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Saturday, 5 August 2017

Omega Portsmouth Circuits #2, 05/08/17, Results

Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth
4 / J4

1st 5 Jordan SEWREY Casp Racing
2nd 15 Leo JANSON VC Meudon
3rd 9 Luke JEROME Racing Club Ravenna
4th 12 Antonio SILANO WyndyMilla
5th 13 Philip MALAM VC Meudon
6th 14 David CLARKE London Dynamo
7th 18 Harry PARSONS Sotonia Cycling Club
8th 3 Scott PEARCE British Cycling Private Member-South
9th 6 Steven HALL
10th 7 George KNIGHT Hargroves Cycles CC
11th 16 Aidan MURPHY
12th 2 Seb LLOYD British Cycling Private Member-South
13th 1 Lloyd JENNINGS British Cycling Private Member-South
14th 17 Peter CREASE Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA
15th 11 Philip MCNAMARA VC Meudon
16th 4 Cameron STOTT British Cycling Private Member-South
Pos No Full Name Club Team
1st 4 Lisa ROGERS Team Milton Keynes
2nd 3 Victoria WILLIAMS Royal Air Force CA
3rd 6 Siobhan McCULLAN VC Meudon
4th 1 Olivia BERRY Dulwich Paragon CC
5th 2 Alison ROTHNIE Spokes BPC Racing
6th 5 Lizzy CAMPBELL IRIS Race Team
3 / J3
Pos No Full Name Club Team
1st 56 Christopher WILSON UK-Biking/Bmth Cycleworks/Trek
2nd 63 Russell THOMPSON WightlinkWight Mountain CRT.
3rd 58 Tim FLYNN Poole Wheelers CC
4th 55 Russell SPEIGHT Sotonia CC
5th 61 Liam BARR University Of Portsmouth CC
6th 52 Tom STOCKER Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's
7th 60 Joe DONOHUE Southern Planning Practice Ltd
8th 62 James BARRELL VC GH
9th 65 Michele CONTRINO Charlotteville Cycling Club
10th 57 Alexander YELDHAM VC Meudon
11th 66 John WOYTON Pro Cycle Hire RT UK
12th 51 Nicholas HALE Farnborough & Camberley CC
13th 53 Luke GILDER Mountain Trax RT
14th 64 Ian HAYDEN WightlinkWight Mountain CRT.
15th 54 Mark VALENTINE Poole Wheelers CC
16th 59 Tony CLACK Farnborough & Camberley CC
17th 4 Lisa ROGERS Team Milton Keynes
E / 1 / 2 / 3
1st 17 Lee SMITH Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
2nd 15 Tom LANE Latchem Sunwise Race Team
3rd 6 Ken BUCKLEY Spokes BPC Racing
4th 3 Thomas DENWOOD Harrogate Nova CC
5th 7 Cameron FOSTER Team Milton Keynes
6th 18 Mike SMITH Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
7th 5 Barnabas PURBROOK Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
8th 19 Alex RICHARDSON BIKE Channel Canyon
9th 2 Andrew CARTER
10th 11 Adam THOMPSON Spokes BPC Racing
11th 8 Simon BROOKS VC St Raphael
12th 9 Gavin ASH Worthing Excelsior CC
13th 10 Ken PRINCE VC St Meudon
14th 16 Daniel PULLEN SunSport Velo
15th 4 Joseph CLARK I-Team Cyclists' Club
16th 14 Mark GREENWOOD Army Cycling Race Team
17th 60 Joe DONOHUE Southern Planning Practice Ltd
18th 54 Mark VALENTINE Poole Wheelers CC

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