Wednesday 24 May 2017

South Region Update

The South Region continues to enjoy very considerable growth in the number and range of cycling events that are being supporting across the key disciplines of road, track and MTB. Not only does this mean an increase in the number of rider participants, but also the need to increase the resources required to run cycling events safely and with due attention to the current rules and guidelines. Experience shows that it's only by "doing things properly" that we encourage people to get further involved in cycling.
Based upon activity in 2016, the Regional Board anticipated this growth and arranged a number of training events for volunteer marshals and support personnel before the 2017 Season got under way. That was a good move and as a result has increased the pool of officials from which to draw.
However, having announced an almost complete racing calendar at the start of the season, we are now finding that we urgently need to attract more volunteers – since we don’t want to find, as we move further into 2017, that our pool of resources isn't sufficient to cope; this would, potentially, lead to some events having to be cancelled or, at best, rescheduled. Having read this far and you are willing to give up some of your valuable time to assist in an official capacity, either as a Commissaire or Accredited Marshal, please contact:

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