Saturday 6 August 2016

Bournemouth & Dist Women's CA Two-Up & Tandem 10, Report/Results

Husband and wife Pairing, Louisa & Andy Cooper (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers) won the annual Ladies Two-Up on the P311 Ringwood-Sopley course on a hot and breezy afternoon.
The Coopers looked fluid and fast as they raced clear of the field putting 1 minute 21 seconds into Lili MaClean & Mitch Webber with Michelle Walters & Paul Jones a further 5 seconds back in third place.

In the Tandem Event, Erica Fogg & Stephen Whitewick were clear winners despite finishing on a softening tyre, a rear wheel slow puncture doing little to slow them up. Ray Hughes sufferd a hornet bite on the knee before the start but bravely soldiered on, piloting Mary Corbett to second place.
Like all "fun events" things are taken very seriously, post-race talk at the HQ revolved around aerodynamic skinsuits, go-faster strips, warm up strategies & finding a new partner for next year. Race organiser Claire Newman always books good weather for this event, the outside headquarters complete with toilet tent demand it. When the talking was done, Claire and her team retired to the Elm Tree Inn to catch the end of the Olympic Road Race on TV along with some liquid refreshment of course.

1 Louisa Cooper/ Andy Cooper (Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers) 22.54
2 Lili Maclean /Mitch Webber (Abbots Ann Cycles/Pedal Heaven 24.15
3 Michelle Walters/ Paul Jones (Bournemouth Arrow/PrimeraTeamjobs) 24.20
4 Donna Lovelock/ Matt Dixon (3c Cycleexperience/Sotonia CC) 24.35
5 Ellie Gilham /Dave Gilham (PrimeraTeamjobs/Bournemouth ArrowCC) 24.40
6 Susan Parker /Tony Parker (North Hants RC) 24.49
7 Tracy Cornell/ Richard Bremner (North Hants RC) 25.01
8 Sharon Harding /Nigel Pratt (Andover Wh) 25.20
9 Sarah Webber /Mike Webber (Andover Wh) 25.49
10 Lauren Bishop/ Luke Rendall (Poole Wh) 25.52
11 Alison Jennings /Matthew Buckley (Andover Wheelers) 26.37
12 Kim Piper Shaun/ Smart (Southdown Velo) 26.54
13 Fiona Parker / Mike Harrison (North Hants RC) 27.37
14 Rachel Green/ Stuart Carver (Cheltenham & County CC/North Hants RC 27.51
15 Sue Longland /Glen Longland (Antelope RT) 27.57
16 Catherine Pasco/ Anthony Green (New Forest CC) 28.23
17 Kristen Henderson/ Lee Henderson (Andover Wheelers) 28.38
18 Catherine Hartle /Mark Hitchcott (Bournemouth Jubilee) 29.26
19 Alison Hitchcock/ Doug Hitchcock (North Hants RC) 33.22

Tandem Event
1 Erica Fogg/Stephen Whitewick (UTAG/VeloRefined-Aerosmiths) 22.13
2 Mary Corbett/Ray Hughes (Sotonia CC/Clarence Wheelers) 25.37
3 Judith Crosier / Nick Wisby (Sotonia CC) 26.12
4 Christine Walker/Steve Walker (Leamington C & AC) 26.28
5 Penny Cossburn/Michael Braban (Sotonia CC) 26.34
6 Joy Radford/John Radford (Sotonia CC) 28.14
7 Mandy Pike/Simon Greenway (Crabwood CC/Sotonia CC) 30.08


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