Thursday 25 May 2017

New Forest CC Club 10, 23/05/17, Report Results

Paul Lockyer

Lockyer continues to dominate as Priest smashes PB wtites Andrew Hanley.......
A warm muggy night lay install for the riders participating in Round six of the New Forest CC 10 series on the P128 TT course on Tuesday night. The course starts at Copythorne before heading through Cadnam, Netley Marsh and through Copythorne again to complete the 10 mile course. Paul Lockyer further enhanced his advantage over the NFCC riders by blazing around in a remarkable time of 21:09. Antony Green is soon becoming Paul’s de facto challenger and was thrilled to have held Paul to less than a minute’s gain in 21:55. “I was hoping to get inside a minute of Paul, so am thrilled to be only 42 seconds behind him, there’s still loads of work to do, I’ll keep pushing” Antony commented after the event. NFCC newcomer Andy Postlewaite is quickly making a name for himself by grabbing a fantastic top three finish in 22:37. Special mention goes to Justin Priest who knocked a massive two minutes off his own personal best in 23:03. Justin has been slicing huge chunks of time off his PBs all year commented. “This is a course that I don’t really favour too much, so I was chuffed to be able to attain a PB.” Justin’s efforts were well rewarded as he was able to hold off recent UCI World Champs qualifier Stewart Ward by a mere two seconds in 23:05. Stuart Peckham and Andrew Hanley tied for sixth place in 23:38.
Div 1
1 Paul Lockyer 21.09
2 Antony Green 21.51
3 Andy Postlewaite 22.37
4 Justin Priest 23.03
5 Stewart Ward 23.05
6= Stuart Peckham 23.38
6= Andrew Hanley 23.38
8 Richard Parker 25.10


1 Bob Dowling 24.45
2 Phil Harris 25.15
3 Dan Mitchell 25.34
4 Phil Jones 26.01
5 Richard Rajski 26.08
6 Phil Underwood 26.28
7 Mick Anglim 27.19
1 Josh Cole 26.48
2 Peter Weaver 27.13
3 Geoff WWeller 27.18
4 Isabelle Parkes 28.13
5 Catherine Pascoe 28.56
6 Jim Pascoe 29.52
7 Peter Hawker 30.48
8 Tracy Mitchell 32.14
9 Noreen Henderson 33.35
1 Ian Macdonald 28.10 G.S.Europa

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