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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Portsmouth Evening Circuits #4,Results

Cycle Track, Mountbatten Centre, PORTSMOUTH PO2 9AQ
RESULTS #4: 6 July 2016


1st​71 ​Harrison ​HENDY ​IOW Cycling Club

1st​40 ​Owen​ GILES​ B​ Portsmouth North End CC
2nd​39​ Danny​ HAVEY​ B​ Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club

1st​1​Caitlin​ PETERS​ Ag​I-Team Cyclists' Club

3 / J3

1st ​72​James​ EBDON​ WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT
2nd​ 63​James​ PECKHAM​ Sotonia CC
3rd​ 68​Thom​ HAYWARD​ Velo Club Venta
4th​ 52​Stuart​ THOMPSON ​Andover Whls
5th​ 58​Martin​ ROWLAND ​Poole Wheelers CC
6th​ 67​Sebastian ​OTTLEY​VC St Raphael
7th​ 70​Adam​ HOLLEYMAN ​Wight Mountain RT
8th​ 60​Ryan​ WESTON ​Poole Wheelers CC
9th​ 69​Edward​ ROLLITT​ Velo Club Venta
10th ​64​Red​ WALTERS ​Sotonia CC
11th​55​Mark​ HERBERT ​Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
12th​54​Alex​ COLLINS​ Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
13th​75​Charlie​ COOPER ​Eden Veranda Racing
14th​53​Danny​ LAKE​Didcot Phoenix CC
15th​57​Thamana​ NEL​i-Team Cyclists' Club
16th​59​Mark​ VALENTINE​ Poole Wheelers CC
17th​65​Shaun​ SMART​ Southdown Velo
18th​73​Kev​ FOSTER ​WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT
19th​71​Ian​ HAYDEN​ WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT
20th​66​Ian​ DONOHUE ​Southern Planning Practice Ltd
21st​74​Andrew ​COSTELLO​ Velo Club Venta
22nd​62​Norman​ MELLORS ​Rock N Road Cycles

E / 1 / 2 / J

1st​6​ Lewis​ ATKINS​Excel Pedal Heaven Academy
2nd​10 ​Justin​ HOY​NFTO
3rd​3 ​Matthew​ ALLSOPP ​WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT
4th​4​ Robert ​McCARTHY​ Excel Pedal Heaven Academy
5th​2​ Will ​RANOE​HR Owen Maserati RT
6th​9​ Simon​ JODRELL ​HR Owen Maserati RT
7th​7​ Stuart​ WAITE ​WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT
8th​63 ​James​ PECKHAM ​Sotonia CC

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