Monday, 3 April 2017

...a3crg Open 25, Fast Times Promised!

...a3cr Easter Sunday 25m ~ First Open on the P884b

Easter Sunday will be the first opportunity for ...a3crg to try out the P884b 25 mile course in an "Open Event", says organiser Dave Collard-Berry This year they (...a3crg) have decided not to use the popular P885 as the P884 needs less marshals and being on just the one road less signs.

But enough of the organisers having an easy life, what about the riders? Well following a tweak to the course (moving the start and finish) hence the b last summer, Paul Ashley (Fareham Wheelers) managed a 00:49:40 in a club event. The course is on the A3 (out and back) with justthe one turn at Buriton - Petersfield and one end and at Liphook at the other end, simple. Off course in time trial land a "course" has to be in existence for at least 20 years before anyone takes notice but, ...a3crg believe that by the end of the 2018 season the P884b will be recognised as the fastest South DC course.

The first opportunity to try the 25 mile course is Easter Sunday followed by two evening events in June and July, just three events. Entries close for the Easter event on Tuesday the 4th April. Online Entries HERE

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