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Monday, 1 April 2019

Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers Club 10, 31/03/19, Results

P311 Ringwood

1 Paul Jones Primera 21.04
2 Cliff Rowe BJW 23.33
3 Chris Simpson BJW 24.55
=4 Ian Torner Tornado RC 25.05
Rupert Silman BJW 25.05
6 Phil Scriven BJW 25.08
7 Lyndon Thompson Colten Care 25.17
8 Will Solomon BJW 25.31
9 Martin Reeder BJW 26.02
10 Gary Chiverton BJW 26.03
11 John O'Brien BJW 31.29 Trike
12 Stuart Grace GA Cycles 32.04 Gravel bike on a
low single freewheel

Mary Corbett Sotonia CC & Darren Kenny Estrella 28,27

Timekeepers: Bob Richardson & Dave Mansfield
Other helpers: Clive Peskett, Barry O'Callaghan and Jacky Prosser

Mary was celebrating her 50th Tandem Tart ME Charity ride with coffee and a cake
kindly baked by Penny Cossburn

Rupert was riding his second event of the morning, having already
ridden the Poole Wheelers 10 earlier!

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