Saturday 26 August 2017

Chichester Criteriums, Report/Results, Field, Higham & Hopkins the Winners!

Ian Field (Hargroves-Ridley-Montezuma's) won the Elite race at the Chichester Criterium, sprinting clear of Ben Marks (Morvello-Basso) and Jake Hales (Spirit Tifosi RT) on the cobbles of North Street in the city centre. In a fast, hard race it was difficult to get away on the tight, 1 kilometre circuit. The left hander back onto the finishing straight from St Peters was key to success, if you were on the front here you wee going to win. Ben Huttly (Brighton Mitre CC), Stanley Kennett (Spirit Tifosi RT), Harry Veale (, Mike Smith (Nuun Sigma Sport London) & Oscar Hutchings (VC Equipe-Flix) were all at the head of the race, keeping the speed high as the race sped through the night.
Fifteen year old Lauren Higham (LIV AWOL), had worked it out, despite getting caught up with some lapped riders, the Stevenage youngster, with dispensation to "ride up" took it on the line from Christine Robson (V C Londres) after Mathilde Pauls (Sigma Sport Wmoen's RT) had done the the early damage, pulling away a group of six including,Victoria Lovett (I-Team CC), Jessica Finney (Porstmouth North End) & Elise Sherwell (Blazing Saddles). In the supporting 3rd/4th cat race, Paul Hopkins & Kim Little (Merida Factory Racing) rode smartly to ensure victory.

Little made his move with 4 laps remaining but could not make it stick with Tim Costello (VC Vecchi) & David Bone (R C Ravenna) driving the chase. Hopkins countered with a couple of laps to go and the two mountain bikers celebrated with a beer, watching Field do his job.

Rider Reaction

Ian Field
"It was really hard to force the pace, it felt pretty dam fast, when you put your nose in the wind it was tough going, i settled for a sprint after about twenty minutes. Whoever was first into the corner won it, there was a massive fight for it."
National Cyclo-cross champion Field is building up to the coming season.
"I have just got back from altitude camp so get the legs going with this and it all kicks off on the 15th September in America"

Ben Marks
" I tried to lay it down along the cobbles and string it out"

Lauren Higham
"I sat on the back a bit but stayed with the group, it was quite annoying with the lapped riders but i used them to my advantage and made sure that i was first into the corner and get a good line to the finish"

Paul Hopkins
" Everyone was pulling well on the front, Kim (Little) went with a few laps to go and nearly made it stick but there were a couple of guys determined to pull him back. I charged with two to go, i went really hard, they were slowly pulling me back but i just had enough to hold them off"

1 Ian Field 00:58:53 2nd Hargroves- Ridley-Montezumas
2 Benjamin Marks 00:58:53 Elite Morvello Basso Rt
3 Jake Hales 00:58:54 Elite Spirit Tifosi RT
4 Stanley Kennett 00:58:54 1st Spirit Tifosi RT
5 Sebastian Lewis 00:58:54 1st Maison Du Velo-Storck Bikes UK
6 Jack Waller 00:58:54 1st Spirit Tifosi RT
7 Harry Veale 00:58:55 1st
8 Ashley Fletcher 00:58:55 2nd Southfork Racing.Co.Uk
9 Jody Crawforth 00:58:56 2nd Hargroves- Ridley-Montezumas
10 Thomas Treagus 00:58:56 2nd Hargroves
11 Aled Jones 00:58:57 2nd RN+RMCA
12 Dave Tilling 00:58:58 2nd Ride 24/7
13 Ben Huttly 00:58:59 2nd Brighton Mitre CC
14 Max Moyles 00:59:00 2nd Primera-Teamjobs
15 Adam Thompson 00:59:00 2nd Spokes BPC racing
16 Philip Glowinski 00:59:09 2nd VC Londres
17 Oscar Hutchings 00:57:21 Elite VC Equipe-Flix
18 Harvey McNaughton 00:59:17 2nd I-Team CC
19 Thom Hayward 00:59:45 2nd VC Venta 32
20 Callum Clark 00:59:45 2nd Trainsharp Club
21 Matthew Bone 00:59:46 2nd Hoste TAAP Storck
22 Julian Lockwood 01:00:19 3rd Primera-Teamjobs
23 Matthew Allsopp 00:47:03 2nd Wightlink

Womens Criterium
1 Lauren Higham 00:48:11 A LIV AWOL
2 Christine Robson 00:48:11 V C Londres
3 Jessica Finney 00:48:12 2nd PNECC
4 Mathilde Pauls 00:48:12 1st Sigma Sport Women's RT
5 Victoria Lovett 00:48:13 2nd I-Team cc
6 Elise Sherwell 00:48:14 2nd Blazing Saddles
7 Louise Moriarty 00:49:24 2nd Army Cycle Race Team
8 Helen Ralston 00:50:02 2nd Sigma Sport Women's RT
9 Lucia Bruton 00:50:02 3rd Wyndymilla
10 Lucy Gadd 00:48:34 A Poole Wheelers CC
11 Charlotte Burford 00:48:35 2nd
12 Connie Hayes 00:48:37 2nd LIV AWOL
13 Laura Bailey 00:49:50 ? IRIS RT
14 Rebecca Booth 00:50:25 3rd Cannondale girls
15 Suzy Bell 00:34:45 4th BRCC

3/4 Cat Race

1 Paul Hopkins 00:50:56 3rd Merida Factory racing
2 Adam Littlechild 00:50:57 3rd RCR Ravenna
3 David Bone 00:50:58 3rd RCR Ravenna
4 Tim Costello 00:50:59 3rd VC Vecchi
5 Sam Stewart 00:50:59 3rd Southdown Velo CC
6 Schaeff Potter 00:51:01 3rd Norwood Paragon
7 Kim Little 00:51:04 3rd Merida Factory racing
8 Chris Hutchings 00:51:22 3rd VC Venta
9 Max OConnor 00:51:23 3rd Thames Velo
10 Andrew Lindsay 00:52:18 3rd Surrey Hills Cycleworks
11 Sebastien Ottley 00:52:18 3rd RCR Ravenna
12 Luis Coutinho 00:52:19 3rd Southdown Velo CC
13 Matt Alderson 00:52:19 3rd The Cycle Room
14 Williams Hayes 00:52:19 4th UK-biking/BMTHCycleworks/Trek
15 Mick Onions 00:52:27 4th Brighton Mitre CC
16 Nick Barber 00:52:27 3rd Hart Evolution RT
17 Jason Edwards 00:52:27 3rd Southdown Bikes
18 Will Mason 00:52:27 3rd Royal Airforce CA
19 Adam Baker 00:52:28 3rd Gillingham and District Wheelers
20 Aaron Hartley 00:51:15 3rd Worthing Excelsior CC
21 Chris Parker 00:45:58 3rd VCGH
22 Leigh Banks 00:46:20 3rd
23 Peter Cole 00:37:19 3rd Hart Evolution RT
24 Dominic Morley 00:37:20 3rd Southdown Velo
25 Mark Turner 00:37:20 3rd
26 Miles Thomas 00:37:23 4th Hart Evolution RT
27 Thomas Foot 00:37:28 4th Blazing Saddles
28 Jonathan McKie 00:38:14 4th Liss CC
29 MJ Jackson 00:38:15 4th Nicebrew CC
30 Matthew Smith 00:38:15 3rd Brighton Excelsior CC
31 Emyr Griffiths 00:35:54 4th RCR Ravenna
32 Oliver Wise 00:35:55 3rd Solent Pirates
33 Clinton Moore 00:38:36 4th Angmering CC
34 Paul Hiscock 00:37:44 4th Blazing Saddles
35 Joe Parker 00:29:28 4th Hampshire Road Club
36 Jack Ferrell 00:29:29 3rd RCR Ravenna
37 Shane Banks 00:29:29 3rd
38 Matthew Callaghan 00:29:30 3rd Hart Evolution RT
39 George Holland 00:29:58 4th
40 Joshua Smith 00:29:59 4th PNECC
41 Thomas Ringe 00:32:46 4th Angmering CC
42 Matthew Knight 00:22:46 4th

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