Saturday 27 May 2017

Downie, A Class apart at Sandie Radford RR

Matt Downie led a Primera-Teamjobs 1-2 as the team won the Sandie Radford race at Nomansland in the New Forest for the fourth consecutive year. Riding with the confidence that comes with form and fitness,Downie never looked troubled as he took his second win of the season having won the Bournemouth Jubilee race two weeks back.
Downie attacked into the wind, early in the 40 mile race inviting Oscar Hutchings (VC Equipe-Flix) to chase, Hutchings obliged, others happy to leave him to it.
Downies initial surge was brought back but Primera, with strength in numbers quickly forced another selection as Downie, Thomas Key, Hutchings, Rowan Horner (VC ST Raphael) & James Peckham (Sotonia CC) pressed on as the wind got stronger.

Behind Jason Gault, Julian Lockwood & David Pusey policed a bunch that was never going to reach the leaders. Good teamwork saw Key go away and Downie quickly link up, leaving the veteran and former winner Horner and the impressive Peckham to chase with Hutchings spent. Key too was slowing up, the crosswinds over the heath doing the damage to all except Downie who comfortably rode away to the finish on Pipers Waite hill. Patryk Rucki escaped the police and caught Hutchings on the climb to take 5th place, mountain biker David Pusey claimed 9th to put 3 Primera riders in the top ten with Sotonia also placing well, Red Walters 7th and Brook Elgie 10th, backing up Peckham. After a challenging start to the season punctuated by crashes and punctures 20 year old Matt Downie is starting to shine. Impressive against the clock,aggressive on the road and a good team player, Downie has potential, he needs to set his sights higher if he is to realise that potential.

*Sandie Radford the wife of long time Antelope RT sponsor, Michael Radford passed away in 1996. Originally run as a 50 mile race under British Cycling rules on the short Bramshaw circuit which took the race up Pipers Waite 10 times
Full Results
1 Matthew Downie Primera-TeamJobs Race Team S 1.52.17
2 Thomas Key Primera-TeamJobs Race Team S 1.52.38
3 Rowan Horner VC St Raphael A 1.53.27
4 James Peckham Sotonia Cycling Club S 1.53.43
5 Patryk Rucki M 1.53.52
6 Oscar Hutchings VC Equipe-Flix S 1.54.01
7 Red Walters Sotonia Cycling Club S 1.54.09
8 James Horton VC St Raphael M 1.54.18
9 David Pusey Primera-TeamJobs Race Team M 1.54.19
10 Brook Elgie Sotonia Cycling Club M 1.54.21
11 Matthew Norris Mud Sweat n Gears CC A
12 Phillip Cole Mud Sweat n Gears CC M
13 Ryan Weston Poole Wheelers CC S
14 George Creasey UK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek S
15 Philip Godfrey Sotonia Cycling Club M
16 Craig Haslam A
17 Tom Stocker S
18 Jason Gault Primera-TeamJobs Race Team A
19 Christopher McLaughlin UK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek J
20 Julian Lockwood Primera-TeamJobs Race Team C
21 Simon Merritt UK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek A
22 Andy Smith VC St Raphael A
23 Martin Rowland UK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek S
24 Dave Dalton Fareham Wheelers CC C
25 Ben Scott-Munden Sotonia Cycling Club S
26 Kevin Egan Poole Wheelers CC M
27 Phil Wilks Sotonia Cycling Club M
28 Andrew MacKay Sotonia Cycling Club M
29 Tom Clements Offcamber M
30 Stewart Ward New Forest Cycling Club M
31 Chris Wilson Tornado Road Cycling Club M
32 Bob Ford UK-Biking/Bournemouth Cycleworks/Trek F
33 Thomas Trueman Southampton Tri Club M
34 Jay Eastwood Hargroves Cycles CC B
35 Stephen Skinner E
36 Lizzy Campbell Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers B
37 Brian Burgess Gs Vecchi F

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