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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Omega Portsmouth Circuits #7 Results

Will Ranoe, Gary Chambers, Sam Horwill, Matthew Gilmour & Alexander Murphy the winners at Portsmouth on Wednesday.
Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth 23/05/18
YOUTH U12 [C] / U10 [D] / U8 [E]

1st 41 Alexander MURPHY C Velo Club Venta
2nd 61 Harrison HENDY D Bike Jockey CC
3rd 42 George MAHON C
4th 62 Myles BRADLEY D Bike Jockey CC
5th 60 Grace RICHARDSON Cg Portsmouth North End CC
6th 71 Chase BRADLEY E Bike Jockey CC
YOUTH U16 [A] / YOUTH U14 [B]

1st 40 Matthew GILMOUR B Velo Club Venta
2nd 2 Matt HICKMAN A I-Team Cyclists' Club
3rd 3 Jacob SCHNABEL A Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
4th 23 Sophie TILLER Bg I-Team Cyclists' Club
5th 22 Katie-Ann CALTON Bg Solent Pirates
6th 1 Ryan SYMINGTON A
7th 21 Sophie QUAY-CLARK Bg Palmer Park Velo RT
4 / J4

1st 5 Sam HORWILL Southdown Velo
2nd 7 Matthew KEVERN VCGH
3rd 2 Christopher WILLIAMS Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
5th 3 Jonathan POLLARD Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
6th 11 Philip SMEETH Southdown Velo
7th 4 Martin CLEAVER Southdown Velo
8th 6 Alexander PAUL TEAMSPY
9th 9 James NEAL University Of Portsmouth CC
10th 10 Martin ANDREWS Velo Club Venta
11th 1 Max DOYLE a3crg
12th 14 Paul HISCOCK Chichester City Riders (CCR)
13th 15 David KNIGHT Portsmouth North End Cycling Club
3 / J3

1st 52 Gary CHAMBERS Nopinz
2nd 71 Mark HERBERT Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
3rd 60 Chris BRETTELL Yeovil CC
4th 74 Matt HEATHCOTE National Race Team
5th 67 Liam BARR University Of Portsmouth CC
7th 51 Nicholas BELL Blazing Saddles Cycles
8th 54 William FULLER Team Wiggle
9th 61 Mark TREVIS VC Meudon
10th 77 Tim BLACKMORE Racing Club Ravenna
11th 75 Ben DIXON Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
12th 58 Sam STEWART Racing Club Ravenna
13th 57 Ian WRIGHTSON WyndyMilla
14th 70 Harry JOHNSON Hub Cycleworks
15th 63 James VEAL TEAMSPY
16th 62 Nick HALE Farnborough & Camberley CC
17th 56 James PETT WightlinkWight Mountain CRT.
18th 66 Joe ARUNDEL Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Cycling Club
19th 65 Jonny RABY Chichester City Riders (CCR)
20th 59 Russell SPEIGHT Sotonia CC
21st 53 Gavin BROWN Rapha Cycling Club
22nd 72 Kev FOSTER WightlinkWight Mountain CRT.
23rd 73 Luke JEROME Racing Club Ravenna
24th 68 Emyr GRIFFITHS Racing Club Ravenna
25th 55 Lawrence SYMES TPH Racing
26th 76 Danny BAKER Morvelo Basso RT

E / 1 / 2 / J

1st 5 Will RANOE Morvelo Basso RT
2nd 10 Ed SLOT Sotonia Cycling Club
3rd 4 Luis COUNTINHO Racing Club Ravenna
4th 11 Seb OTTLEY Racing Club Ravenna
5th 9 Thomas KING Southampton University Road Club
6th 76 Danny BAKER Morvelo Basso RT
7th 7 James COOPER Natural RT
8th 8 Ryan SMITH Morvelo Basso RT
9th 3 Tom STOCKER Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Cycling Club
10th 6 Frank KILSBY VC St Raphael
11th 2 Jacob ARIES Primera-TeamJobs

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