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South Region Road Race Calendar 2018

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Bournemouth & Dist Womens CA Club 10, 19/07/17, Results

"Not many riders on a fine and sunny but breezy evening, possibly because STC have a 10 tomorrow evening with 54 entries"!


Linda Connor Southampton Tri Club 30.11
Sue Longland Antelope RT 31.44


1 David Lucton PHCC 23.34
2 Graham Harmon Sotonia CC 24.38
3 Jonathan Wren Sotonia CC 24.52
4 Mike Round Bournemouth Jubilee 26.33


1 Mick Bradban Sotonia CC
and Trevor West Andover Wh 26.15
2 Nick Wisbey
and John Radford Sotonia CC 28.13

Timekeepers: Paula Miller and Dave Crocker
Other helpers: Ann Miller, Clive Peskett, Glenn Longland
and Jacky Prosser

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