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Monday, 8 August 2016

CC Weymouth Club 10, Results

CC Weymouth Club 10 - P451 - 02/08/2016

Greg Parker, VC St Raphael, 21:58
Patrick Dunn, CC Weymouth, 22:30
David Butt, CC Weymouth, 23:41
Niall Lamming, Mud Sweat And Gears, 24:22
Steve Trigwell, CC Weymouth, 24:46
Richard Porter, CC Weymouth, 24:58
Dave Wood, Stourbridge Velo, 25:46
Nick Ireland, CC Weymouth, 25:52
Matt Pye, CC Weymouth, 25:55
Andrew Jackson, CC Weymouth, 27:04
Emma Needham, No Club, 28:20
Devla Ireland, CC Weymouth, 28:55
Richard Bibby, No Club, 29:08

CC Weymouth Club 10 - P459 - 26/07/2016

Greg Parker, VC St Raphael, 21:35
Chris Randall, VC St Raphael, 22:13
Patrick Dunn, CC Weymouth, 22:34
Niall Lamming, Mud Sweat And Gears, 23:11
David Butt, CC Weymouth, 23:34
Thomas Fraser, RNRMCA, 24:29
Barry Hards, New Forest CC, 24:44
Charlie Lawson, CC Weymouth, 24:50
Phil Smith, CC Weymouth, 24:53
Steve Trigwell, CC Weymouth, 25:01
Dave Wood, Stourbridge Velo, 25:18
Nick Ireland, CC Weymouth, 25:23
Chris Jones, CC Weymouth, 25:58
Matt Pye, Mud Sweat And Gears, 26:09
Christopher Mullett, Gillingham & District Wheelers, 26:23
Sarah Wise, Mud Sweat And Gears, 26:52
Rachel Hackman, RNRMCA, 27:47
Sandra Hood, CC Weymouth, 36:13

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