Wednesday 1 May 2019

New Forest CC Club 10 Results

NFCC 10 P341 Burley Circuit 30th April

Ray Claridge on his TT bike was a minute clear of ‘Come and Try’ novice Ben Schooling, followed closely by another ‘Come and Try’ novice Simon Lock, in the first of the Burley circuits. A number of road bikes were in evidence, TT bikes not suited to the whole course, particularly negotiating traffic through Burley and the Braggers Wood climb to the finish. Second placed NFCC rider Richard Parker was also on his TT machine, but Stuart Peckham claimed 3rd NFCC rider on his road bike, still recovering from his efforts in the 50 on Sunday.

No mishaps or bike malfunctions reported this week, though Peter Hawker, having many many years racing experience and approaching his 80th birthday this year, forgot all his racing clothing and rode his road bike round in baggy shorts and a very un-aerodynamic top!
Thanks to Antony Green

Ray Claridge NFCC 24:16
Ben Schooling (Come and Try) 25:16
Simon Lock (Come and Try ) 25.26
Richard Parker NFCC 25:38
Stuart Peckham NFCC 26:52
Phil Jones NFCC 26:56
Bob Dowling NFCC 27:09
Geoff Weller NFCC 28:47
Stuart Grace GA Cycles 30:14
Peter Weaver NFCC 31:12
Catherine Pascoe NFCC 31:19
George Weller NFCC 32:52
Jim Pascoe NFCC 33:45
Noreen Henderson NFCC 36:22
Peter Hawker NFCC 36:40

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