Saturday 5 May 2012

"Riding Up" Youth Dispensations!

Some youth riders in the South region have been riding up(competing in a higher license category) without dispensation. Competition administrator for British Cycling ,Southern region, Tim Knight would like to remind parents/coaches of the rules on “riding up”. Tim had this to say:
'If a rider cannot produce a valid Dispensation card at sign on (it’s an orange card very similar to the Racing Licence) they cannot ride up, regardless of if they rode up last week or if the Commisaire or Organiser knows that they have Dispensation but they’ve forgotten it. No Dispensation = no ride up, no exceptions. They’re not insured and in the event of an accident or incident, our cover would be void.'
The following will now appear on the event permits
Would all Commissaires and Promoters please note that only those youths with dispensations, which must be presented with their current licence when they sign on, are entitled to ride as per BC Tech Regs: & No Dispensation = no ride up, no exceptions as it invalidates the event insurance.

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