking (VC ST Raphael), a former winner of the event was a further 41 secs back in third.

A slight easterly breeze called for some concentration on the trip out but there were few complaints in the warm sunshine. Paul Matthews (Contre la Montre) pulled his front wheel out on the start line, with the blessing of the timekeeper Matthews changed his wheel and went on to finish 5th. Lesley-Anne Walking took the ladies award with 1.27.49, after favourite Julia Shaw failed to start. Back in the day “The Circuit of the New Forest “used to be a 64 mile test but the demand for distance is no longer there. The shorter version heads east through the Hampshire sailing town of Lymington and on over the exposed Beaulieu heath, past the famous motor museum. From there the rolling forest road heads to Lyndhurst then down the A35 before turning left and the run back to the start/finish at New Milton. Talk at the HQ was of going to the caff then down to the beach. One middlemarker was overheard saying “On days like these it’s just great to be out on the bike”

1, S WHITEWICK (Contre la Montre) 1.12.42
2, G DIGHTON (Poole Wh) 1.13.49
3, S WALKING (VC ST Raphael/Waites Contracts) 1.14.30

4, A RIVETT (VC ST Raphael/Waites Contracts) 1.16.39
5, P MATTHEWS (Contre la Montre) 1.16.45
6, A BRYSON (Contre la Montre) 1.16.50
7, P YOUNGHUSBAND (Team Tri UK Gatorade) 1.17.01
8, T ICKE (Poole Wh) 1.17.09
9, P JONES (Poole Wh) 1.18.15
10, J HEFFERNAN (NFCC) 1.18.58

11, G LOCK (NFCC) 1.19.17
12, G ALLAN (G A CYCLES) 1.19.22
14, P DUNN (CC WEYMOUTH) 1.19.31
15, R CLARIDGE ( G A CYCLES) 1.19.34
16, M BEALE (VCSTR) 1.21.03
17, S BARNES (G A CYCLES) 1.21.16
18, S WOOD (ANTELOPE RT) 1.21.55
19, J BROMYARD (RN&RM CRC) 1.23.31
20, S PECKHAM (NFCC) 1.23.44
21, C ROWE (BJW) 1.23.48
22, K RIDGE (BJW) 1.27.00
24, C HUGHES (NFCC) 1.28.20
25, T BELBIN (POOLE WH) 1.28.31
28, W SIMMONS (BJW) 1.31.23
29, R BRINSDON (NFCC) 1.32.11
30, S CRAIG-MCFEELY (AC3RG) 1.37.23
31, B JOLLIFFE (NFCC) 1.46.55
32, E TOAL (BJW) 1.51.06

Thursday 24 May 2012

Another Win for Eastwood!

Another fast attacking race with numerous breaks forming but never getting more than half a lap before being brought back by the bunch. Primera Specialized once again controlling things by placing a rider or two in all of the breaks but in the end it came down to a sprint. Ian Legg proving his returning form led Jay Eastwood out for two of the 5 remaining laps, a few short attacks were pulled back then with 400 to go Jay opened up with Justin Hoy (Felt) on his shoulder and last week’s winner Phil Reynolds (Hansford Cycles) on the wheel. The only challenge was from sprint specialist Hoy and although very close, Hoy was denied with Eastwood taking win no.2 in as many weeks. Will Stephenson brought the bunch in, making it a first & third for the Primera team.

Primera/Specialized team leader Jason Eastwood said,“We have proven to be a very competitive team already and its only a few weeks into our first year. The four of us work really well together, each rider working to their strengths and being supported by the team in areas where they are not so strong. Will has come a long way and really benefiting from a team environment and despite Ian curiously suffering with poor form (now diagnosed as a tooth infection) he has laboured as our own super domestique for the team ensuring where he can that we are where we need to be in the race. Toby, a super strong breakaway specialist has had the lead outs when needed, with two wins already coming from this and his legs only getting stronger we are expecting a few more.”

Wednesday 23 May 2012

CC Weymouth 2-UP 10

22 May 2012, CC Weymouth Club 10 (2-Up) P451

Steve Pink writes.......
What a difference a week makes! From hail storms and winter temperatures to baking sunshine, there was clearly a rather more cheerful atmosphere at the sign on for last nights 2-Up 10. 6 pairings and a couple of individuals rode the event and it is a shame that more do not? It is a great way to get to know someone and adds a different element to your racing. If you want to add that extra little bit of fun to your season then make sure you put our next 2-UP in your diary, it is on 07 August 2012 and all are welcome!

However if anyone thinks they are going to get a win then they are going to have get past the formidable pairing of Gary Dighton and Terry Icke. The Poole Wheelers duo, who regularly ride these 2-Ups, and have both been in great form this year already set a cracking pace and comfortably took the win in what I believe to be a course best for them. CC Weymouth’s own ‘quick men’ Bryce Riglar and Charlie Lawson showed how not to do it putting in 2 minute stints on the front, but despite their apparent lack of technique they still had the legs to come home second and take maximum club points. Third spot went to the rather more disciplined CCW pairing of David Butt and Myself. David proving an excellent partner of similar pace and I thoroughly enjoyed my evenings racing. From a personal view point all I need to do now is work out how to go that fast without having someone to draft for 50% of the course?

Finally it was also great to see Matt Merritt back racing after his crash a few weeks ago. Matt has been getting the miles in and should be back up to speed before long!

Full Results


1. Gary Dighton Poole Wheelers 0:20:32
Terry Icke Poole Wheelers

2. Bryce Riglar CC Weymouth 0:22:42
Charlie Lawson CC Weymouth

3. Steven Pink CC Weymouth 0:23:14
David Butt CC Weymouth

4. Greg Parker CC Weymouth 0:24:16
Andy Leach Mud Sweat ‘n’ Gears

5. Stuart Carrington CC Weymouth 0:25:35
Andrew Jackson CC Weymouth

6. Gordon Scott Chippenham & District Whls 0:29:17
Matthew Pye CC Weymouth


1. Matthew Merritt CC Weymouth 0:29:05
2. Brian Gale Wessex RC 0:32:30

Vandals Attack Ghost Bike, Bournemouth Daily Echo

The ghost bike and flowers left as a memorial on the Wareham by-pass where Rob Jefferies was struck
THE memorial ‘ghost bike’ tribute to Poole Wheelers cycling legend Rob Jefferies has been attacked by vandals, it has emerged.

Friends of the popular married dad-of-one contacted the Daily Echo after the white-painted cycle, chained to a road sign near the spot of Rob’s fatal accident, was targeted.

According to witnesses, who passed the memorial, the handlebars were wrenched to one side and the saddle stolen.

Mr Jefferies’ friend Charles Hobbs, the man who provided the bicycle for the roadside memorial, said: “What I find hard to understand is that whoever did this actually went out of their way and crossed the road. The bike had certainly taken a kicking.”

The cycle tribute is chained to a road sign on a grass verge alongside the A351, close to scene of Mr Jefferies’ fatal accident last May.

Mr Jefferies, who was well known in the UK cycling world, suffered fatal injuries after being struck by a car driven by a teenage college student.

This 18-year-old Wareham man later admitted causing death by dangerous driving and was sentenced to a community order.

Mr Hobbs, who runs a cycle shop in Swanage, said: “Rob was a friend of mine and used to help out in the shop. My first reaction to news that the ghost bike had been vandalised was one of anger.

“Having said that, it has been there a year and I don’t know of any other bikes that have been chained up that amount of time and been left alone.”

The damage to the memorial has since been repaired.

During the court proceeding following her husband’s death his widow paid tribute to ‘a lovely dad and fabulous step-dad’.

She added: “I cannot make up for their loss. We were looking forward to a change in our life together.”

Mr Jefferies, who was in his 40s, helped found the Wareham Forest Race. He was also a member of Poole Wheelers cycling club.

Matrix Fitness/Prendas Ciclismo Shine in Oxford Opener/ Jo -Anne MaCrae, 5th

Press Release

Clean sweep of prizes for Annie Simpson and her Matrix Fitness – Prendas
on St Giles circuit

Annie Simpson of the Matrix Fitness – Prendas team took the honours in
the opening round of the Johnson Health Tech Grand Prix Series in
Oxford. Simpson took a clean sweep of prizes, adding the evening’s
Sprint prize and helping her Matrix Fitness – Prendas squad to the team
prize, launching a well-timed attack on the final lap.

Simpson jumped clear on the back straight from a select group of five,
and endeavoured to hold off the pursuers, including the hard charging
Junior World Champion Lucy Garner, who almost caught the break in the
final metres.

A 50-rider strong field has assembled on St Giles in Oxford for the
first round of the Johnson Health Tech Grand Prix Series in a strong
entry headlined by World Champion Garner and last year’s Series Champion
Helen Wyman.

The main move of the race came halfway through, when five riders went
clear with Simpson joined by British Circuit Race Champion Hannah
Barnes, Corrine Hall, Jo McRae and Jo Tindley.
Jo McRAE (Look Mum No Hands)

The five worked well together to build what looked an unassailable lead.
But over the closing laps the gap gradually came down thanks to the work
of Garner who pulled a small group closer and closer.

Simpson and Tindley duked it out in an incredibly close second Sprint,
which the VC St Raphael rider just edging Simpson, but there was no
stopping the Northumbria University student who did enough to collect
the Sprint honours for the evening.

Onto the final lap and Simpson attacked coming onto the long back
straight, powering clear of her four breakaway companions. Through the
final hairpin of the St Giles circuit the group closed, with the Garner
led chasers in turn closing.

Simpson held on though, just crossing the line ahead of Barnes and
Tindley for the win and the Series lead.

Speaking after her win, Simpson said; /“It was all or nothing for me
tonight. I thought that I was just going to go for it, my legs held in
there and it’s so nice to get my arms up, it was really good./


/“I’ve just finished University on Wednesday so I’ve got a full summer
of cycling ahead and that gave me a bit of a lift I think today.”/


Talking about the Series, in which she won a round at Oldham in its
inaugural year in 2011, the Matrix Fitness – Prendas rider commented,
/“It’s amazing. Everyone hears about you, they know your name and it
gets the team out there. That’s brilliant as they give us so much
support. To give TV time to them is the best thing I can do. Without my
sponsors I wouldn’t be here at all.”/

Simpson’s Matrix Fitness – Prendas team take a narrow two point lead
over rivals Node4 – Giordana Racing into the second round of the Series
in the team competition, while Simpson herself enjoys a slightly larger
three point buffer atop the Sprint standings.

Highlights of Round One can be seen as a part of The Halfords Tour
Series on ITV4 at 8pm on Wednesday 23^rd May. Round Two of the Johnson
Health Tech Grand Prix Series takes place at 17:00 in Peterborough on
Tuesday 29^th May.

Johnson Health Tech Grand Prix Series, Round One, Oxford, Provisional

Round One Individual Result

1) Annie Simpson, Matrix Fitness - Prendas

2) Hanna Barnes, Team Ibis Cycles

3) Jo Tindley, VC St Raphael

4) Corrine Hall, Node4 - Giordana Racing

5) Jo McRae, Look Mum No Hands!

6) Lucy Garner, Node4 - Giordana Racing

7) Helen Wyman, Kona Factory Racing

8) Tamina Oliver, Abergavenny Road Club

9) Natalie Creswick, Mule Bar Girls

10) Sarah Reynolds, Matrix Fitness - Prendas

11) Lydia Boylan, Look Mum No Hands!

12) Adele Carter, Team Hope Factory Racing

13) Penny Rowson, Matrix Fitness - Prendas

14) Adel Tyson-Bloor, VC St Raphael

15) Amy Roberts, Scott Contessa Epic

16) Harriet Owen, Node4 - Giordana Racing

17) Louise Mahe, Mule Bar Girls

18) Rachel Stokes, Zappi's Cycling Club

19) Alice Barnes, - Orbea

20) Laura Massey, Vivelo Bikes / Inverse Cyclaim RT

Round One Team Result

1) Matrix Fitness - Prendas, 39pts

2) Node4 - Giordana Racing, 37pts

3) Look Mum No Hands!, 26pts

4) VC St Raphael, 25pts

5) Mule Bar Girls, 16pts

6) Team Hope Factory Racing, 9pts

7) Scott Contessa Epic, 6pts

8) Zappi's Cycling Club, 3pts

9) Vivelo Bikes / Inverse Cyclaim RT, 1pt

Overall Team Standings, post-Round One

1) Matrix Fitness - Prendas, 39pts

2) Node4 - Giordana Racing, 37pts

3) Look Mum No Hands!, 26pts

4) VC St Raphael, 25pts

5) Mule Bar Girls, 16pts

6) Team Hope Factory Racing, 9pts

7) Scott Contessa Epic, 6pts

8) Zappi's Cycling Club, 3pts

9) Vivelo Bikes / Inverse Cyclaim RT, 1pt

Sprints winner Oxford:Annie Simpson (Matrix Fitness - Prendas)

Sprints standings, post-Round One

1) Annie Simpson, Matrix Fitness - Prendas, 8pts

2) Lucy Garner, Node4 - Giordana Racing, 5pts

3) Jo Tindley, VC St Raphael, 5pts

*2012 Johnson Health Tech Grand Prix Series Calendar*

Round One Tuesday 22^nd May Oxford, Oxfordshire

Round Two Tuesday 29^th May Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Round Three Thursday 7^th June Colchester, Essex

Round Four Tuesday 12^th June Woking, Surrey

Grand Final / Round Five Thursday 14^th June Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

About Johnson Health Tech UK Ltd

Johnson Health Tech UK Ltd is based in Stoke-on-Trent and was founded in
1998. It is the UK subsidiary of the Johnson Health Tech Co. Ltd., one
of the world’s largest and fastest growing manufacturers and
distributors of commercial and home fitness equipment.

About the Johnson Health Tech Grand Prix Series

Launched in 2011, the Johnson Health Tech Grand Prix Series brings
top-class televised women’s racing to towns and cities across the UK as
part of The Halfords Tour Series.