Thursday 25 May 2017

Bournemouth Cycleworks Moreton Series :Gault Does the Job!

Jason Gault (Primera-Team Jobs) won the latest round of the Bournemouth Cycleworks Moreton series, his first win of a disrupted season. Pressure of work had limited Gaults training and racing in the spring but five days off the bike has recharged the batteries and the big man was all over the front of the race as he led the sprint out on a perfect evening in Hardy Country. "I felt good tonight" was the village hall verdict!

Dorset League leader, James Horton (VC ST Raphael) had no answer to Gault but is always consistent, taking second place ahead of event organiser Steve Dring (UK Biking).
The race was altogether after just 26 minutes of the allotted hour, only 1 minute separating each of the 5 groups on the road. The scratch group were able to keep the speed high, line the bunch out and keep it clean, the slower groups may have a different view.
With just 5 signing on it was harder to finish off the podium than on in the womens race, the boom in womens racing has yet to trouble this sleepy corner of Dorset it seems. The TLI format? the open roads? mixing with the guys? the location? all were tossed up in the air in the post race inquest.
Moreton regular Emily Hingston (Purbeck Peloton) claimed her first ever win, "just too fast" for Gail Brown (Bournemouth Arrow) and Emma Needhanm (CC Weymouth) Full results to Come.....

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