Saturday 22 July 2017

British Cycling Annonces Results of Extraordinary General Meeting


British Cycling’s proposals to amend its governance structures in order to comply with the new Code for Sports Governance and professionalise the organisation have been approved by the organisation’s National Council.

The proposals were amended to include measures to create a board place nominated by British Cycling’s 10 English regions.

Julie Harrington, Chief Executive Officer of British Cycling, said: “Today, British Cycling’s National Council voted in favour of changes to our constitution in order to ensure that we are compliant with the Code for Sports Governance. Our membership also voted for an amendment to create the role of a director nominated by the English regions to go alongside those nominated by Scottish Cycling and Welsh Cycling. We have heard the concerns of our National Councillors and we will actively work with our membership to ensure that the voice of the enthusiast remains central to our purpose.

“Securing funding for elite and grassroots participation through these changes will enable us to inspire more people on to two wheels across communities the length of the country. Without secured funding we will not be able to share our love of the sport and enable others to try it. Our sport is growing and growing up. Today’s vote is the start of an exciting new chapter for British Cycling and our sport.”

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