Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Text Talk, Calvert on the Cobbles!

British Cycling Junior Academy endurance rider Charley Calvert claimed 10th place in the opening round of the Junior Road Series in Wales at the weekend. On a hilly circuit the Bournemouth Arrow rider put in a creditable performance as World Junior Cyclocross champion Thomas Pidcock took the win. After the race Calvert we caught up with him on FB Messenger.......

LR,LR "Great ride at the weekend Charley"

CC "Thanks, defo not a course that suited me but I did my best."

LR,LR "We here you may ride the junior Paris-Roubaix?

CC "Its looking likely i wont get a ride but i am out here with the team just in case"

LR,LR "Thats a shame, we were getting excited"

CC "I an however riding Ster Van Limberg with GB next week for sure"*

LR,LR "Great News"

CC "We are all out in Belgium for 12 days doing a big block of racing"

LR,LR, Will we see you at the Bournemouth Arrow Good Friday 10?"

CC "I wont be riding it, unfortunately i will still be in Belgium"

LR,LR "Well we think you are in the best place ;-) !!"

*The 38th Junior Tour of South Limburg takes place on Easter Weekend. Previous winners of the 243km two day race in the Flanders region include
Dylan Van Baerle, Jurgen Van Den Broek, Stijn De Volder and back in 1980, Eric Vanderaerden

Photo: Charley Calvert wins at Moreton 2016

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