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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Divs Debrief : Junior Cross Makes all the Right Moves

Still a junior, 18 year old Alex Cross from Basingstoke won the bronze medal at the South Region Road Championships ahead of some top riders.
It was a mature confident ride from the youngster, stll on junior gears and riding forTeam Vision Innovative Leisure, Alex was always well positioned and in the moves that mattered . we spoke to Alex after the race....

Q You had a great race on Sunday, were you surprised with the result?

AC "This season has been a little frustrating for me I've felt all year like I had a result like that in me just never quite came together so not surprised, but a little relieved!"
Q Was it a hard race? You looked quite comfortable?
AC "Yeah I woke up in the morning feeling awful but got into the race and felt quite good, I've raced on the circuit quite a few times so know it well. It wasn't easy especially as I was stuck in 52-15 as a max gear!"
Q Did the course suit you?
AC "Course definitely suited me I really enjoy hills and this is about as hilly as it gets."

Q Tell us about the finish, you looked strong?

AC "Yeah I felt quite good coming into salt lane and went with about a kilometre to go I've tried getting away before on the drag towards the finish and failing, but this time It came off just a shame there were three riders ahead."
Alex Cross in the right moves.

Q What did you have in your bidons ?

AC "I have High5 energy source it really helps with the long races to stop cramp."

Q What other races have you got planned? What about next year what are your cycling ambitions?

AC "Next weekend I have Tour of south East, then Tennerife for a family cycling holiday then I have a few road races for the rest of September to try and get enough points for first cat. Next year I would like to race some of the premier calendar try and improve on my performances this year. Ultimately the dream would be to go pro."

Q Where do you want to be in 10 years time?
AC "I Would have liked to be coming to the end of a successful pro cycling career, if not, still cycling and racing around a full time job"

Q College or Work?
AC "Just finished college , trying to find work."

Q Ambitions outside of cycling
AC "Would like to learn another language and travel a bit more."

Q Who is your biggest supporter?

AC "My parents and grandparents probably , dad especially is always there when the going gets tough."

South Region Podium LtoR George Smith (21) Matt Downie (21) Alex Cross (18)

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