Wednesday 10 April 2019

Stockbridge Down Start List

James Boyman (Pictured) the winner last year wears number 1 at the Stockbridge Down race at Collingbourne Ducis in Wiltshire on Easter Sunday, 21st April
1 James Boyman 1st Hoops Velo
2 Benjamin Ferris 3rd Jun Andover Wheelers
3 Christopher Booth 1st 3C Payment sports
4 Thomas Harrington 2nd Jun Abergavenny Road Club
5 Luke Protheroe 2nd Jun Abergavenny Road Club
6 Thomas Bowering 1st ActiveEdge Race Team
7 Jim Bradford 1st ActiveEdge Race Team
8 James Bevan 2nd Army Cycling Union
9 Andrew Farndon 2nd Army Cycling Union
10 Kieran Simcox 2nd Army Cycling Union
11 Jack Webb 2nd Army Cycling Union
12 Hayden Burton 3rd Bath CC
13 Miles Burton 3rd Bath CC
14 Charlie Shields 3rd Bath CC
15 Adam Lewis Elite BEAT Cycling Club
16 George Beck 2nd BIKESTRONG-KTM
17 Tom Mansfield 2nd BIKESTRONG-KTM
18 Thomas Booth 2nd Bryan Steel academy
19 Jonathan Oxley 2nd Bryan Steel academy
20 Christopher Rothwell Elite BW Cycling
21 Hefin Evans 1st Bynea CC
22 Alexandar Richardson Elite Canyon dhb P / B Bloor Homes
23 William Lewis 3rd Cycle Club Bridgnorth RWG
24 George Mills-Keeling 1st Jun Cycle Club Bridgnorth RWG
25 Jamie Caldwell 2nd Cycle Team OnForm
26 Daniel Pullen 1st Cycling Sheffield Giant Sheffield
27 Henry Latimer 2nd Didcot Phoenix CC
28 Oliver W Bates Elite Flamme Rouge Cycling Team
29 Ashley Cox 1st Flamme Rouge Cycling Team
30 Matthew Exley 1st Flamme Rouge Cycling Team
31 William Scott Elite Flamme Rouge Cycling Team
32 Fletcher Adams 3rd Hargroves-Montezuma's
33 Samuel Clark 2nd Jun Hargroves-Montezuma's
34 Sebastian Garry 2nd High Wycombe Cycling Club
35 Oliver Hucks 2nd High Wycombe Cycling Club
36 Callum Dunford 2nd Jam Cycling RT coached by BPC
37 Jacob Aries 2nd Kuota - GSG
38 Warren Jesse 2nd Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT
39 Anthony Roberts 1st Meudon Pedal Heaven Le Col RT
40 Jake Yarranton 2nd Morvelo Basso
41 George Fowler 2nd Nopinz Symec Race Team
42 Adrian Lawson 2nd Nopinz Symec Race Team
43 Lee Frost Elite Nopinz Symec Race Team
44 George Smith Elite Nopinz Symec Race Team
45 Andrew Critchlow 1st Norwood Paragon CC
46 Ken Buckley Elite Nuun-Sigma Sports-London RT
47 Robert Moore 1st Nuun-Sigma Sports-London RT
48 Matthew Dennis 3rd Primera-TeamJobs
49 George Skinner 2nd Primera-TeamJobs
50 Nicholas Tyrie 2nd Primera-TeamJobs
51 Michael Ford Elite Private Member
52 Benjamin Marks 1st Private Member
53 Eliot Ward 1st Private Member
54 Cameron Cragg 2nd Project 51
55 Ian Vagg 2nd Project 51
56 Michael Weavers 2nd Project 51
57 Tobias Dahlhaus 1st Richardsons-Trek RT
58 Rhys Howells Elite Richardsons-Trek RT
59 William Harper 1st Saint Piran
60 Alex Platt 2nd Saint Piran
61 Brook Elgie 2nd Sotonia CC
62 William Bjergfelt Elite SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling
63 Andrew Turner Elite SwiftCarbon Pro Cycling
64 Luke Craddock 2nd TAAP Cervelo
65 Cameron Foster 1st TBW23 Stuart Hall Gett Taxi
66 James Chapman 1st Team PB Performance
67 Sion Harlow 2nd Team PB Performance
68 Josh Housley 1st Team PB Performance
69 Lawrence Carpenter Elite Team Wiggins Le Col
70 Jacques Sauvagnargues 1st Team Wiggins Le Col
71 Hayden Allen 1st THRE Datawolves RT
72 Ellis Pullinger 2nd THRE Datawolves RT
73 Luke Barfoot 1st Tri UK
74 Adam Robertson 2nd University of Bath Cycling Club
75 Aled Jones 1st VCEquipe/FlixOralHygiene/Propulse
76 Patrick Brown 2nd Velo Club Venta
77 Oliver Winwood Bratchell 2nd Velo Club Venta
78 Liam Davies 1st Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother UK
79 Red Walters 1st Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother UK
80 Jack Stanton-Warren Elite Wheelbase CabTech Castelli

Neutralised from HQ to the main A342 where turn right (M) and proceed for
0.2 miles where turn right (M) onto Marlborough Road to officially join the
circuit. Proceed through start/finish line (approx 1 mile) and continue on
Pewsey Road for approx. 4 miles. Road sweeps round to the left into Swan
Road before immediately left (M) onto A345 Salisbury Road. Continue on the
A345 for approx 3 miles. to roundbout, where take 1st exit left (M) onto A345
Pewsey Road. Proceed for approx 1.5 miles to enter Upavon village to Turn left
(M) onto A342 Andover Road. Continue on A342 through South Upavon for
approx 5 miles to Everleigh village where Turn left (M) onto Marlborough Road
and continue for approx 1 mile to cross start/finish line to complete 1 lap (14.5
miles) – Race distance 6 Laps (140km/87 miles).

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