Monday 10 April 2017

...a3crg Easter 25, Start List

…a3crg Presents a New Easter Whiz 25 mile TT
Longmoor / Buriton / Bramshott / Longmoor ~ Sunday 16th April 2017
(Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations)
Introducing the new improved P884b, all the fast bits of the A3, mostly downhill, new road surface!

The Headquarters are at Greatham Village Hall, Petersfield Rd, Greatham,
Hampshire ~ Post Code For Sat Nav GU33 6EY Open from 06.30

Course Details 25 Mile TT P884b ~ Longmoor – Buriton – Bramshott – Longmoor
OS Map 197 ~ Start: 792311 ~ Finish: 774296. To the Start turn left outside of the Village Hall and continue to the end of the road where turn right on to the A325 roundabout where take the 2nd exit towards the A3. When you reach the roundabout on top of the A3 straight over to the ‘holding area’ above the A3 and 50 meters from the start. Allow 10 minutes to reach the start from HQ.

Start Course P884/25b
Start on the Hard shoulder on the southbound slip road to the A3 at Longmoor (A325) three metres from the start of the Armco barrier. Proceed to the slip road onto the southbound A3 towards Petersfield
At Ham Barn Roundabout (1.6m) take the second exit towards Petersfield, passing the exit for West Liss at 3.2m, the Midhurst exit (A272) and the Winchester (A272) and take the Buriton exit at 8.1miles.
Follow slip road and take first exit on roundabout (8.04 miles) to rejoin A3 north. Keep left here and take care to rejoin A3 towards London Guildford and continue along A3 passing exit for Winchester (A272) the Midhurst exit (A272) and the exit for West Liss, to Ham Barn Roundabout (15.1 miles).
Approaching Ham Barn Roundabout stay in the middle lane (new), take 2nd Exit and proceed North on A3 passing the exit slip road at Longmoor Interchange (signposted A325 Farnham), Griggs Green. At the third turning (20.1 miles) take the left turn signposted Haslemere/Liphook B2171, and continue over the flyover taking the left turn, over the flyover and next left onto the slip road to rejoin the A3 in a southerly direction (signposted Petersfield/Portsmouth).

Retrace along A3 southbound towards the Ham Barn Roundabout passing the Griggs Green turning (22 mile) and pass the starting area at Longmoor to finish at the entrance on the lay-by approximately 600 yards north of Ham Barn roundabout (25 miles).
Course Record: It could be you! Open record to be established!

1 07:31:00 Patrick Brennan ...a3crg Male
2 07:32:00 Mark Ayling CC Abergavenny / JP Signs & Print Male
3 07:33:00 Rick Froud Alton CC/Owens Cycles Male
4 07:34:00 oliver berney Royal Sutton CC Male
5 07:35:00 Phil Wilks Sotonia CC Male
6 07:36:00 David Bridle Southdown Velo Male
7 07:37:00 Ian Hatch Sotonia CC Male
8 07:38:00 Ian Sherin 3C Cyclexperience Male
9 07:39:00 James Fox Velo Club Venta Male
10 07:40:00 Nigel Sign Fareham Wheelers CC Male
11 07:41:00 David England Crabwood CC Male
12 07:42:00 William Fleming Velo Club Venta Male
13 07:43:00 Colin Barton Worthing Excelsior CC Male
14 07:44:00 Tommy Frampton Portsmouth North End CC Male
15 07:45:00 Stuart Martingale Sotonia CC Male
16 07:46:00 Jerry Bromyard ...a3crg Male
17 07:47:00 Mike Garner ...a3crg Male
18 07:48:00 stuart peckham New Forest CC Male
19 07:49:00 Jon Saunders Charlotteville Cycling Club Male
20 07:50:00 Gary Allan GA Cycles Male
21 07:51:00 Jon Hughes Velo Club Godalming & Haslemere Male
22 07:52:00 den tapping ...a3crg Male
23 07:53:00 nick austin Sotonia CC Male
24 07:54:00 Michael Draper Charlotteville Cycling Club Male
25 07:55:00 Tim Childs Westerley Cycling Club Male
26 07:56:00 Andy Tedd ...a3crg Male
27 07:57:00 Alan Emmott Fareham Wheelers CC Male
28 07:58:00 Ben Briffett Blazing Saddles Male
29 07:59:00 Peter Hatt Velo Club St Raphael Male
30 08:00:00 Martin Winter Twickenham CC Male
31 08:01:00 James Churchard Reading CC Male
32 08:02:00 Will Soloman Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male
33 08:03:00 Aaron Kneebone Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA Male
34 08:04:00 Jamie Franklin Velo Club Venta Male
35 08:05:00 Neil Mackley Fareham Wheelers CC Male
36 08:06:00 Shaun Smart Southdown Velo Male
37 08:07:00 Danny Frost Folkestone Velo Club Male
38 08:08:00 Nick Jones Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Male
39 08:09:00 Ian Cheesman Worthing Excelsior CC Male
40 08:10:00 Mike Naulls Velo Club Venta Male
41 08:11:00 Andrew Phipps Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA Male
42 08:12:00 Michael Stevens Fareham Wheelers CC Male
43 08:13:00 conor clancy Brighton Excelsior CC Male
44 08:14:00 Andy Self Direct Power Cycling Team Male
45 08:15:00 Andrew Rivett Velo Club St Raphael Male
46 08:16:00 Darryl Barr ...a3crg Male
47 08:17:00 Colin Newton PMR @ Toachim House Male
48 08:18:00 Mike O'Gorman Worthing Excelsior CC Male
49 08:19:00 Ben Houston East Grinstead CC Male
50 08:20:00 Andy Lack Paceline RT Male
51 08:21:00 James Joel Garner ...a3crg Male
52 08:22:00 Warren Peters ...a3crg Male
53 08:23:00 Fiona Scotter Army Cycling Union Female
54 08:24:00 Deborah Smith Southdown Velo Female
55 08:25:00 Sarah Matthews ...a3crg Female
56 08:26:00 David Triska Farnborough & Camberley CC Male
57 08:27:00 Max Webber Abbotts Ann Cycles Male
58 08:28:00 Ashia Fenwick Velo Club Venta Female
59 08:29:00 Marianne Holt Fareham Wheelers CC Female
60 08:30:00 Laura Bartlett ...a3crg Female
61 08:31:00 Nick Tarmey Velo Club Venta Male
62 08:32:00 Thomas Key Primera-Teamjobs Male
63 08:33:00 Ben Boardman New Forest CC Male
64 08:34:00 Andrew Thomas ...a3crg Male
65 08:35:00 Henrik Persson Kingston Wheelers CC Male
66 08:36:00 Matthew Parfitt Charlotteville Cycling Club Male
67 08:37:00 James Mapley Blazing Saddles Male
68 08:38:00 david emery Dulwich Paragon CC Male
69 08:39:00 Simon Barbour AS Test Team Male
70 08:40:00 mark stafford Portsmouth North End CC Male
71 08:41:00 Andy Langdown Blazing Saddles Male
72 08:42:00 Howard Shaw Eastbourne Rovers CC Male
73 08:43:00 MICHAEL FORD Velo Club St Raphael Male
74 08:44:00 Stuart Thompson Andover Wheelers Male
75 08:45:00 Andy Smith Velo Club St Raphael Male
76 08:46:00 Tom Pritchard Hampshire RC Male
77 08:47:00 Simon Berogna Velo Club St Raphael Male
78 08:48:00 Alex Napier Blazing Saddles Male
79 08:49:00 Hamish Walker Blazing Saddles Male
80 08:50:00 Peter Harrison AS Test Team Male
81 08:51:00 Howard Bayley Blazing Saddles Male
82 08:52:00 stephen williamson ...a3crg Male
83 08:53:00 David Dalton Fareham Wheelers CC Male
84 08:54:00 Gary Chambers NOPINZ Male
85 08:55:00 Richard Tully Elite Cycling Male
86 08:56:00 James Rix Crawley Wheelers Male
87 08:57:00 Jon Smith Velo Club St Raphael Male
88 08:58:00 James Copeland Fareham Wheelers CC Male
89 08:59:00 Lee Turner Sigma Male
90 09:00:00 Liam Maybank Twickenham CC Male

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