Thursday 30 May 2019

VC Venta Club 10, Results

The weather had an impact on numbers, but 11 hardy riders braved the damp conditions to christen the new HCC283 Candover Valley course. Nigel Pratt (Andover Wheelers) and Juliet May (VCV) were the fastest riders on the night. The next time the course will be used will be for the VC Venta / Sotonia / Andover Wheelers interclub event on 27th June.
1 Nigel Pratt Andover Wheelers 23.20
2 Thom Hayward VCV 24.18
3 (first junior) Tom Smith VCV 25.19
4 Phil Hurst VCV 25.29
W1 Juliet May VCV 26.23
6 Mike Anderson CC Moncontourais 26.58
7 Tim Higgs VCV 27.03
8 Ian Cannons VCV 27.14
9 Jim Cascarini Come and try 27.15
10 James Locke VCV 29.08
W2 Kirsty Lewis Come and try 38.08
Thanks to James Fox

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