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Manning Wins Bunch Kick at Portmore Classic

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

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Purbeck Peloton Club Hill Climb, Results

Whiteway Hill, Dorset, Sunday 13th Oct 2019
1 Will Baker PP 7.51.7
2 Alex Harvey PP 7.55.13
3 Jon Chapman CCW 8.09
4 Bryce Riglar CCW 8.12
5Richard Blanchard PP 8.26
6 Mark Simpson PP 8.37.04
7 Alan Robinson PP 8.45.92
8 Rob Koppenhol PP 8.56
9 Emily Hingston PP 9.58.41
10 Jason Clark PP 10.16
11 Miles Koppenhol PP 12.42

Monday, 7 October 2019

Bournemouth & District Women's CA Two Up 10, Start List


Tandem and 2-up Team Time Trials Saturday 12th October 2019 3pm P311 Ringwood
9 Steve Walker Leamington C & AC V 28:28 3:08
Christine Walker Leamington C & AC LV
10 Alan Allcock Didcot Phoenix CC V 27:30 3:10
Claire Emons Newbury RC LV
2-up TEAMS Cat Veteran
11 Linda Connor Southampton Tri Club C LV 29:27 3:12
12 Darryl Marcus-hanks Southampton Tri Club
13 Holly Ramsay Poole Whs JUV FAM 3:14
14 Stuart Ramsay Poole Whs
15 Catherine Hartle Bournemouth Jubilee Whs C LV 30:09 3:16
16 Mark Hitchcott Bournemouth Jubilee Whs
17 Alison Hitchcock North Hampshire RC C LV 28:31 3:18
18 Michael Harrison North Hampshire RC
19 Emma Needham Poole Whs Comp 3:20
20 James Horton VC St Raphael
21 Sue Longland Antelope Racing Team C LV 29:55 3:22
22 Glenn Longland Antelope Racing Team
23 Rose Healey Andover Wheelers JUV FAM 3:24
24 Simon Healey Andover Wheelers
25 Lizzy Stocker IRIS Race Team Comp 3:26
26 Tom Stocker Bournemouth Jubilee Whs
27 Sarah Needle David Lloyd Clubs 3:28
28 Ian Edmunds David Lloyd Clubs
29 Michelle Walter Bournemouth Arrow CC Comp 29:49 3:30
30 Martin Beale VC St Raphael
31 Abigail Farwell Bike Jockey CC C 3:32
32 Darren Cole Bike Jockey CC
33 Mandy Hibberd Rapha Cycling Club Comp 28:31 3:34
34 Andy Hibberd North Hampshire RC
35 Isabel Sharp Estrella Bikes Comp 3:36
36 Jamie Whitcher Bournemouth Cycleworks - Vitec Fire - Ford Civil – Trek
37 Maria Núñez Poole Whs LV 28:52 3:38
38 Craig Weston Poole Whs
39 Faye Faber NOPINZ Comp 3:40
40 Liam Somerville Bike Jockey CC
41 Angela Barlow Wincanton Wheelers C LV 29:27 3:42
42 David Barlow Wincanton Wheelers
43 Alison Brashier North Hampshire RC C LV 29:38 3:44
44 Luke Brashier North Hampshire RC
45 Lou Dutch Poole Whs LV 28:31 3:46
46 Mark Valentine Poole Whs
47 Lili McLean Andover Wheelers Comp 3:48
48 Stuart Thompson VC St Raphael
49 Louisa Cooper Bournemouth Jubilee Whs C 3:50
50 Andrew Cooper Bournemouth Jubilee Whs

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Poole Wheelers Club Hill Climb, Results

Creech Hill 06/10/19
1 Zak Snell Bmth CW 2.40.09
2 Tom Stocker BJW 2.54.07
3 Charlie Abel Poole 2.59.01 Jn
4 Ollie Box BACC 3.03.09 JN
5 John Chapman CCW 3.12.01
6 Rupert Silman BJW 3.14.04
7 Richard Blanchard PP 3.16.05
8 Justin Loveland Poole 3.18.08 day member
9 Holly Ramsey Poole 3.32.03 jv
10 Gareth Rose BACC 3.39.01
11 Digby Llewellyn Poole 3.42.05 JV
12 Gordon Scott CCW 3.45.03
13 Matt Blythe BACC 4.06.0
14 Barry Watkinson BACC 4.11.05
15 Jon Terry Poole 4.31.04
16 Tom Ramsey Poole 4.38.00 jv
17 Julia Terry Poole 4.59.04
18 Martyn Box BACC 6.11.07

Saturday, 5 October 2019

Manning Wins Bunch Kick at Portmore Classic

Toby Manning (Mud Sweat’n Gears) took his first road race win, sprinting to victory in the Portmore Classic at Bovington in Dorset. Anonymous for most of the 56 mile race on the Monkey World circuit, the 20 year old occasional triathlete from Weymouth hit the front when it mattered, relegating James Horton (VC St Raphael) and 21 year old, Rob Francis (Reflex Racing), from Somerset, to the minor placings. Instructed to “sit in the wheels and wait” by his coach and teammate, Darren Orchard, Manning did exactly as he was told, perhaps a little to well, admitting at the finish he had “no idea” 5 were up the road! (Something for Orchard to work on?)
For his benefit as well as ours, Phill Wilks, Kouros Driscoll (Sotonia CC), Will Duffy, Martin Macdonald (Bath CC) & Robert Lewis (RN&RMCA) went away on the first of 5.5laps, pulling time out on the bunch along the fast road passed the ape sanctuary that lends its name to the circuit.
The bunch came to life on lap 4, quickly closing down the five breakaways, Paul Waite (Offcamber) took advantage of the inevitable lull, attacking through the finish line and opening up an impressive 35 second gap. Waite looked strong but the drag over Worgret Heath to the line started to hurt as Manning slipped up a gear for the predicted bunch kick that brought the curtain down on the road season in Dorset.
Toby Manning
Yes it was pretty good, just sat in, did no work, the course is a bit dull, a bit like a Sunday ride, my coach (Darren) told me it would come down to a sprint, so I waited, I sat on Darren’s wheel and when James (Horton ) cam round Darren I used him as a lead out, my legs felt good at the end. To be honest I was unaware that the break was up the road, I had been told to sit in so that’s what I did”

Provisional Result
1: Toby Manning MSG
2: James Horton VC St Raphael
3: Rob Francis Reflex Racing
4: Zak Snell BmthCycleworks
5: Matthew Whelan DHC
6: James Veal Wightlink
7: Will Duffy Bath CC
8: Alex Wallace Bikestrong KTM
9: Phil Godfrey Sotonia
10: Phil Wilks Sotonia
11: Ethan Moody Tri UK
12: Dan Lyness RNRMCA
13: Darren Orchard MSG
14: Rob Lewis RNRMCA
15: Jack Dallyn Exeter Wheelers
16: Gideon Aroussi Exeter Wheelers
17:Stefan Freeson Salisbury Road & MTB CC
18: Andrew Jenner Team ODZ
19: Steve Pink Poole Wheelers
20: Simon Colins Vector Cycling RT
21: Daryl Strong DHC
22: Tony Revell BmthCycleworks
23: Noah Miller Poole Wheelers
24:Rob McEwan Army CU
25: Ed Hough DHC
26: Andrew Humphrys Poole Wheelers
27: Nathan Dyer Army CU
28: Tom Carter MSG
29: Graham Biles MSG
30: Adam Masters Synergy Sports Massage
31: Nick Pyman Purbeck Peloton
32: Paul Waite Offcamber
33: Jack Wiltshire Offcamber
34: Matthew Puddick PNECC
35: Dafydd Evans Poole Wheelers
36: Kouros Driscoll Sotonia
37: Gareth Fiford PNECC
38: Mark Simpson Offcamber
39: Darren Longhurst DHC
40: Bill Hayes BmthCycleworks
41: Martin McDonald Bath CC
42: Daniel Ongley Andover Wheelers
43: Christian Shubart-Knapton BmthCycleworks
44: Andy Robbins VC Walcot
45: Pete Boustred DHC
46: David Jarvis Army CU