Friday 28 July 2017

...a3crg 10 26/07/17, Report/Results

...a3crg Handicap Ten Report 26th August

Dave Collard-Berry writes ....It's a bit difficult to write up the report because I'm not allowed to put the heating on and typing with woolly gloves is hard work plus the scarf keeps flopping over the keyboard. Hopefully sunny September is on its way hopefully as "Homebase" has just emailed me with the heading "Enjoy a delicious BBQ this summer", they are far more optimistic than me!!!

The twelfth event in the "Summer Series" at Greatham went ahead despite a bit of drizzle arriving at the HQ (no we are not commenting on the riders), just before the off in addition to a bit of a breeze. A few riders started to rub their hands knowing that the breeze should be on their back on the hardest part of the course, the thought of the headwind on the return didn't appear to worry them. It was a handicap night a few riders fancied their chances for gaining points at the last counting event of the series.

However with the drizzle at the HQ and the breeze a few riders decided it wasn't for them, so called it a day but so localised was the small shower that it was completely dry at the start and the timekeeping crew were left puzzled with all the gaps in the field. There was a mixed bag with the results with Gary Chambers posting a 19:12 slightly slower than his usual but down in 11th place with a 20:14 Edward Nunn (Berkshire Tri Squad) had an almost 30 second improvement that gave him the winning Handicap time. Andy Phipps (RN & RM CA) riding his usual fixed made the most of the tailwind powering up to the turn to take the second place (on handicap) and a season pb on the course. While Rachael Elliot (DRAG2ZERO) recorded a 20:38 to be the fastest woman Katie Crowe (Dulwich Paragon CC) with 22:47 pb took first place in the Handicap leaving Elliott to pick up an unusual second place.

Next week (2nd August) it will be the last of the Greatham Series for 2017, up to last year they were just club events, but this year the series has made up of "Open Events" and this last event there were 143 entries. The downside is that there many disappointed riders but perhaps this will be an incentive for other team and clubs to consider the option for 2018 as there is certainly a desire & market for midweek open tens.

After the prize presentation where riders swapped stories and excuses, they walked out of the HQ to be greeted with an amazing sunset. Talk about waiting all day to see the sun and there it was creeping below the horizon as a teaser, perhaps we will get a "summer BBQ"!

…a3crg Summer Time Trials 2017
Results Event 12 ~ "Handicap Night" Course P881/10 Wednesday 26th July 2017

1 Gary Chambers NOPINZ Sen 00:19:12
2 Pat Wright Paceline RT Sen 00:19:23
3 Kevin Tye VeloRefined Aerosmiths Vet 00:19:25
4 Adam Bidwell Kingston Wheelers CC Vet 00:19:50
5 Charles Mitchell ...a3crg Sen 00:19:56
6 Russ Danckert Army Cycling Union Sen 00:20:04
7 Andrew Langdown Blazing Saddles Vet 00:20:05
8 Matt Peel Redhill CC Sen 00:20:07
9 Alan Murchison DRAG2ZERO Vet 00:20:10
10 Tom Pritchard Hampshire Road Club Sen 00:20:11
11 Edward Nunn Berkshire Tri Squad Sen 00:20:14
12 Henrik Persson Kingston Wheelers CC Sen 00:20:19
13 Ian Greenstreet Newbury RC Vet 00:20:26
14 Angus MacInnes RAF CC Vet 00:20:36
15 Rachael Elliott DRAG2ZERO WS 00:20:38
16= Mark Taylor VC Meudon Sen 00:20:41
16= Stephen Whitewick VeloRefined Aerosmiths Vet 00:20:41
18 Adrian Lane 1st Chard Wheelers Jun 00:20:47
19 Colin McDermott Festival Road Club Vet 00:20:48
20 Steve Legg ...a3crg Vet 00:21:05
21 David Pollard In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT Vet 00:21:06
22 Peter Younghusband Petersfield Tri Club Vet 00:21:10
23 Nick Jones Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Vet 00:21:13
24 James Fawcett Hampshire Road Club Vet 00:21:15
25 John Sibley UTAG RT Vet 00:21:25
26 Andrew Thomas ...a3crg Sen 00:21:26
27 Richard Tully Elite Cycling Vet 00:21:33
28 Steve Cave Wolsey Road Club Vet 00:21:35
29= Andrew Phipps Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA Vet 00:21:38
29= Tom Chapman ...a3crg Sen 00:21:38
31 Patrick Brennan ...a3crg Sen 00:21:50
32 Angela Carpenter ...a3crg WV 00:21:57
33 Jerry Bromyard ...a3crg Vet 00:22:06
34 Andrew Payne Maidenhead & District CC Vet 00:22:09
35 Ray Sullivan Metropolitan Police CC Vet 00:22:12
36 Andy Lovell ...a3crg Vet 00:22:14
37 Dennis Tapping ...a3crg Vet 00:22:24
38 Mike O'Gorman Worthing Excelsior CC Vet 00:22:25
39 Lee Turner Sigma Vet 00:22:31
40 Mike Stevens Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 00:22:37
41 Matthew Butler Charlotteville CC Esp 00:22:41
42 Katie Crowe Dulwich Paragon CC WV 00:22:47
43 Robert Charles Blazing Saddles Vet 00:23:01
44 Max Doyle ...a3crg Jun 00:23:04
45 Kirsty McSeveney Fareham Wheelers CC WS 00:23:07
46 Mike Boyce ...a3crg Vet 00:23:55
47 Michael Gowan Festival Road Club Vet 00:24:35
48= John Isard Hampshire Road Club Vet 00:24:46
48= Jim Morris GS Vecchi Vet 00:24:46
50 Arja Scarsbrook Team Echelon Spiuk WV 00:24:53
51 Robert Oliver Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 00:25:04
52= Peter Knipe Fareham Wheelers CC Vet 00:25:06
52= Paul Beck Hampshire Road Club Vet 00:25:06
54 Simon Craig-McFeely ...a3crg Vet 00:25:13
55 Ali Ford GS Vecchi WV 00:26:06
56 Martin Whitty ...a3crg Vet 00:26:55
57 Ken Rayson ...a3crg Vet 00:27:32
58 Johanna Lovell ...a3crg WV 00:28:41
59 Stan Bennett ...a3crg Vet 00:28:47
60 Brian Hall Hampshire Road Club Vet 00:29:05
61 Nigel Bicknell Farnham Road Club Vet 00:30:11
62 Michael Churcher Bognor Regis CC Vet 00:32:32
Team Places
Pos Team Counting Riders Time
1 ...a3crg Charles Mitchell, Steve Legg, Andrew Thomas 01:02:27
2 Hampshire Road Club Tom Pritchard, James Fawcett, John Isard 01:06:12
3 Fareham Wheelers CC Mike Stevens, Kirsty McSeveney, Robert Oliver 01:10:48

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