Thursday 4 May 2017

Portsmouth Evening Circuits #1 Results

Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth 03/05/17


1st 71 Harrison HENDY E Bike Jockey CC
2nd 80 Holly HURR Eg Portsmouth North End CC

1st 41 Matthew GILMOUR D Velo Club Venta
2nd 42 Judah HURR D Portsmouth North End CC
3rd 60 Rose-Marie MONCRIEFFE Dg Velo Club Londres
YOUTH U16 [A] / YOUTH U14 [B]

1st 1 Samuel CLARK A I-Team Cyclists' Club
2nd 6 Vaughan MARRIS A Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
3rd 3 Sam FREEMAN A Solent Pirates
4th 21 Izzy BRICKELL Bg Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
5th 7 Danny HAVEY A Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
6th 5 Harvey McLEAN A Behind the Bikeshed
7th 2 Matthew HOULBERG A Portsmouth North End CC
8th 8 Max FLEMING A Solent Pirates
9th 4 Owen GILES A Portsmouth North End CC
10th 40 Matthew HICKMAN B Portsmouth North End CC
11th 23 Sophie TILLER Bg I-Team Cyclists' Club
12th 20 Kathryn CREASEY Ag BournemouthArrow/HotelCollingwood
13th 19 Charlotte CREASEY Ag BournemouthArrow/HotelCollingwood
3 / J3

1st 54 Oliver SCOTT Dulwich Paragon CC
2nd 66 Max MOYLES University of Exeter Cycling Club
3rd 65 Jim HAMILTON University of Exeter Cycling Club
4th 74 Simon AMBROSINI WightlinkWight Mountain CRT.
5th 59 Sebastian OTTLEY Racing Club Ravenna
6th 71 Steve MOSS BournemouthArrow/HotelCollingwood
7th 67 Michael GREENSHIELDS University Of Portsmouth CC
8th 56 James COOPER Natural RT
9th 53 Tristan WHITE DHCyclesport
10th 78 Lee RUTLAND Army Cycling Union
11th 73 Shaun REED Team Tor 2000 KALAS
12th 57 Philip BOARER Racing Club Ravenna
13th 55 Tom STOCKER Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's
14th 69 Simon WALTERS Velo Club Venta
15th 63 Jack HARDWICKE Strada-Sport
16th 77 Ian HAYDEN WightlinkWight Mountain CRT.
17th 58 Jack FERRELL Racing Club Ravenna
18th 68 David SMITH VC Meudon
19th 61 Sam STEWART Southdown Velo
20th 72 Luis COUNTINHO Southdown Velo
21st 60 Tim BLACKMORE Southdown Velo
22nd 64 George CREASEY UK-Biking/Bmth Cycleworks/Trek
23rd 75 Russell THOMPSON WightlinkWight Mountain CRT.
24th 62 Ian DONOHUE Southern Planning Practice Ltd
25th 51 Lee HENDERSON Andover Whls
26th 76 Kevin FOSTER WightlinkWight Mountain CRT.
27th 79 Harry CHAMBERLAIN Southampton University Road Club

E / 1 / 2 / J

1st 20 Michael FORD VC St Raphael
2nd 10 Justin HOY Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
3rd 16 Mitch WEBBER Bike Channel Canyon
4th 13 Matt ALLSOP WightlinkWight Mountain CRT.
5th 5 Benjamin MARKS Morvelo Basso RT
6th 15 Harry VEALE
7th 17 Lee SMITH Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
8th 6 Thomas KEY Primera-TeamJobs
9th 21 Dylan THOMAS VC Meudon
10th 14 Adam HOLLEYMAN WightlinkWight Mountain CRT.
11th 19 Lewis MARTIN Spokes BPC Racing
12th 8 Joseph ANDREWS Spokes BPC Racing
13th 1 Nicholas O'HARA 3C Cyclexperience
14th 7 Scott MICHAELS Southampton University Road Club
15th 3 Jay EASTWOOD Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's
16th 11 Stuart THOMPSON Andover Wheelers
17th 9 Liam WALSH VC St Raphael
18th 18 Matt BONE Hosté TAAP Storck
19th 12 Henry LATIMER Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
20th 4 Joseph CLARK I-Team Cyclists' Club
21st 2 Andrew THOMAS a3crg

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