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...3crg Open 10,19/07/17 Report/Results

Groupie Night report

Talk about having faith, thunderstorms the night before, constant drizzle (rain and riders) all through the morning, you did wonder if there would be an event Wednesday evening in Liphook. But the forecast said the sun would breakout around 18:00. We had the faith and we kept telling riders that was the forecast, as the first of the signs were being put out there still was very damp air but as you moved down the course the wind got up a little and at 17:45 almost on cue at West Liss the sun appeared, yes an event can go ahead & it was Groupie Night

The riders also it turned out had the "faith" with only six riders not being able to make signing-on, the lowest in the Wednesday Series. Quite a few riders struggled with the wind; whoever you talked to had a different opinion where it was coming from, so you had to consider was it tired legs rather than the blustery excuses.

John Dewey made his first appearance in the series and posted a winning 18:37 time on the P881r while Gary Chambers equalled his time from the previous week (P881) with an 18:44 with Pat Wright being the third rider to post a sub nineteen ride with an 18:59. The fastest of the "South DC riders was the promoting teams rider Charlie Mitchell improving his ten time to 19:38 but only giving him 8th place! Tenth place was Tom Pritchard (Hants Road Club) with a 19:57 7 the last of the sub-20 rides, just where are these rides coming from?

As for the girls, Rachael Elliott (Drag2Zero) tied in fifteen place with John Samways with a 20:32, so did Samways escaped being chicked? There were plenty of guys who were. Angela Carpenter (...a3crg) was the second fastest woman in 21:58 and ex Olympic rower Elise Sherwell (Blazing Saddles) 3rd fastest 22:25. Making a return to time trialling after a few absence years was former National 100 Champion Jenny Simmonds (Lloyd-Jones) 22:57.

The riders were split into six groups and the minimalistic prizes went to first and second places, hence the title of the event, "Groupie Night".
a3crg Summer Time Trials 2017

Results Event 11 ~ "Groupie Night"
Course P881r Liphook ~ Wednesday 19th July 2017
Tandem Event

1 Mary Corbett/Stephen Whitewick Sotonia CC VeloRefined Aerosmiths WV
Vet 00:21:18
Solo Event

1 John Dewey Team Bottrill Sen 00:18:37
2 Gary Chambers NOPINZ Sen 00:18:44
3 Pat Wright Paceline RT Sen 00:18:59
4 David Janes Veloton Sen 00:19:06
5= Mark Smith Crawley Wheelers Vet 00:19:32
5= Ben Skinner Bath CC Sen 00:19:32
7 Kevin Tye VeloRefined Aerosmiths Vet 00:19:36
8 Charles Mitchell ...a3crg Sen 00:19:38
9 James Mapley Blazing Saddles Esp 00:19:52
10 Tom Pritchard Hampshire Road Club Sen 00:19:57
11 Andrew Langdown Blazing Saddles Vet 00:20:06
12 Matthew Parfitt Charlotteville CC Sen 00:20:09
13 Jeremy Ponting VC Godalming & Haslemere Vet 00:20:19
14 Tom Temple Primera-Teamjobs Jun 00:20:30
15= Rachael Elliott DRAG2ZERO WS 00:20:32
15= John Samways Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Vet 00:20:32
17 Edward Nunn Berkshire Tri Squad Sen 00:20:33
18 Samuel Wadsley Poole Wheelers Esp 00:20:35
19 Jon Hughes VC Godalming & Haslemere Vet 00:20:37
20 Howard Bayley Blazing Saddles Vet 00:20:38
21 Andy Lack Paceline RT Vet 00:20:42
22 Angus MacInnes RAF CC Vet 00:20:44
23 Mark Stafford Portsmouth North End CC Vet 00:20:46
24= Mike Williams Poole Wheelers Vet 00:20:54
24= John Sibley UTAG RT Vet 00:20:54
24= Steve Legg ...a3crg Vet 00:20:54
27= Ben Boardman New Forest CC Sen 00:20:56
27= Paul Byford Crawley Wheelers Vet 00:20:56
29= Neil Mackley Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 00:21:01
29= Colin McDermott Festival Road Club Vet 00:21:01
29= David Dalton Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 00:21:01
32 Matt Harris TeamSpy Sen 00:21:02
33 Kevin Baker NFTO Race Club Sen 00:21:05
34 Phil Wilks Sotonia CC Sen 00:21:07
35 Peter Perrin Bournemouth Arrow CC Vet 00:21:11
36 James Peckham Sotonia CC Sen 00:21:20
37= Peter Younghusband Petersfield Tri Club Vet 00:21:22
37= James Fawcett Hampshire Road Club Vet 00:21:22
39= Sacha Ring New Forest CC Vet 00:21:28
39= Richard Tully Elite Cycling Vet 00:21:28
41 Rob Sherrin ...a3crg Vet 00:21:29
42 Nigel Sign Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 00:21:30
43 Mike Appleyard Lancashire Road Club Vet 00:21:35
44 Tom Chapman ...a3crg Sen 00:21:38
45 Andrew Thomas ...a3crg Sen 00:21:42
46 Drew Hosie ...a3crg Vet 00:21:49
47 Luke Trussler Poole Wheelers Vet 00:21:50
48 Andrew Phipps Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA Vet 00:21:54
49 Angela Carpenter ...a3crg WV 00:21:58
50 Jerry Bromyard ...a3crg Vet 00:22:12
51 Andy Lovell ...a3crg Vet 00:22:13
52 Joe Clark Jun 00:22:20
53 Mike O'Gorman Worthing Excelsior CC Vet 00:22:22
54= Elise Sherwell Blazing Saddles WV 00:22:25
54= Dennis Tapping ...a3crg Vet 00:22:25
56 Matthew Butler Charlotteville CC Esp 00:22:36
57 Lee Turner Sigma Vet 00:22:40
58= Caitlin Peters i-team Cyclists Club WJ 00:22:46
58= Jonathan Hepper ...a3crg Vet 00:22:46
58= Craig Weston Poole Wheelers Vet 00:22:46
61 Kirsty McSeveney Fareham Wheelers CC WS 00:22:56
62 Jenny Simmonds London Dynamo WV 00:22:57
63 Marianne Holt Fareham Wheelers CC WS 00:23:26
64 Mike Garner ...a3crg Vet 00:23:47
65 Dominic Chapman Blazing Saddles Vet 00:23:50
66 Zoe Taylor ...a3crg WV 00:24:19
67 Jim Morris GS Vecchi Vet 00:24:20
68= Robert Oliver Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 00:24:28
68= Paul Beck Hampshire Road Club Vet 00:24:28
70 John Isard Hampshire Road Club Vet 00:24:35
71 Peter Knipe Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 00:24:43
72 Simon Craig-McFeely ...a3crg Vet 00:25:10
73 Martin Whitty ...a3crg Vet 00:26:08
74 Ken Rayson ...a3crg Vet 00:27:01
75 Stan Bennett ...a3crg Vet 00:28:03
76= Johanna Lovell ...a3crg WV 00:28:40
76= Brian Hall Hampshire Road Club Vet 00:28:40
78 Nigel Bicknell Farnham Road Club Vet 00:30:06
79 Michael Churcher Bognor Regis CC Vet 00:31:59
Team Places
Pos Team Counting Riders Time
1 Blazing Saddles James Mapley, Andrew Langdown, Howard Bayley 01:00:36
2 ...a3crg Charles Mitchell, Steve Legg, Rob Sherrin 01:02:01
3 Poole Wheelers Samuel Wadsley, Mike Williams, Luke Trussler 01:03:19
4 Fareham Wheelers CC Neil Mackley, David Dalton, Nigel Sign 01:03:32
5 Hampshire Road Club Tom Pritchard, James Fawcett, Paul Beck 01:05:47
Thanks to Dave Collard-Berry

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