Friday 13 July 2018

SpyVelo Open 10. Results

Thursday (12th) saw local bike shop SpyVelo host an open 10 mile time trial on the Isle of Wight on the popular ‘Ningwood 10’ course, 27 riders came to the start every club or team on the island being represented.
1)Adam Holleyman-WLWM-00:21:55
2)Clint Oliver-00:21:56-TeamSpy
3)Dave Dent-GS Stella-00:22:12
4)Ian Hayden-WLMM-00:22:40
5)James Veal-TeamSpy-00:22:41
6)Kev Chant-TeamSpy-00:22:48
7) Martin Piper-TeamSpy-00:23:15
8)Paul Martin-TeamSpy-00:23:18
9)James Pete-WLWM-00:23:27
10)Luke Jeffery-Wight Tri-00:24:20
11)Martin Sanders-WLWM-00:24:21
12)Marcus Attridge-Bike Jockey CC-00:24:24
13)Sean Williams-Wight Tri-00:24:29
14)Dale Buckett-Bike Jockey CC-00:24:36
15)Kev Foster-WLWM-00:24:40
16)Rollo Dixon-TeamSpy-00:24:51
17)Dan Morgan-Wight Tri-00:24:59
18)Hollie Downing-Wight Cycle Hire RT-00:25:34
19)Robert Binnie-RN & RMCA-00:25:40
20)Alex Paul-TeamSpy-00:25:49
21)John Allen-Wight Cycle Hire RT-00:26:03
22)Rob Doorly-Wight Tri-00:27:17
23)Jeremy Short-Wight Cycle Hire RT-00:27:40
24)Michelle Lock-GS Stella-00:27:41
25)Steve Gratton-Wight Tri-00:27:55
26)James Brett-WLWM-00:29:16
27)Sophie Nolan-Wight Cycle Hire RT-00:31:29
Timekeepers-Alex Tunnicliffe & Sarah Probert
Pusher off- Russ Thomson
Officials- Dave Wright, Alison Radcliffe & Rob Merrifield

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