Thursday 11 August 2016

CC Weymouth Club 25,09/08/16, Results

Chris Randall, VC St Raphael, 55:27
Steve Pink, Poole Wheelers, 56:27
Greg Parker, VC St Raphael, 57:07
Patrick Dunn, CC Weymouth, 57:37
James Horton, Poole Wheelers, 57:38
Niall Laming, Mud Sweat And Gears, 59:58
David Butt, CC Weymouth, 100:50
Charlie Lawson, CC Weymouth, 102:03
Ian Hobley, Mid Shropshire Wheelers, 102:15
Phil Smith, CC Weymouth, 103:51
Nick Ireland, CC Weymouth, 106:00
Matt Pye, Mud Sweat And Gears, 106:05
Steve Trigwell, CC Weymouth, 106:34
Sarah Wise, Mud Sweat And Gears, 108:05
Christopher Mullett, Gillingham & District Wheelers, 108:08
Gordon Scott, CC Weymouth, 110:47
Andrew Preston, CC Weymouth, 110:59
Steve Oliver, CC Weymouth, 111:06
Rachel Hackman, RNRMCA, 113:19
Elaine Pearson, Mud Sweat And Gears, 15:23
Devla Ireland, CC Weymouth, 115:41
Lauren Crisp, CATI, 127:34

"The contractors were out collecting the harvest and tucking in behind large trailers proved irresistible to some,
unavoidable to others and unavailable to most. We are not sure who falls into which category!!"

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