Wednesday, 8 June 2016

New Forest CC Club 10,07/06/16,Report/ Results

P341 Thorney Hill
Ben Wards off competition
New Forest CC held the concluding leg of the Hilly Series on the P341 Thorney Hill course loping through Burley from Bransgore to Crow before the tortuous conclusion at the top of Braggers Lane hill. Ben Boardman held a comfortable lead from the first leg, so it was up to the rest of the field to put Ben under pressure during the event. The event was held on as thick breathless sultry evening that took a lot out of the riders. It was Ben who continued his dominance, particularly confident having recently broken the clubs team 100 mile record with Stuart Peckham and Stephen Skinner. Ben recorded a time of 23:14, finishing ahead of Stewart Ward (25:12) who at the weekend had qualified for the UCI Amateur World Championships in both the TT and road event. Bob Dowling narrowly held off Gavin Robinson by a meagre four seconds made up the podium positions in a fine third place. Bob has been getting stronger all season and commented “that Braggers was a killer tonight, the average speed just ebbed away at the end, I hadn’t saved enough really”.
So it was Ben that took the Hill series in dominant style from Gavin Robinson and Bob Dowling, Gavin had a stronger first leg and Gavin held on just enough to confirm runners up position.

1 Ben Boardman 00:23:14 25.82
2 Stewart Ward 00:25:12 23.81
3 Bob Dowling 00:26:12 22.90
4 Gavin Robinson 00:26:16 22.84
5 Stephen Skinner 00:26:44 22.44
6 Eliot Wilks 00:26:48 22.39
7 Richard Mason 00:26:59 22.24
8 Mike Wheatley 00:28:13 21.26
9 Phil Underwood 00:28:15 21.24
10 Richard Parker 00:28:30 21.05
11 Ollie Moody - juv. 00:29:04 20.64
12 Chris Mills 00:31:27 19.08
13 Peter Hawker 00:31:39 18.96
14 Clare Gronow 00:32:02 18.73

1 Peter Wilson 00:26:07 22.97 Bmouth Arrow CC
2 Sean Williams 00:31:31 19.04 3C
3 Chris Jolliffe - Trike 00:32:20 18.56 Crawley Whs CC

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