Tuesday 22 August 2017

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Club 8.5, 22/08/17, Results

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers brought the curtain down on their evening time trial series with the 8.5 mile event at Pamphill. Road bikes are encouraged for this end of term test and most oblige, the Badbury Rings-Cowgrove circuit really is a sporting course. Afterwards at the Vine Inn the "Peter Boston Vine Tankard" was awarded to John Samways but the celebration was really more about the club than any individual performance. The beer was bitter and the Jubilee picked up the tab, if only all club nights were like this..................HIC!

1 John Samways BJW 19.50
2 Dave Pickering BJW 20.39
3 Will Soloman BJW 20.59
=4Nick Jones BJW 21.07
=4Bob Richardson BJW 21.07
6 Chris Courage BJW 21.41
7 Rupert Silman BJW 21.55
8 Cliff Rowe BJW 22.07
9 Ian Diaper BJW 22.19
10 Kevin Harris BJW 22.21
11 Eamonn Deane BJW 22.22
12 Gary Chiverton BJW 23.29
13 Phil Scriven BJW 23.45
14 Kevin Ridge BJW 23.47
15 Mark Hitchcott BJW 24.05
16 Paul Brown BJW 25.53
17 John O'Brien (T) BJW 26.13

Michelle Walters BACC 24.16
Martin Reeder BJW 24.37

Clive Peskett, Peter Warhurst, Jacky Prosser, Dave Mansfield, Chris Simpson

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