Thursday 3 May 2012

Shaftesbury Cycle Revival

Welcome to the 2012 Shaftesbury ‘Cycle Revival’.
Now in our second year things are certainly hotting up. In addition to the two main races we are proud to announce that Whyte Bikes are sponsoring a third event the ‘Whyte-Bread Trophy’ this is open to all riders who enter both the ‘Shooter’ and the ‘Bread Winner’ and the combination of the two quickest times by the same competitor is the ‘Whyte-Bread Trophy’ winner – we even have a big shiny trophy for the winner to keep. UK Bike Park are kindly supplying the electronic timing for the event this year, and with the timings for the ‘Bread Winner’ being so tight last year this will only add to the excitement on the day. Can the weather be as bad again? Well, that’s the one thing that is out of our hands, but come rain or shine, you can be guaranteed another fine day of eclectic bike racing from the Shaftesbury ‘Cycle Revival’ in 2012. Both the ‘Bread Winner’ and the ‘Shooter’ are exceptionally spectator friendly races. They are safe, challenging and are incredibly exciting to watch. The crowds in 2011 defied the horrendous June weather to come out in force and cheer on the riders in both events.

The Gold Hill ‘Bread Winner’ The ‘Bread Winner’ is a individual hill climb sprint over the steep cobbles of he world famous Gold Hill; a location that is firmly etched into our hearts and national psyche thanks to Ridley Scott’s iconic Hovis TV advert from the ‘70s.’ There is simply no other location like it The race for 2012 will incorporate age categories from 11 to 50 years plus, and is open to road, fixie, mountain bikes and ... delivery bikes... Competitors have a single electronically timed run over the cobbles. The 13 quickest riders qualify for the ‘Baker’s Dozen’ and a chance to improve on their first run.

The ‘Shaftesbury Shooter’ is a unique, no-holds-barred, short course urban downhill race, which in 2011 turned out to be far more exciting than planned due to the challenging weather on the day. In 2012 the course will be amended to make it a little shorter and sharper to slalom through the trees of the park. As with all well organised downhill races there will be plenty of time to practice on the course on the day. Each competitor will have 2 electronically timed runs. Age range for the Shooter’ is from 14 to 50 plus. The fastest single timed run of the day will be deemed the overall winner. Click for more details and how to enter.

The ‘Whyte-Bread Trophy’ The ‘Whyte-Bread Trophy’ is the combination of the fastest recorded times by a competitor who has entered both the ‘Shooter’ and the ‘Bread Winner’. • This is an open category (no age or gender limit) • Any combination of bikes from the race categories is acceptable (i.e. ride your dirt jump bike for the ‘Shooter’ then race the ‘Bread Winner’ on your racer, mountain bike, or single speed. Enter both and get a free t-shirt when you sign on (link on right)
Images by Joolz Dymond

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