Thursday 10 May 2018

Moreton Series #2 Wins for Knapton & Hackman

Christian Knapton (UK Biking) won round 2 of the Bournemouth Cycleworks Moreton handicap series . The 24 year old Canadian, riding his first race in the UK took advantage of a troubled scratch group as first, an off-colour Jason Gault (Primera-Teamjobs) pulled out and a simultaneous mechanical for Julian Lockwood (unshipped chain) & Phil Cole (Mud Sweat, Gears) (Jammed brakes) took the impetus out of the chase. Knapton's teammate, Chris Wilson opened up the sprint but the travelling Knapton came round comfortably for his debut win.
In the women's race, the vastly improved Rachel Hackman (RN&RMCA) took her second win in the series, ahead of Steph Lewars (Poole Wh) & Carol Tilley. The Moreton series, run under TLI rules continues next Thursday 17th May at 19:00.
Brief Results (Provisional)
1 Christian Knapton (UK Biking
2 Lyndon Thompson (New Forest CC)
3 Tom Carter (Mud Sweat Gears)
4 Chris Wilson (UK Biking)
5 Roland Tilley (Webber Creative Interiors)
6 Darren Orchard (Mud Sweat Gears)
7 Simon Lock
8 Lewis Stripp (Mud Sweat Gears)
9 Conor Stain (Bournemouth Arrow CC)
10 Mark Valentine (Poole Wheelers)
1 Rachel Hackman (RN&RM)
2 Steph Lewars (Poole Wh)
3 Carol Tilley (Weber Creative Interiors)
4 Penny Atkin

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