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Monday, 22 April 2019

Portsmouth Circuits #3, Results

Mountbatten Centre Portsmouth, 17/04/19
YOUTH U12 [C] / U10 [D] / U8 [E]

1st 42 Charlie SHEPHERD C Sotonia CC
2nd 62 Thomas WILKS D Sotonia CC
3rd 60 Margherita SILANO Cg Velo Club Venta
4th 41 Samuel HUGHES C Velo Club Venta
5th 61 Grace HUGHES Dg Velo Club Venta
6th 71 Matilda WILKS Eg Sotonia CC
YOUTH U16 [A] / YOUTH U14 [B]

1st 7 Matthew HICKMAN A I-Team Cyclists' Club
2nd 4 Jacob SCHNABEL A Fareham Wheelers CC
3rd 1 Tobias HOUGHTON A Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
4th 6 Andrew PALING A VC Meudon
6th 2 Max FRANCIS A Salisbury Road & Mountain CC
7th 23 Matthew GILMOUR B Velo Club Venta
8th 22 Ollie BOARER B I-Team Cyclists' Club
9th 5 Oscar PRATT A Velo Club Venta
10th 21 Alexander MURPHY B Velo Club Venta
3 / J3

1st 72 Kevin CHANT WightlinkWight Mountain CRT
2nd 57 Jeremy HUBBARD Hargroves Cycles CC
3rd 62 Robert FORD Portsmouth North End CC
4th 76 Olly WISE University of Warwick
5th 54 Danny HAVEY Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
6th 64 Julian LOCKWOOD Primera-TeamJobs
7th 85 Christopher CARROLL MB Cyclery
8th 77 Jason GAULT Primera-TeamJobs
9th 61 Gareth FIFORD Portsmouth North End CC
10th 74 Jacob SCHNABEL Fareham Wheelers CC
11th 59 Theo BUGG Jam Cycling RT coached by BPC
12th 60 Jim HAMILTON MB Cyclery
13th 79 Malcolm SCOTT BmthCycleworks VitecFire FordCivil
14th 58 George MOORE I-Team Cyclists' Club
15th 66 Christopher MCGOVERN Southampton University Road Club
16th 81 Piers JAMES Jam Cycling RT coached by BPC
17th 78 Christopher HUGHES Velo Club Venta
18th 86 Harry PARSONS Sotonia CC
19th 52 Matthew JAMES Chichester City Riders (CCR)
20th 55 Graham HOLLIDGE Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
21st 63 Owen GILES Portsmouth North End CC
23rd 84 Chris PRIOR Meon Valley Cycle Club
24th 83 Dan BANKS Velo Club Venta
25th 69 Laura SENIOR VCGH
26th 71 Tom SMITH Velo Club Venta
27th 82 Matthew TWIST British Cycling Private Member - South
28th 53 Dave DALTON Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
29th 75 Nigel POWELL VC St Rapheal
30th 56 Christopher WILLIAMS Fareham Wheelers Cycling Club
31st 70 Richard NEW Velo Club Venta
32nd 80 Ian DONOHUE British Cycling Private Member - South
33rd 68 Robert LOVETT trainSharp Club

E / 1 / 2 / J

1st 16 Max MOYLES Team Tor 2000
2nd 17 Lee SMITH Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
3rd 11 Red WALTERS Vitus Pro Cycling p/b Brother UK
4th 31 Alexandros MATSANGOS KMeaters
5th 28 Liam BARR University of Portsmouth CC
6th 23 Matt ALLSOP WightlinkWight Mountain CRT
7th 20 Tom DAY Giant Cycling Club - Halo Films
8th 2 Samuel CLARK Hargroves-Montezuma's
9th 15 Jacob ARIES Kuota - GSG
10th 27 Joe PARKER Blazing Saddles Cycles
11th 30 Luke JEROME Racing Club Ravenna
12th 29 Harry JOHNSON VC St Raphael
13th 14 Luis COUNTINHO Racing Club Ravenna
14th 1 Jamie PULLEN 1904 RT
15th 34 James PECKHAM Sotonia
16th 22 Dan BYRNE BlackLine
17th 12 Ethan COURT VC Meudon
18th 26 Sam STEWART Racing Club Ravenna
19th 25 Adam LITTLECHILD Jam Cycling RT coached by BPC
20th 32 Matthew HOULBERG Portsmouth North End CC
21st 33 Vaughan MARRIS Jam Cycling RT coached by BPC
22nd 21 Ben WILLIAMS I-Team Cyclists' Club
23rd 13 Jay EASTWOOD Hargroves-Montezuma's
24th 24 Mark TREVIS Informed Sport - LGC
25th 9 Roman PIOTROWSKI Wolfe RT
26th 10 Matt BONE TAAP Cervelo
27th 18 Will RANOE MB Cyclery
28th 19 Ryan SMITH Morvelo Basso RT
29th 3 Joseph CLARK I-Team Cyclists' Club
30th 5 Gary CHAMBERS NopinzNopinz Symec Race Team

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