Sunday 27 May 2012

New Forest 32! Win for Whitewick!

Despite being over 90 seconds slower than his winning course record ride last year, Stephen Whitewick (Contre la Montre) was still too fast for the opposition in the New Forest CC 32. Whitewick clocked 1.12.46 for a 1m 7sec advantage over Gary Dighton (Poole Wh). He was happy but admitted “It’s not quite there?” Dighton is improving week by week and was pleased to get “this close to Steve”

Steve Walking (VC ST Raphael), a former winner of the event was a further 41 secs back in third.

A slight easterly breeze called for some concentration on the trip out but there were few complaints in the warm sunshine. Paul Matthews (Contre la Montre) pulled his front wheel out on the start line, with the blessing of the timekeeper Matthews changed his wheel and went on to finish 5th. Lesley-Anne Walking took the ladies award with 1.27.49, after favourite Julia Shaw failed to start. Back in the day “The Circuit of the New Forest “used to be a 64 mile test but the demand for distance is no longer there. The shorter version heads east through the Hampshire sailing town of Lymington and on over the exposed Beaulieu heath, past the famous motor museum. From there the rolling forest road heads to Lyndhurst then down the A35 before turning left and the run back to the start/finish at New Milton. Talk at the HQ was of going to the caff then down to the beach. One middlemarker was overheard saying “On days like these it’s just great to be out on the bike”

1, S WHITEWICK (Contre la Montre) 1.12.42
2, G DIGHTON (Poole Wh) 1.13.49
3, S WALKING (VC ST Raphael/Waites Contracts) 1.14.30

4, A RIVETT (VC ST Raphael/Waites Contracts) 1.16.39
5, P MATTHEWS (Contre la Montre) 1.16.45
6, A BRYSON (Contre la Montre) 1.16.50
7, P YOUNGHUSBAND (Team Tri UK Gatorade) 1.17.01
8, T ICKE (Poole Wh) 1.17.09
9, P JONES (Poole Wh) 1.18.15
10, J HEFFERNAN (NFCC) 1.18.58

11, G LOCK (NFCC) 1.19.17
12, G ALLAN (G A CYCLES) 1.19.22
14, P DUNN (CC WEYMOUTH) 1.19.31
15, R CLARIDGE ( G A CYCLES) 1.19.34
16, M BEALE (VCSTR) 1.21.03
17, S BARNES (G A CYCLES) 1.21.16
18, S WOOD (ANTELOPE RT) 1.21.55
19, J BROMYARD (RN&RM CRC) 1.23.31
20, S PECKHAM (NFCC) 1.23.44
21, C ROWE (BJW) 1.23.48
22, K RIDGE (BJW) 1.27.00
24, C HUGHES (NFCC) 1.28.20
25, T BELBIN (POOLE WH) 1.28.31
28, W SIMMONS (BJW) 1.31.23
29, R BRINSDON (NFCC) 1.32.11
30, S CRAIG-MCFEELY (AC3RG) 1.37.23
31, B JOLLIFFE (NFCC) 1.46.55
32, E TOAL (BJW) 1.51.06

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