Wednesday 30 May 2012

BMX. Joyce Brothers at the Worlds: Dads View!

Steve Joyce with a father’s view of the recent BMX World Championshps
“The Worlds turned out to be a bit of a disaster, Kobi had the worst crash of his life in practice on the Tuesday before the race on Thursday, he suffered really bad bruising across his hips and thighs (and wrecked the bike), despite this he still raced on the Thursday, but rode with a lot of caution, he made it out of the qualifying moto's but got knocked out in the last 64, still a great achievement considering how bad the crash was and the bruising he was riding with. Ryder got taken out in open practice the morning of the race by a much older kid, ended up with a grazing and a tyre print on his ribs… he ended up racing on, and despite riding a bit gingerly still made the last 32…
Kobi's biggest achievement came on the Sunday where he raced the Cruiser (24" wheel) class; he seemed to perk up a bit from earlier in the week. He raced the 12&under class and managed to make the last 32, huge achievement against bigger stronger kids….
Other Bournemouth club results were varied, Jordan Hatcher and Elliot Pateman rode the Boys 15's unfortunately both boys were put in the same qualifying moto, Jordan was ridding well and earned enough points to get through after just 2 of the 3 moto's, but unfortunately crashed in his 3rd race breaking his wrist in the process, even worse, Pateman was right behind him, crashed into him and broke a rib in the process !
The older guys got a mixed bag too, Jon Moore racing 40-45 cruiser crashed out in the quarter finals, whilst leading out last year’s world champion, taking him out in the process. Anthony Revell was the Man of the week though, coming out of BMX retirement about 6 months ago, he lifted the world title to confirm he's still a class act “!

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