Thursday 17 May 2018

Moreton Series, Wins for Rowland & White!

Martin Rowland (Primera-Teamjobs) won a scrappy sprint to take round 3 in the Moreton series with Lora White (North Dorset Tri) winning the Women's race.
The pollen hung thick in the rural Dorset air as the red-numbered scratch group quickly caught the groups in front in the 30 mile TLI handicap. Taking a tow from Phil Cole (Mud Sweat Gears), Rowland got the perfect lead-out but to his left Matthew Norris's rear hub failed, Norris did well to hold his line but the noise caused others to hesitate. Nine contested the shorter women's race with White winning a tight sprint from Emily Hingson (Purbeck Peloton). Numbers remain down on previous years with just 40 signing on, compared to 65 a few years back.
1 Martin Rowland (Primera-Teamjobs)
2 Phil Cole (Mud Sweat Gears
3 Lyndon Thompson (New Forest CC)
4 Julian Lockwood (Primera-Teamjobs)
5 Tim Flynn (Poole Wheelers)
6 Matthew Norris (Mud Sweat Gears)
7 Christian Knapton (UK Biking-Bournemouth Cycleworks )
8 Steve Dring (UK Biking- Bournemouth Cycleworks)
9 Giles Greening (Tri UK)
10 Mark Valentine (Poole Wheelers)
1 Lora White (North Dorset Tri)
2 Emily Hingson (Purbeck Peloton)
3 Gail Brown (Poole Wheelers)
4 Steph Lewars (Poole Wheelers)
5 Steph Weaver

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