Friday 14 July 2017

...a3crg 10 12/07/17, Report/Results

Girlie night" ...a3crg Wednesday 12th July P881 10 mile tt Greatham Dave Collard-Berry Reports...

The weather forecaster had the weather right but it was a little windier than some had expected at Greatham for ...a3crg's latest Ten Mile tt in the weekly Open Series. Of course this gave quite a few to use this as an excuse for their "slower" time, nothing to do with being sat on the sofa watching le tour rather than going out training!

However, there was thirteen "series pb's" done which surprised a few and when last man off Gary Chambers time went up on the board quite a few choked on their Jaffa cake! The NOPINZ rider must have used the wind to blow away any opposition, his 18:44 wasn't just the fastest of the night it was a new course record.

Setting off before him, Ian Greenstreet (19:01 pb) said he was shocked to be caught before the turn and had a job to remember the last time that happened. Second place rider Tom Pritchard (Hants RC) crossed the line in a dead 20:00 while Greenstreet suffering from shock made it back in 20:22 to slot into seventh place.

Enough about the blokes, Wednesday evening was "Girlie Night" and all the prizes went to the girls with the ...a3crg trio of Simone Dailey (21:58), Laura Bartlett (22:02) & Angela Carpenter (22:21). But they didn't hog the prizes as all the girls took home a prize as Paddy Brennan gave first choice of the "sealed packages" from last place to first place girl.

a3crg Summer Time Trials 2017 Results Greatham League Event 10 ~ "Girlie Night" Course P881/10
Tandem Event
Pos Rider Team / Club Cat Actual
1 Norman Harvey
Mary Corbett Sotonia CC
Sotonia CC Vet
WV 00:25:21

Solo Event
Pos Rider Team / Club Cat Actual
1 Gary Chambers NOPINZ Sen 00:18:44
2 Tom Pritchard Hampshire Road Club Sen 00:20:00
3 Jon Hughes VC Godalming & Haslemere Vet 00:20:13
4 Neil Grunshaw Kingston Wheelers CC Sen 00:20:17
5 Howard Bayley Blazing Saddles Vet 00:20:19
6 Mark Stafford Portsmouth North End CC Vet 00:20:20
7 Ian Greenstreet Newbury RC Vet 00:20:22
8 Ieuan Woods Banks/Catford CC Equipe Juv 00:20:25
9 Angus MacInnes RAF CC Vet 00:20:31
10 David Wells Petersfield Tri Club Vet 00:20:39
11 Colin McDermott Festival Road Club Vet 00:20:41
12 Martin O'Sullivan Teddington and Turing Velo Vet 00:20:49
13 Arthur Venables ...a3crg Esp 00:20:57
14 Matt Harris TeamSpy Sen 00:21:01
15 Neil Mackley Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 00:21:07
16 James Fawcett Hampshire Road Club Vet 00:21:09
17 Joel Garner ...a3crg Vet 00:21:12
18 Charlie Walters Velo Club Venta Juv 00:21:14
19= Richard Tully Elite Cycling Vet 00:21:17
19= Ben Brandon Team Bottrill Vet 00:21:17
21= Nigel Sign Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 00:21:20
21= Steve Legg ...a3crg Vet 00:21:20
23 Greg Tognarelli Racing Club Ravenna Vet 00:21:31
24 David Walters VC Godalming & Haslemere Vet 00:21:40
25 Jerry Bromyard ...a3crg Vet 00:21:43
26= Rob Sherrin ...a3crg Vet 00:21:45
26= Mike Appleyard Lancashire Road Club Vet 00:21:45
28= Simone Dailey ...a3crg WS 00:21:58
28= Tom Chapman ...a3crg Sen 00:21:58
30 Laura Bartlett ...a3crg WS 00:22:02
31 Mike Stevens Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 00:22:03
32 Drew Hosie ...a3crg Vet 00:22:06
33 Andrew Phipps Royal Navy & RM CA Vet 00:22:07
34 Andy Lovell ...a3crg Vet 00:22:09
35 Dennis Tapping ...a3crg Vet 00:22:11
36 Jonathan Hepper ...a3crg Vet 00:22:13
37 Angela Carpenter ...a3crg WV 00:22:21
38 Lee Turner Sigma Vet 00:22:32
39 Peter Hatt Velo Club St Raphael Vet 00:22:33
40 Mike O'Gorman Worthing Excelsior CC Vet 00:22:36
41= Robert Charles Blazing Saddles Vet 00:22:40
41= Tim Grose VC Godalming & Haslemere Vet 00:22:40
43 Dominic Chapman Blazing Saddles Vet 00:22:42
44 Greg Harding Farnham Road Club Vet 00:22:46
45 Mike Garner ...a3crg Vet 00:22:47
46 Daniel Sharp Charlotteville CC Vet 00:22:48
47 Sally Turner GS Stella WS 00:22:50
48 Kelly Stokes Portsmouth Triathletes WS 00:22:58
49 Julie Chasin Kingston Wheelers CC WV 00:22:59
50 James Horan South Downs Bikes Vet 00:23:05
51 Michael Draper Charlotteville CC Vet 00:23:06
52 Ollie Mitchell ...a3crg Sen 00:23:11
53 Matthew Butler Charlotteville CC Esp 00:23:13
54 Alan Emmott Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 00:23:24
55 Mike Boyce ...a3crg Vet 00:23:41
56 Tony Day Bigfoot CC Vet 00:23:44
57 John Beer Kingston Phoenix RC Vet 00:23:58
58= Michael Gowan Festival Road Club Vet 00:24:01
58= Jim Morris GS Vecchi Vet 00:24:01
60 Robert Oliver Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 00:24:33
61 John Isard Hampshire Road Club Vet 00:24:39
62 Paul Beck Hampshire Road Club Vet 00:24:44
63 Peter Knipe Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 00:24:50
64 Simon Craig-McFeely ...a3crg Vet 00:25:11
65 Robyn Yates Addiscombe CC WV 00:25:15
66 Martin Whitty ...a3crg Vet 00:26:24
67 Johanna Lovell ...a3crg WV 00:27:19
68 Ken Rayson ...a3crg Vet 00:27:54
69 Stan Bennett ...a3crg Vet 00:28:08
70 Brian Hall Hampshire Road Club Vet 00:28:25
71 Nigel Bicknell Farnham Road Club Vet 00:30:29
72 Michael Churcher Bognor Regis CC Vet 00:31:57
Team Places
Pos Team Counting Riders Time
1 ...a3crg Arthur Venables, Joel Garner, Steve Legg 01:03:29
2 Fareham Wheelers CC Neil Mackley, Nigel Sign, Mike Stevens 01:04:30
3 VC Godalming & Haslemere Jon Hughes, David Walters, Tim Grose 01:04:33
4 Blazing Saddles Howard Bayley, Robert Charles, Dominic Chapman 01:05:41
5 Hampshire Road Club Tom Pritchard, James Fawcett, John Isard 01:05:48
6 ...a3crg (Girls) Simone Dailey, Laura Bartlett, Angela Carpenter 01:06:21
7 Charlotteville CC Daniel Sharp, Michael Draper, Matthew Butler 01:09:07

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