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Monday, 1 August 2016

Omega Portsmouth Circuits, 31/07/16, Results

4 / J4

1st 3 Russell THOMSON WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT
2nd 2 Garrick BASSEY Southampton University RC
3rd 7 Martin McKINLAY Team Wiggle
4th 4 Martin SANDERS WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT
5th 6 George KARTA Sotonia Cycling Club
6th 1 Patrick RETALLICK British Cycling Private Member - Central
7th 5 Tom FOSTER Cardiff Ajax Cycling Club

1st 131 Harrison HENDY IOW Cycling Club

1st 111 Charlie HOY
2nd 112 George CONNELL Sotonia Cycling Club

1st 91 Alex UPHILL Hillingdon Slipstreamers

1st 61 Owen GILES Portsmouth North End CC

1st 1 Joshua KNOWLES Palmer Park Velo / aw cycles
3 / J3

1st 59 Andrew THOMAS Dulwich Paragon CC
2nd 61 Clive RHODES
3rd 54 James MEAKIN UK-Biking/Copyrite
4th 62 Martyn HARRIS Banjo Cycles
5th 64 Ian HAYDEN WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT
6th 56 Thom HAYWARD Velo Club Venta
7th 53 Ian DONOHUE Southern Planning Practice Ltd
8th 58 Mark VALENTINE Poole Wheelers CC
9th 51 Paul GILES Portsmouth North End CC
10th 57 Kevin FOSTER WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT
11th 63 Sam BAKER WightlinkLCM Systems Cycle RT
12th 60 Tom STOCKER Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers CC
13th 55 Mike ANDERSON VC St Raphael
E / 1 / 2 / J

1st 13 Josh LAWLESS PMR@Toachim House
2nd 5 Justin HOY NFTO
3rd 16 Harry VEALE
4th 3 Henry LATIMER PMR@Toachim House
5th 1 Mike SMITH
6th 14 Will HARPER Excel Pedal Heaven Academy
7th 9 Will SCOTT Team Corley Cycles
8th 17 George STAINTON-ELLIS Excel Pedal Heaven Academy
9th 8 Matt EXLEY Team Corley Cycles
10th 11 Calum GILLESPIE
11th 15 Ian ROBINS
12th 10 Jacob TRESHAM Team Corley Cycles
13th 12 Theo WEBB Velo Club Venta
14th 7 Frank KILSBY VC St Raphael

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