Thursday 29 November 2012

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 100km Reliability Trial

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers popular series of reliability trials continues this Sunday(Dec 2) with the 100km event. Heading out anti-clockwise, the route goes west to Blandford before turning south to Milton Abbas and Bovington Camp. The course then climbs up into the Purbeck Hills and Corfe Castle before heading across the heath to Wareham and back up to Merley. All are welcome! Start and finish is at Merley Community Centre (BH21 1XE), Harrier Drive, off Oakley Straight, Merley where parking, toilet facilities and light refreshments are available.
Start Finish
09:00 13:00-14:00
The first riders off are allowed 5 hours to complete the course with the fastest group expected to return in 3:30 hours
Members (First and Second Claim) £1 per Reliability Trial, other riders are required to become Associate Members of the Club and will pay £5 for all four Reliability Trials and all BJW Club Runs for a year. You can join on the day.
The term reliability trial dates back to the early years of the 20th century when cycling equipment was not so reliable, road surfaces were poor, sign-posting was even worse, and mobile telephones had yet to be invented. Reliability trial riders needed to be resilient, able to navigate, capable of dealing with minor mechanical problems, and fit enough to complete the course. Successful completion of all 4 BJW Reliability trials entitles the rider to a medal.

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Cyclo-Cross World Cup;Koksijde

Cyclo-cross World Cup, Luke Gray rides & writes………………I was given selection for the third round of the Cyclo-cross World Cup at Koksijde. The course is run on the huge sand dunes on the Belgium coast in the corner of a military air base near the sea. This is one of the hardest cross courses in the world, and despite this being my third time here it doesn't get any easier. Its kind of like racing over the sand dunes at Studland only much much bigger. This time I was joined by 4 other Team GB U23 riders, Adam Martin, Hugo Robinson, Steve James, and Ben Sumner the only one who had never ridden at Koksijde before.

The race started on a nice stretch of tarmac with the rain lashing down, this was going to be a tuff race for me and with all that wet sand in the gears it’s a killer for the bike, not to mention the brake pads grinding into my nice Bontrager carbon wheels. The first 30 seconds of a cross race can be very dangerous, everybody wants to be first into the first turn, and its very easy to get carried away with every one sprinting for that same spot. Luckily I had a good start rounding the first corner rubbing shoulders with Steve James. Ok I was leaning on him a bit, but it gets a bit tight in the middle of nearly 60 riders, and he's a big lad at well over 6 foot so he would have hardly noticed me. Plus I had to avoid the first turn crash, unlike Ben Sumner who I saw unavoidable plough straight into Dutch rider David van der Pole who was lying on the ground with a few others.

Having been here before I knew I needed to go hard just before the sand sections, and take the speed across the top of the sand pushing hard all the way. Then once out of the sand I could recover in time for the next sand section. I was careful not to try to bridge the gap to the next rider before the sand. That way you have nothing left for the sand and you sink down into it and end up running which just puts you further behind. A couple of times the front end dug in and I came off but manage to stay upright and keep the shifters out of the sand. By the 4th lap I made my second change of 3 changes for a clean bike with my pit helper and sponsor Gregg of The ChainStay ( A cycle house in Belgium where I stay) keeping my bikes nice and clean.

The atmosphere here was incredible with many 1000's of cross fans under a sea of umbrellas shouting at you all the way round, and the wafting smell of Belgium beer and chips coming through the cold wet afternoon. So I was glad when the end of the race came 1 lap sooner than I had planned. I was pulled out under the 80% rule, it stops riders interfering with the race should the leaders catch you, but you are still given a finish. The first time that's happen to me this year and hopefully the last. So I was glad to get dry again, although from past experience it will be a couple of weeks before I get rid of all the sand from my car, wheel bags, bikes, shoes, helmet, tool box, you name it, sands in it. My finish of 40th was the best I have done here, I was also the best of the U23 Team GB rider and with this being a big power course I knew it would be hard. Hugo finished in 41th and 2 laps down, the same as Adam in 44th, Steve came in 3 laps down laps in 48th and Ben 4 laps down at 50th.

The next Cyclo-cross World Cup is in Belgium again at Heusden-Zolder on Boxing Day, but the next 3 weeks I will be in GB for a couple of National Cyclo-cross Trophy rounds

Monday 26 November 2012

Stocking Fillers from Prendas Ciclismo!

"The first volume in a series of anthologies that we hope will evolve into a long lasting and well-loved collection of books" say editors, Ellis Bacon & Lionel Birnie.Fifteen stand alone chapters by some of the sports most respected writers, including a thoughtful piece by David Millar that will surely strike a chord with all whose legs are not what they were.

The Cycling Anthology Volume 1
Project Wiggins by William Fotheringham
In Praise of Thomas Voeckler by Edward Pickering
The New Wizards of Oz by Rupert Guinness
Gone Biking by David Millar
The Cobbler (Frederic Guesdon) Retires by James Startt
Cyclonomics by Daniel Friebe
Pendleton versus Meares by Owen Slot
The Grand Slam by Lionel Birnie
The Original Individualist by Richard Moore
The Best of Luck by Ellis Bacon
Another World? by Kenny Pryde
The Exile by Alasdair Fotheringham
Il Magnifico’s (Mario Cipollini) Return by Samuel Abt
Bin Bag of My Dreams by Jeremy Whittle

Les memoires du peloton 2013 calendar. The now traditional Prendas calendar has a great mix of black& white and colour photos. Including a nod to the many great British performances in 2012.
Both items are available mail order from Prendas Ciclismo (Links on Right)

Weymouth CC Reliability Trial & Prize Presentation!

1st Reliability Ride, club AGM and prize giving, Steve Pink sends this report from West Dorset.......

This Sunday saw the first reliability ride of the winter. Weather forgiving there should be 4 rides in total, one each month (Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb) gradually increasing in distance. The first was a gentle 50k taking in the three climbs of Hardy's monument, Goulds hill and the steady drag west out from Piddlehinton Church. 20+ riders turned up and headed straight into a rather 'stiff' headwind and were soon tackling the days biggest climb up and over Hardy's Monument. This first challenge forced the riders into a split and as the first group turn at Portesham, with a now healthy tailwind Chippers started pulling the bunch along at a near 30mph average all the way to the bottom of the next climb. Goulds hill came and went without much trouble (the tailwind was still helping!) and then everyone dropped past Martinstown Cricket club and stared the long flat stretch towards Tincleton. Taking us straight across the lowlands meant plenty of half peddling to try and avoid wet feet and with a good rhythm being set the lead group decided to ignore the planed route and added an extra 5 or so miles just for fun (either that or we all got lost!). Back on track and back into the headwind as everyone headed towards the Piddle valley the pace was starting to be felt in the legs, then the heavens opened with a healthy dose of 'sideways' rain and once the final climb had be negotiated fractures started to appear amongst the first bunch, although the likes of Greg can attribute this to getting himself tied in knots trying to put his waterproof jacket on. The route had one last surprise in store for us, just past the Sun Inn, just a couple of miles from home, the last 'puddle' in the road was too long and too deep and riders shoes were quickly filling up with freezing cold flood water and bottom brackets will need servicing soon! A little over 2 hours and the first riders made it back to the shop and were looking forward to some hot food.
Once everyone had made it back the group headed across the road for a well earned lunch (thanks to Bonjour for fantastic food and great service) and with stomachs again full it was on to the AGM and prizes.
A big thank you must go to our Chairman Stuart Carrington, firstly for keeping the formalities of the AGM as short and sweet as possible, but also for the hard work he has put in this year as our club goes from strength to strength. There were a number of awards recognising both Greg Parker and Paddy Dunn's course record breaking achievements this season (the 5, both 10's, the 25 and the hilly 18 all went) and a handful of club standards too, plus the important recognition of Andrew Preston's achievement of being the first CC Weymouth rider to complete the randonneur series and finish the national 24hr TT setting the first club record for the distance.

The main awards:

Club points champion: Greg Parker
Vets points champion: David Butt
Club Hillclimb champion: Ben Davis
Clubman of the year: Justin Oakley
Ubber randonneur: Andrew Preston
Most improved rider: Steven Pink

The records broken:

21:31 Paddy Dunn P451/10 Club course record
55:37 Paddy Dunn p451/25 All comers course record
42:51 Paddy Dunn P451/18 All comers course record
09:14 Greg Parker P451/5 Club course record
21:48 Greg Parker P459/10 Club course record
335.862 mls Andrew Preston Club record 24 hour TT

And a note to Bryce Dyer (VC St Raphael) who broke the all comers record for the P451/5 with 09:07

Keep up the winter miles and we will see you all again soon for the next RR (that could stand for Reliablity Ride or Road Race depending on who you are!)

Sunday 25 November 2012

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Prize Presentation

Young Tyro, Will Stephenson (Rapha/Condor) was guest of honour at Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers annual prize presentation. Stephenson told the club about how he became involved in cycling. The good natured boo’s that greeted the mention of his first club, Bournemouth Arrow, quickly died away as he assured all, that the Jubilee would have been his choice had the evening 10 course been closer to home. The Great Britain junior went on to speak about his experiences at the World Championships in September. One of the highlights he proudly said was, sneakily trying on the red, white & blue kit in the hotel room prior to the race. Dave Pickering went away with most of the silverware including, Club Best All-Rounder and the multi- discipline Boyson Trophy. Other prize winners included Simon Meadwell (Cyclo-cross), Dave Hicks (hill climb) and Dave Mansfield (Messer Shield). Mike Walsh was awarded the 21st Anniversary cup for services to the club, Mike is standing down as organiser of the very popular reliability trials. Disappointingly numbers were down on previous years, but those in attendance enjoyed themselves and the club is indebted to organiser Kevin Ridge, who managed to source a pretentious red and a cheeky white which was provided free to all.
Will Stephenson with some of the award winners

Hillingdon Inverse Points Grabber!

Dave Wade reports from the Hillingdon Inverse Points Grabber……….Cycling buddies Jordan Wade and Ryan Hasler wanted to race together in a final hoorah for 2013 before they take separate career paths, in Jordan’s case Swansea University. In order to do so Ryan has to get out of Cat 4 so off they went to Hillingdon to race in a promotion called Inverse RT points grabber. The weather was awful but the usual hardy riders turned up and braved the really wet and windy conditions.

In the E1/2/3 race (about 15 entrants) at the start two riders made a bolt for it and managed a lead of about 30 seconds before one of the riders dropped off the pace. The pack soon closed in and caught this rider and as they did so four riders including Jordan, made a break and started the task of reeling in the lone rider who was about 25 seconds up. Lap by lap the gap was closed and the with about 8 laps to go the lone rider was caught and passed. This group were now well ahead of the chasing pack and at the bell riders were eyeing each other up wondering who was going first. On the last bend they were all together and in the final sprint places were exchanged but it was Jordan who proved to be strongest and he pushed hard for the line grabbing his first E/1/2/3 victory.

In the Cat 4 race Ryan was looking to grab the ten points needed to get into Cat 3. He started to force the pace and after four laps had a gap of about 20 seconds but nobody from the pack wanted to go with him. With the weather being so bad Ryan had a difficult task in staying out in front on his own and it was not long before the pack caught him up. After being caught Ryan pushed again and this time six riders went with him forcing a break that would not be bridged. Lap after lap riders took turns with Ryan always at the front or second, Jordan screaming at Ryan from the side lines to stop doing all the work but together they stayed till the final sprint. Ryan’s lack of experience at this type of racing became evident at the sprint with two riders catching him out and bolting for the line. Ryan tried closing the gap and was catching up but the finishing line came too soon so he had to settle for third. One more race and he will be there no doubt.
1. Jordan Wade VC St Raphael
2. Robert Orr Velo29-OTR-Vankru
3. Paul McGrath
4. James Leach Twickenham CC
5. Philip Holloway Southend Wheelers
6. Will Houghton Hillingdon Cycling Club
7. Stuart Harvey Ultimate Fitness
8. Andrew Wright High Wycombe Cycling Club
9. Paul Carr Club Corley Cycles
10. Andrew Stronge
11. James Butterworth Twickenham CC
12. Mario Manelfi Team ASL360
13. George Kirkin Twickenham CC

1. Melissa Brand Pretorius Bikes
2. Anna Marie Hughes Prestige Velo Club
3. Jennifer Lake Club Corley Cycles
4. Susan Freeburn In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp

3rd Cat only
1. Jozef Metelka Zappi’s Cycling Club
2. Neil Wass TMG Horizon Cycling Team
3. Edmond Irwin
4. Barny Willard In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp
5. Simon Edwards-Parton Kingston Whls CC
6. James Di Rico High Wycombe Cycling Club
7. Angus Winter Twickenham CC

4th Cat only
1. James Blackburn Twickenham CC
2. James Bower
3. Ryan Hasler
4. Paul Moore Kingston Whls CC
5. Antonio Guenzler
6. Kenneth Ross Willesden Cycling Club
7. Massimo Saetta Kingston Whls CC
8. Dave Olinski G.S. Henley
9. Alex Tinsley Twickenham CC
10. Kevin Brooks Zappi’s Cycling Club

A good day racing in awful weather, that’s what cycling is all about isn’t it?

Dorset Miles, Bear Cross Sunday Ride: A bit of a Monument!

Thirteen at Bear Cross this morning, the roads were wet but the sun was shining, compared to Saturday it was a good day. Out to Wimborne then straight up the main road to Cranborne, the sign said “Closed Road” but bikes can always get through, some unclipped in an effort to keep feet dry, others just ploughed on as sealed bottom brackets were put to the test. From Cranborne it was up to Boveridge, then Tidpit, North End and Rockbourne, the Rose & Thistle pub still has the old STRONGS sign on the wall. Across Rockbourne Down to the A354, The descent to Coombe Bissett is smooth and fast then it’s a left turn and an old favourite. Stratford Tony, Bishopstone, Stoke Farthing, Broadchalke, Fifield Bavant, Ebbesborne Wake, Alvediston, Berwick St John and Ludwell, all familiar but only in passing. The muck and debris on the road added to the adventure in a pleasing sort of way. Dodging sticks & stones to Charlton, then briefly on the A30, there was talk of tea at Shaftesbury but it was no more than talk. Down to Cann Common then the climb of Zig-Zag, the four on the front were “cock measuring” the rest of us were surviving as the rain started to fall. Regrouping and fast down to Tollard Farnham, Newtown, across the main road again and on to Horton. Right in the village and up to Chalbury Common, Gaunts Common and back to the flesh pots, and the group splits. Fast around the apron of Hurn Airport for those that had the legs, it was raining hard now but we were home free. 2 punctures, 4hrs 15, a bit of a Monument this one!

Friday 23 November 2012

STOLEN, 2004 Specialized Allez Comp

My training bike got stolen outside Soutbourne Costa coffee shop last Sunday.
Several witnesses have identified the thief and he is known to local police and they are waiting to interview him.
Despite this I haven’t got my bike back yet

2004 Specialized Allez comp, red and white.
Aluminium frame, carbon forks, carbon seatpost.
Specialized red/black Toupe saddle.
Mavic Ksyrium wheels
Conti 4 seasons tyres
Full ultegra groupset with 53/39 chainrings (big chainring has a tooth missing and the right front shifter and rear mech are scraped from a crash...)
12-25 10 speed cassette
Grey/silver durace gear cables
black 120mm specialized stem and bars
Black bar tube (specialized with embosses "S") and red Specialized bar end plugs
Red plastic specialized bottle cages
Grey Look Keo "easy" pedals
Garmin cadence sensor (that needs a new battery to work)
Garmin mount on stem
Race blade type mudguards
black small underseat pouch with x1 C02 cylinder + yellow C02 adaptor, tube, x1 blue tyre lever
Lumicycle MTB front light with separate battery pack (obviously if for sale wont have its charger)

Im grateful if anyone could let me know if they are offered my bike or bits of it for sale and I will contact the police.

please contact me by email or phone:


Thursday 22 November 2012

Dan Lloyd Ends Racing Career

Daniel Lloyd has made the decision to retire after 11 years as a full time bike rider. Lloyd rode for IG Sigma Sport in 2012, finishing 57th in his final race, The Tour of Britain. He will take on the position of assistant sports director with the team. As well as his new management role he will continue to work with Eurosport and other media interests. Bournemouth-based Lloyd started his career in mountain biking but soon moved to the road getting his first break with Spells with Giant Asia, DFL-Cyclingnews & An Post-Sean Kelly followed, before signing for Cervelo Test Team in 2009. He rode his first Grand Tour that year finishing the Giro D’ Italia. In 2010 he rode the Giro again and got a late call up for the Tour De France, despite crashing heavily early in the three week race Lloyd made it to Paris. The Cervelo team was taken over at the end of the 2010 season, becoming Garmin-Cervelo. Lloyd had impressed enough to earn a one year contract with the new outfit but his racing opportunities were limited in 2011 and at the end of the year he was released. His final race
Lloyd told "Local Riders"
"After 9 years racing full time as a professional rider, I decided the time was right to move on to the next stage of my career. I had an amazing adventure and I was helped by so many local people along the way, that will always be appreciated.

I will, of course, remain heavily involved in cycling. I am coaching a couple of promising riders, I will continue to commentate on a few of the pro races, and I will also continue to work for the IG Sigma Sport team as an assistant sports director.

However, the majority of my time will be spent on a new project, which I will announce shortly."


1st Stage 7 Tour of Siam
4th Overall Tour of Qinghai Lake
1st Stage 4
4th Overall Tour d'Indonesia
2nd Overall Tour of Qinghai Lake
2nd British National Road Race Championships
1st Overall Vuelta a Extremadura
1st Stage 1 TTT
4th Overall Volta Ciclista da Ascension
4th British National Road Race Championships
6th Overall Cinturón Ciclista a Mallorca
9th GP Pino Cerami
Photo by kind permission Andy Storey

2nd British National Road Race Championships
4th Overall Tour of Qatar
9th Monte Paschi Eroica
12th GP Pino Cerami
14th Dwars door Vlaanderen
10th Overall Tour of Britain
Photo by kind permission Larry Hickmott

Monday 19 November 2012

Bournemouth Cycle & Tri Expo

The Bournemouth Cycle & Tri Expo was hailed "a great success with over 5,000 visitors flocking to the show at the Bournemouth International Centre. Leading names in the cycle trade including,Specialized, Cannondale,

Kuota, Argon 18, Pinarello,

Lapierre, Ragley, Lynskey, Assos, Trek, Fusion, ISM, Powertap, Fast Forward, Felt,
Enve, Torq, Cervelo,

Tacx Turbo Trainers, Focus, Fulcrum, Look,

Zipp, Sram, Zone 3, Fizik, 3T, GoPro Cameras, Garmin, Giro, Bell, Parlee,

Lightweight, Sportful Clothing,

South Coast Sprints, 2XU, Orca, Zone 3, Rotor,

Swift Carbon,

Speedfill & Lezyne showed off their latest products. Plans are already underway for an even bigger expo next year

All photo's Eamonn Deane

Entry's Needed for Boxing Day 10!

Entry's needed for New Forest Boxing Day 10!
Think you're fit enough to ride a rapid 10 after stoking up on turkey and Christmas pud? Or do you fancy a leisurely potter down the Ringwood-Sopley road in festive fancy dress?
Whichever you choose, now is the time to get an entry form and £7 cheque off to Maggie Bracher for New Forest CC's annual Boxing Day 10-mile time trial.
If you haven't got a stock of official Cycling Time Trials entry forms, they can be downloaded from the CTT website (
Your entry needs to get to Maggie by December 11, by the absolute latest. Her address is 38 (not 31 as per the CTT handbook) Stannington Crescent, Totton, Southampton SO40 3GB. Telephone 023 8048 5872.
If you don't fancy competing, get on your bike, blow away the Christmas cobwebs and enjoy a traditional southern cycling festivity by cheering on those brave enough to enter.

New Forest CC Annual Dinner & Prize Presentation!

With the social season in full swing cycling clubs up and down the country are holding their traditional annual “bun fights”. Toasting monarch & club, the saying of grace, honouring the club 10 champion and the odd rude cross-toast, the scene is very familiar. Bob Jolliffe reports on the New Forest CCs Dinner &Prize Presentation………………. THE surprise and joy of finding a way of being paid to be involved with the sport he loves came over loud and clear from Eamonn Deane, guest of honour at New Forest Cycling Club’s annual dinner and prize presentation.
The former top time trialist and ace road racer told the 60-plus members and friends at the dinner at Lyndhurst’s Crown Hotel how he left the Royal Mail to became a successful sports masseur and soigneur, culminating with a position with the successful UK Paralympic cycling squad in London this summer.
Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers’ Chairman, Eamonn, who is also a cycling photographer with his own well-read local biking blog, went on to present the awards to New Forest CC members following one of the best season’s in the club’s recent history.
Lion’s share of the trophies went to Gary Lock who won the Tim Millward Trophy for first in Division One of the 10-mile series, the Broomfield Bowl for fastest club 25-mile, the Thoresby Cooke Cup for short distance best all-rounder, the Keith Mitchell Shield for fastest forest circuit and the Matthews Cup for best on handicap times.
The Pennington-based cyclist also shared the Cook Cup with Ben Boardman as joint club champions, won the Thorney Hill Series and was Most Improved Rider.
Joint club champ Boardman also won the Wareham Cup for the fastest 50-mile by a club member and the Marsh Shield for club best all-rounder.
Hugo Walters, 16, collected the Pope Cup for winning the two-event hill climb competition, the Knightwood cup as juvenile champion and the Jonathan Bottomley Cup for fastest junior in a club “25”.
John Heffernan took the Ted Joyce Memorial Cup for best “Round the Forest” and shared the Road Race Champion award with Andy Betteridge.
Junior rider Konnor Bracher-Walsh was lauded for his mile-munching Land’s End to John O’Groats relay with his Uncle Dug (correct spelling). The pair completed the charity ride in just 67 hours.
His efforts earned Konnor the Dawkins & Lodge Award for outstanding achievement. He was also presented with the Drayton Cup for junior best all-rounder.
Chris Grant was victorious in Division Two of the 10-mile series and earned himself the Rhinefield Trophy, while Donna Shaw was winner of Division Three and claimed the H E Figgures Bowl for female best all-rounder.
Club secretary Peter Weaver won the Bolderwood Trophy for best ride by a rider aged 55-plus and the Golden Jubilee Cup for the fastest 100-mile time trial, while Chris Hughes went home to Hordle with the Terry Jefferies Cup for veteran short distance best all-rounder.
New Forest CC also won the inter-club competitions against Crabwood CC and Sotonia CC.
The Hincheslea Cup for club person of the year was presented to club coach, Barry Wootten, for the enormous effort and dedication he has brought to the post.
In addition to leading Saturday training rides throughout the year, he has also organised winter turbo training classes, summer “chain-gang training”, is helping to introduce young riders to the sport and has just held the first of a series of training talks.
Late in the evening Deane was heard to remark “Any club do that has real ale gets my vote!”

Sunday 18 November 2012

National Trophy Cyclo-Cross Round 3

Kevin Eeckhout (Coollens CT) took a second consecutive victory in the National Trophy series at Southampton, pulling away from a select group to win alone. Paul Oldham (Team Hope Factory Racing) held off a race-long challenge from Tom Van Den Bosch (Hargroves/Specialized/Trant) to secure second place and take the series leader’s Yellow Jersey.

Oldham tried to seize the initiative in the early stages but Eeckhout always seemed to have another gear. The Belgian forged ahead and thirty minutes into the hour long race he held a lead of 20 seconds which would only get bigger. Despite not feeling 100% Oldham looked strong, and he had to be as Van Den Bosch pushed hard and was never far behind.

Series leader going into round 3 at the Southampton Sports Centre, Oli Beckinigsale (Endura MTB Racing) had to settle for fourth place. Bright sunshine, after a frosty start, helped to dry the course cut up from the supporting races but conditions could have been worse had rain forecast for Saturday had amounted to more.
After the race Eeckhout spoke to “Local Riders, Local Races”
Was it as easy as it looked?
“No, No, sure not, it’s a hard race, its fast but it’s still tough because it is always uphill, never flat and with the sections with the running it’s not easy for the muscles as there is a lot of tension. I love to race in England so much because you can race for the win because in Belgium the level is so high, I am not a bad racer but I don’t have the skills of the top guys. The people are so friendly here and I am pleased to see them, I am motivated to come here. I ride the road in Belgium in the summer but it is a bit too long for me, I prefer the shorter distance. I raced in Belgium yesterday and came second, I am very happy about my condition and form. I slept in Folkestone last night for eleven hours so that is enough to recover? Next week I have the regional championships in East Flanders”

Local riders Mike Cotty (Wheelbase-Cannondale) & Stu Bowers (Hargroves) found the going tough and finished well down the field
“I am not the rider I used to be “joked Bowers, “It’s just hard, I need to train, at 36 I can’t wing it anymore”

Cotty was more upbeat ”It was sort of draggy all the way round, you have to stay as composed as you can, you think you are going backwards but everyone is going backwards because it is so draggy. Someone caught their handlebar in the tape and brought three of us down I lost a few seconds apart from that it was great fun”

The action moves north to the Temple Park Centre, South Shields. Round 4 in the 6 race series is on December 2nd
Elite Men/u23
1 Kevin Eeckhout Coolens Cycling Team Belgium 1.5.48
2 Paul Oldham Team Hope Factory Racing 0.39
3 Tom Van Den Bosch Hargroves Cycles/Specialized/Trant 1.0
4 Oli Beckingsale Endura MTB Racing 1.16
5 David Fletcher Orange Monkey/Cannondale 1.36
6 Steven James Hargroves Cycles/Specialized/Trant Under 23 2.39
7 Peter Ghyllebert An Post – Sean Kelly – Belgium 2.40
8 Adam Martin Cestria Cycles RT Under 23 3.7
9 Ben Sumner Beeline Bicycles RT Under 23 3.12
10 Dany Lacroix VC de l’Espoir Condruzien (Belgium) 3.18
11 Edward McParland GT Racing UK Under 23 3.20
12 Lewis Craven 3.22
13 Robert Jebb Team Hope Factory Racing 3.45
14 Michael Cotty Cannondale Racing 4.57
15 Angelo de Clerq Belgium Under 23 5.27
16 Dieter Droger Dirtwheels Cycles 5.29
17 William Bjergfelt Cycle Premier – Kovert 5.30
18 Lee Williams Team Wiggle 5.33
19 Darren Barclay Arctic Sram RT 5.45
20 Nicholas Barnes RT/Kuota/GSG Under 23 5.45
21 Crispin Doyle Hargroves Cycles/Specialized/Trant 6.15
22 Lorenzo Pepermans Cycling Team Zemst (Belgium) Under 23 6.19
23 Dave Collins Team Hope Factory Racing 6.31
24 George Thompson Sleaford Whs CC/Chandlers/Solo Under 23 6.42
25 Jack Humphreys Under 23 6.52
26 Matt MacDonald Hargroves Cycles/Specialized/Trant 7.3
27 Tom Payton Islabikes 7.26
28 Steven Ward MTS Cycle Sport/Inkland/Elvet RT 7.34
29 Mark Cotton Ellmore Factory Racing 8.7
30 Scott Chalmers Dream Cycling 8.42
31 Stuart Bowers Hargroves Cycles/Specialized/Trant 9.18
32 Alex Payton Team GWB – ACTIV at 1 lap
33 Andrew Waterman Vicious Velo
34 Charles Coleman Cadence Cannondale Under 23
35 Dennis Lisbygd Icknield RC/Compomotive Wheels
36 Andrew Taylor Craven Energy
37 Bruce Dalton The Kinesis Morvelo Project Under 23
38 James Dalton Pedalsport CC
39 Neil Hayward Torq Performance
40 William Thompson GB
41 Simon Maudsley Dirtwheels Cycles
42 Chris Atkins Team Specialized
43 James Cotty Cannondale Racing
44 Mark Smith Crawley Wheelers at 2 laps
45 Michael Guilford Team Silva/Craft
46 Ben Spurrier Vicious Velo
47 Jeremy Hicks Rugby Velo
48 Oscar Hutchings VC Venta Under 23 at 3 laps
49 Neil Ellison WDMBC Beyond Mountainbikes/Rapid
50 Joe Atkins Coventry RC Under 23
51 Stuart Nisbet Crawley Wheelers at 4 laps
52 Glenn Whittington Individual Member
53 James Atherton VC St Raphael
54 Stewart Ward Ful-On Tri Club
55 Greg Anderson Team at 5 laps

Under 23: Steve James, Hargroves Cycles,

Friday 16 November 2012

Primera/Specialized: An Autumn Almanack!

With the dust well and truly settled on the racing season, Primera/specialized captain, on & off the road, Jason Eastwood looks back on the team’s first year and ahead to the second!
The season began in March this year when Primera-Specialized pinned numbers on for the first time and headed out onto the Mountbatten circuit in Portsmouth. Our race plan, well, still awaiting the arrival of the first Venge Experts into the UK we decided that we’d simply expose our legs to the intensity of racing, unfold the lungs after weeks of winter miles and enjoy the day. So when Toby Neave slipped off the front in the closing 5 laps and claimed the win I don’t know who was more surprised, us, Toby or the aging alloy tubes of his decaying Colnago. Toby went on to claim 2 further wins and finished 4th overall in the Portsmouth Mountabatten Series.
A great start which was soon to get better. Will Stephenson previously of Bournemouth Arrow had shown huge potential but had never worked as part of a team. Early races found him in the wheels almost struggling (or so it seemed) with the pace at times. Just before the start of another Mountbatten a couple of weeks after Toby’s opening victory, I recall having a quiet word with Will which went something like “just stay in the front 5 wheels, be as aggressive as you can and follow every attack you can. “ If you only last half the race, then that’s ok”. I’m not sure if Will took that on board literally or I had just really pissed him off as from the start of that race he went from local Club Junior to Pro Tour Potential. Will won the race, his first E/1/2 victory and soon established himself as a marked rider amongst the local peloton. Will’s performances in the UK, Belgium and latterly the Junior Tour of Wales led to a place on the junior team representing Great Britain at the world championships in Valkenburg, Holland. A strong performance only to be halted by the wheels of others in a crash 5k before the chequered flag. However as most now know his performance was followed by interest from a number of larger teams one of them being Rapha Condor Sharp who Will will be joining in the New Year. As sorry as we are to see him leaving the team it was obvious to us that his rise through the ranks was inevitable and I’m sure I speak for Primera and the team as we wish him all the best for 2013 and beyond.
Legg Leads the Bunch

Ian Legg started his season slowly unable to find form. After a trip to the dentist he found that unbeknown to him he had a tooth infection which was affecting his whole body (apparently Cavendish had something similar so it’s a cool excuse to use). Once treated things started to pick up but what was obvious to the team in these first races was Ian’s frustration but thankfully he continued to race, burying himself for each of us when needed until he could give no more. We are not professional cyclists, work and domestic duties have to fit in somewhere and for Ian and Fiancée Amy the birth of their first child would no doubt take its toll on training/racing. Or so you might think.., a week later Ian was winning at Moreton and followed that up with a string of top 3’s at Portsmouth and Ludgershall. Ian ended his road season strongly with a 3rd overall in the Mountbatten Series and now the once Junior National Mountain Bike Champion is back in the mud racing the Cyclocross season where he is currently holding a podium spot in the Wessex League Senior Category.
As for myself, 2012 has been a great season with the challenge of establishing the team and its results in races, however, there was the opportunity to clock up a few results including the Moreton TLI series for the third successive year, 2nd overall in the Mountbatten E/1/2 Series and a string of top 3’s which led to an Elite BC licence for the first time.

Racing changes a little when you are responsible for not only your own results but that of the Team. A new avenue for Primera, they have never before supported a team of riders competing sometimes up to 5 times per week (nearly always in the rain or so it seemed this year) requiring frequent bike servicing and kit replacement, demands that any sponsor of a cycle team will be more than aware of. So, special thanks goes to Bill, Alex, Lewis and the team in the Bournemouth shop who have provided us with first class unlimited support, Specialized for the bikes and Manbi for their support with our Salice Glasses.
As for 2013: Will is off to the Pink and Black side and Toby has decided to spread his arm warmers and move on. This has given us the opportunity to recruit two new riders, Mitch Webber, will be joining us from Andover Wheelers and Jason Duckworth from VC St Raphael.
Mitch is a 1st year junior and has already shown huge potential finishing 2nd behind Will at this year’s Regional Road Race Championships and as well has some high placing in senior E/1/2 events. Jason is a senior rider who brings with him a wealth of experience. As a Junior Jason mixed it up with the likes of the Dowling brothers and Jeremy Hunt before racing fulltime in France. Pausing to concentrate on his career Jason spent a few years off of the bike but is now back with a vengeance and since applying for his 4th cat licence has quickly progress back up the points with 4 wins this year.

Mitch Webber & Will Stephenson
For a small team we have achieved a huge amount in our first year, currently ranked 25th in the BC National Rankings with at least 100% less riders than every team above and below us.
Results include:
Team wins: 21 (including Bmth Track League)
Team top 3’s: 67, 21 wins, 26 2nds and 20 3rds
Crashes during races: 3 (all Will and none his fault)
Baby’s: 1 (all Ian Legg’s Fault)
Weddings: 1 (thank you Laura)
Photo finishes: 3 all between myself and that damn Justin Hoy (Felt Colbourns)

Finally, in September I travelled to Plouren on the west coast of France where I was competing for the GB National Police team in the Emergency Services European Cycling Championships. On a pre-race ride on my borrowed TT bike I was joined by the Belgium team who in much better English than my Flemish shouted “hello Primera, how are you?” Yes I was wearing my Primera team kit but it turns out that one of the riders recognised the logo from reading “Local Riders,Local Races”