Wednesday 16 May 2012

National Youth Omnium Series, Southern Area

Presents on behalf of


YOUTH A OMNIUM (Male & Female)
YOUTH B OMNIUM (Male & Female)

May 19th 2012


at the Bournemouth Cycling Centre
Slades Farm Open Space
(off Ensbury Avenue)
BH10 4EP

Round 2 Southern Area National youth Track Omnium
Under BC Technical Regulations

• Chief Commissaire: Gerry Gray
• Assistant Commissaire: Tim Knight
• Clerk of the Course: Dave Gilham

• Gear Check: Gordon Skillen & Andy Buddle
• Licences & Signing on: Jason Falconer & Sue Hurst

• Announcer: TO BE CONFIRMED
• Chief Judge: Tim Knight
• Finish Line & Time Keepers:
o Jason Falconer
o Colin Price
o Jean Bayliss

• Chief Whip: Gordon Skillen
• Lap Board: Time Keeper: Dave Wade

• Photo Finish: John Burrows & Heidi Fielding
• Results: Paul Harris

• Time Trial/Pursuits Stations and holders
• 1 Ros Spencer & John Burrows
• 2 Colin Price & Craig Weston
• 3 Gordon Skillen & Jason Falconer
• 4 Dave Wade and Adam D’Arcy-Wykes
Sue Hurst collecting Results
• First Aid: Kris Carpenter plus qualified Coaches
• Gate: Andy Buddle & Team

Event Organiser:
Graham Hurst
15 De Courtenai Close
BH11 9PG
01202 579899 or 07538 375441
Run in accordance with BC Youth Track Regulations 2012

Gear Restrictions
Under 12 – 6.03m (Normally 48 x 17) Under 10 – 5.40
Under 14 – 6.45m (Normally 48 x 16 or 42 x 14) Under 8 - 5.10
Under 16 – 6.93m
Random gear checks will be made during the meeting

Under 14,12,10,8 – Drop handlebars only – no tri-bars, MTB bars, spinaci, arm pads etc
- Wheels 16 to 40 spokes. Rim depth up to 3.5cms

1st – 1 point, 2nd - 2 pts, 3rd – 3 pts, 4th – 4pts etc This applies to each event in each age group
In the event of a tie on overall points scored the ‘tie break’ is broken using the result of the last race completed.

First 12 riders overall in each age group – BC Series points 30,25,21,17,14,12,10,9,7,6,5,4

The Overall Results will be posted on as soon as possible after the event. Results will also be sent to BC and other track related websites
Please ensure that you bring your BC licence with you. If you have not brought your licence to the event there will be a £10 surcharge ‘Rulebook page 49’
Notes for competitors
The gates to the track will be closed at all times when riders are on the track.
Up to 10.30am gate 1 (in the home straight) will be used - after 10.30am ie when the meeting has started, gate 2 (in the back straight) will be used. When the meeting has finished gate 2 will be locked and gate 1 re-opened.
There will be no riding on the track before the meeting except the following times (for warming up / track familiarisation)
9.50am –10.00am All Youth A
10.00am – 10.10am All Youth B Riders and Youth C Boys
10.10am – 10.20am Youth C Girls and all Youth D and E Riders
This means if you are not in the track centre before 9.50am you will only get 3 opportunities to get in before the meeting starts ie 10.00am – 10.10am and 10.20am
10.20am Riders’ Briefing in the Safety Zone between the rider pen and the start finish line - all riders must be present.
Please get your gear checked before signing on.
Please wear your number on your left side – the camera needs to see you!
The D and any of the grass area in the track centre not taped off may be used by competitors
No rider should use the safety zone except to enter or leave the track at the start or finish of a race.
After a bunch race has finished you will have 1 complete lap to slow down and will then be expected to leave the track in the back straight riding down into the safety zone and then back into the riders D. After the time trials please exit the track as soon as possible to enable the next heat to commence.
While the meeting is in progress you will only be able to leave the track by gate 2 in between races.
All riders will be called into the riders’ pen while the race before is in progress - this will ensure all races are started promptly. If you are not ready the start will NOT be delayed you will not start and will be place last.
Results will be stuck on a board behind the gazebo, adjacent the start finish area through out the meeting as they become available.
Heats for the Sprint and Time Trial will also be posted on this board.
Most Important – Enjoy the day’s racing

It is imperative that as riders you are aware of YOUR responsibility to be at the correct station/heat/race ready to compete. If you are not ready the Omnium programme is not going to wait for you. You will forfeit your ride and be placed last.

Under 16 Boys Orange numbers
No Name Club Scratch Elimination Points Sprint 1000m Time Trial Overall
1 Andrew Bradshaw VC Londres
2 Brendan Drewett Fareham Wheelers
3 Daniel Mayard Welwyn Wheelers CC
4 George Jary VCL
5 Harrison Coobes Herne Hill Youth CC
6 Harrison Fielding Poole Wheelers
7 Hisham Al-Ramah V C Londres
8 Jack Hoyle Team Terminator
9 Jake Howes Hillingdon Slipstreamers
10 Jake Thomas BCDS
11 Joe Donohue Fareham Wheelers
12 Joe Truman I- Team CC
13 John Whittle BCDS
14 Joseph Fry Welwyn Wheelers
15 Louis Magnani Prestige VC
16 Louis Modell East London Velo
17 Mark Jacobs VC Jubilee
18 Nicholas Brown Welwyn Wheelers
19 Oli Plumley Welwyn Wheelers
20 Oliver Cliff VC Londres
21 Oliver Moors V.C. Jubilee
22 Sam Harding Palmer Park Velo RT
23 Shaun Carter Gloucester City CC
24 Thomas Saunders I- Team CC
25 Thomas Scammell Newport Youth Velo CC
26 Tristan Robins Cardiff JIF

Under 16 Girls Orange number
No Name Club Scratch Elimination Points Sprint 1000m Time Trial Overall
41 Abigal Van Twisk VC Londres
42 Abigale Dentus Welwyn Wheelers CC
43 Alexandra Sheehan BCDS
44 Bethany Hayward Welwyn Wheelers CC
45 Bethany Taylor BCDS
46 Bryony Board Lea Valley Youth CC
47 Chloe Evans Welwyn Wheelers CC
48 Eleanor Holden VC Londres
49 Kimberley English Welwyn Wheelers CC
50 Kirstern Savage Willesden Cycling Club
51 Laura Cheesman Prestige Velo
52 Lucy Harper Welwyn Wheelers CC
53 Megan Lewis Palmer Park Velo
54 Rebecca Mayard Welwyn Wheelers CC

Under 14 Boys Yellow numbers

No Name Club Scratch Elimination Points Sprint 1000m Time Trial Overall
60 Anthony Anderson Kingston Wheelers
61 Cameron Gutteridge Lea Valley Youth CC
62 Charlie Cooper I- Team CC
63 Conner Woodford Willesden Cycling Club
64 David Barns Condor Cycles CC
65 Eddie Moore Newport Velo
66 Frank Longstaff Colchester Rovers
67 Fred Wright VC Londres
68 Jack Plumley Welwyn Wheelers
69 Jacob Kilby Palmer Park Velo
70 James Ambrose-Parish Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
71 James Saunders I- Team CC
72 Jamie Hutchinson I- Team CC
73 Josh Moore Newport Velo
74 Max Bergin VC Londres
75 Max Rigby Palmer Park Velo
76 Michael Parry Welwyn Wheelers
77 Thomas Burnett Preston Park Youth CC

Under 14 Girls Yellow numbers

No Name Club Scratch Elimination Points Sprint 1000m Time Trial Overall
80 Amy Smit VC Jubilee
81 Charlotte Cole-Hossain Velo Club Londres
82 Georgie Hopkins VC Londres
83 Lauren Murphy Team Milton Keynes
84 Rachel Jary VCL
85 Rebecca Hurst Poole Wheelers
86 Sophie Taylor BCDS

Under 12 White Numbers
No Name Club Scratch Elimination Points Sprint 500m Time Trial Overall
90 Amelia Coobes Herne Hill Youth CC
91 Bethany Lewin Palmer Park Velo
92 Caitlin Peters Fareham Wheelers CC
93 Grace Cadzow Welwyn Wheelers
94 India Gloag VC Londres
95 Lucy Pick Poole Wheelers
96 Sabine Minchinton-Gilley Jersey Cycling Association Youth Acadamy
97 Alexander Griffiths VCL
98 Alistair Fielding Poole Wheelers
99 Bob Longstaff Colchester Rovers
100 George Sloan VC Jubilee
101 Hayden Cassidy Herne Hill Youth CC
102 Kareem Akinnibi Herne Hill Youth
103 Luke Dighton Poole Wheelers
104 Max Cheatle VC Londres
105 Noah Ridgway-Brown Preston Park Youth Cycle Club
106 Simon Bird Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
107 Thomas Durkin Welwyn Wheelers
108 Thomas Gloag VC Londres
109 Tristan Rayner CC Ashwell
110 William Raymond Welwyn Wheelers

Under 10 Yellow Numbers

No Name Club Scratch Elimination Points Sprint 250m Time Trial Overall
111 Charlotte Pick Poole Wheelers
112 Archie Sloan VC Jubilee
113 Arthur Boulton Palmer Park Velo
114 Euan Taylor BCDS
115 Harry Towning Welwyn Wheelers
116 Joseph Latham Welwyn Wheelers
117 Ryan Hodkyns Poole Wheelers

Under 8 Orange number

No Name Club Scratch Elimination Points Sprint 250m Time Trial Overall
60 Sam Pick Poole Wheelers

A big thanks you to all competitors for participating in the Britsh Cycling Youth Omnium Series – we hope you all have an enjoyable days racing!

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