Thursday 18 April 2019

New Forest CC Club 10, 17/04/19 Results

After disappointment due to the cancellation of the TT last week, this week Aron Kelly managed the win he’s been training for.
After giving up triathlon to focus on the bike, he’s hoping to have more success this year. His partner Sonia Laurie was also fastest female, with a strong field of 5 NFCC female riders.
Twenty riders tackled the reasonably fast P170, that has a hill top finish as a final test. The event saw a return to racing of James Bannister for second place, third was claimed by new rider Ollie Caudwell who was very pleased with his ride.
The event was more disappointing for some: George Weller managed to fall off his bike at the start; Alex Bennett missed his start time and had to wait 15 minutes to go off last; Catherine Pascoe’s rear wheel moved and she rode the event with a brake block rubbing; Stuart Peckham was looking forward to racing, but had to return his number when he realised he’d volunteered to marshal.

1 Aron Kelly 23:14
2 James Bannister 23:44
3 Ollie Caudwell 23:53
4 Alan Hansford (Soton Tri) 24:11
5 Daniel Taylor (RNRM) 24:42
7 Russell Wynn 26:57
7 Dan Mitchell 27:15
8 Geoff Weller 28:40
9 Sonia Laurie 28:56
10 Richard Rajski 29:21
11 Ian Macdonald 29:30
12 Isabelle Parks 30:41
13 Stuart Grace (GA Cycles) 31:21
14 Alex Bennett 31:34
15 George Weller 31:49
16 Chris Mills 32:13
17 Catherine Pascoe 33:13
18 Peter Hawker 33:48
19 Noreen Henderson 34:47
20 Tracy Mitchell 35:48
Thanks to Antony Green

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