Wednesday 24 April 2019

Bournemouth & Dist Women's CA Club 15, Results

"Sue Longland had called in at the event when taking Glenn back to therehabilitation centre after his free pass and it was good to see himlooking so well despite not yet being fully recovered from his dreadful accident, about which he can remember nothing."

P164 Lyndhurst 24/04/19
1 Claire Newman Crabwood CC 41.00
2 Michelle Walter Bournemouth Arrow 41.26

1 Phil Wilks Sotonia CC 34.28
2 Evan Jardine-Skinner Sotonia CC 34.35
3 Peter Weaver New Forest CC 43.45
4 Norman Harvey Sotonia CC 49.38

Timekeepers: Paula Miller & Dave Crocker
Other helpers: Ann Miller, Clive Peskett & Jacky Prosser

Thanks to Jacky Prosser

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