Thursday 13 April 2017

New Forest CC Club 10,11/04/17, Report/Results

lockyer tames conditions to take win number two Andrew Hanley reports.......
Paul Lockyer again proved to be the class of the field as New Forest CC held round two of the “10” series on the P311 course this Tuesday. The course runs south from Ringwood to Sopley and back to Ringwood. Paul knocked out a 21.33 in testing conditions as the participants were subjected to a nagging cross wind for the majority of the event, taking nearly forty five seconds out of the runner up rider Antony Green (22.15) who’s also in terrific form. Paul said after the event, “I was a bit nervous at the start and got held up a little at the roundabout and had to unclip briefly. I think I was running on adrenaline for a few minutes, but soon settled back down again”. Antony was delighted with second place, edging out Ben Boardman into third by eleven seconds. A vexed Ben (22.26) commented after the event, “I was all over the place today and couldn’t really find that sweet spot, I’ll be hoping for better next week”.
Division 2 points went to Bob Dowling who got home in a great time of 25.34, ahead of Phil Harris (26.00) and NFCC new comer Jon Gregory who was thrilled with his ride in 26.24, made up the top three positions
Division 3 honours went to Andrew Weighill in 28.16, sneaking head of seasoned campaigner Peter Weaver (28.24), who in turn edged out Junior Oliver Moody in 28.41. Peter was pleased with his efforts and commented “The road surface is not ideal on stretches of the course, it can disrupt your rhythm and you really have to focus”.
1 Paul Lockyer 21.33
2 Antony Green 22.15
3 Ben Boardman 22.26
4 Gary Lock 22.48
5 James Bannister 23.21
6 Lyndon Thompson 23.38
7 Andrew Hanley 23.59
8 Justin Priest 24.09
9 Nick Buck 24.24
10 Stuart Peckham 24.50
11 Richard Mason 25.20
12 Richard Parker 25.38
Div 2
1 Bob Dowling 25.34
2 Phil Harris 26.00
3 Jon Gregory 26.24
4 Phil Underwood 26.30
5 Phil Jones 26.41
6 Dan Mitchell 26.42
7 Mick Anglim 27.52

Div 3
1 Andrew Weighill 28.16 15 1
2 Peter Weaver 28.24
3 Oliver Moody 28.41
4 Isabelle Parks 30.12
5 Catherine Pascoe 30.24
6 Bob Jolliffe 30.57
7 Peter Hawker 32.52
8 Tracy Mitchell 33.49

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