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South Region Road Race Calendar 2018

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Club 30Km,16/05/17, Results

P426 Pamphill
1 Adrian Murray 40.55
2 Nick Jones 41.24
3 Cliff Rowe 42.35
4 Bob Richardson 44.28
5 Kevin Harris 44.57
6 Will Solomon 44.59
7 Mark Hitchcott 45.30
8 Andrew Kahn 47.22
9 Phil Harvey 50.44
10 Martin Reeder 53.15
11 Paul Brown 58.32

Private ride
Lizzy Campbell IRIS Race Team 53.24

Timekeepers: Dave Mansfield and Kevin Ridge
Other helpers: Clive Peskett, Patryk Witkowski, Phillip Scriven
Rob Paulley and Jacky Prosser

The rain managed to hold off until the riders had finished although the roads were damp.

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