Wednesday 29 May 2019

New Forest CC Club 15, Results

Twelve riders entered the 15 mile event, hoping that the rain would hold off, which looked unlikely at times. Paul Lockyer hasn’t raced much this year due to unexplained poor form, but turned in a very good ride to take the win, just missing out on his course record from 2017. Barry Hards and Richard Parker were second and third respectively. Some riders lost a few seconds riding with caution round the usual P164 wildlife, including nervous foals.

1 Paul Lockyer 33:32
2 Barry Hards 37:21
3 Richard Parker 38:18
4 Mike Anderson 38:59
5 Bob Dowling 40:12
6 Stuart Grace 40:22
7 Richard Mason 40:25
8 Dan Mitchell 41:42
9 Robert Veal 42:07
10 Mick Anglim 43:46
11 Peter Weaver 45:38
12 Catherine Pascoe 46:27
Report from Antony Green

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