Thursday, 5 July 2018

...a3crg "Sneaky" 25, Report/Results

The second evening 25 mile tt ...a3crg run in their Summer series is restricted to just 70 riders as the A3 hasn't had the floodlighting installed yet. However one of the bones of contention is that with the restriction the event hasn't qualified for the Women's BBAR, it had to have been open for 80 riders. This year the event was split into two and the women's event was open to thirty women which does qualify for BBAR status and the men could fill the other spaces (up to seventy spaces). Well, I hope you all are keeping up, as it does appear odd way round just to get at a desired result.

Back with the action: With Alice Lethbridge being grounded due to a missing bike bit during her bike rebuild following the British TT Champs and two of the South West London girls not starting, the focus was on the promoting teams Laura Bartlett who rode a measured race to clinch the win with a 55:47. But right behind her there was quite a battle with Lisa Davis (Lewes Wanderers) 57:04 chopping a minute off her pb set two weeks ago on the course. Sarah Matthews bettered her PB set in Wales with a 57:21 to take third place ahead of Junior rider Caitlin Peters just six seconds behind.

As for the men's event, well there was a bit of holding ones breath from Gary Chambers, asked how he got on, the answer from Chambers was "I know what my Garmin showed after I stopped it after the line, but I daren't look"! When the NOPINZ rider was brave enough to look it showed up on the board as a 46:58, that was a stunning time and on a "P" course. In fact the first eight riders were sub 50 minute rides. In 7th place was James Wright of Charlotteville CC who at last year edition broke the Charlotteville Club 25 record long held by Derek Cottingham, this year he bettered his record with a 49:42. It is quite fitting in the long range pb chasing these days that a Guildford Club record is set on a course just 15 mile south of the city. Lastly, but worth noting was Thomas Day (Poole Wheelers) who said he was having his last 25 as a Juvenile recording 54:06, so here comes another youngster upsetting the status quo! It was a good night on the A3, but how long will Chambers record hold with the Nationals on the A3 on the 5th August.
Dave Collard-Berry

P884B Wednesday 4th July
1 Gary Chambers Male Senior NOPINZ 46:58 31.938 Mph
2 James Rix Male Vet Team Bottrill / Vanguard 47:16
3 Kevin Tye Male Vet Aerosmiths 48:27
4 Richard Gildea Male Senior Didcot Phoenix CC 48:50
5 Mark Smith Male Vet Crawley Wheelers 49:02
6 Ben Hopwood Male Senior Just Pedal RT 49:03
7 James Wright Male Vet Charlotteville Cycling Club 49:42
8 Howard Bayley Male Vet Blazing Saddles 49:53
9 Andrew Meilak Male Vet Aerosmiths 50:32
9 Henrik Persson Male Senior Kingston Wheelers CC 50:32
11 Steven Pink Male Vet Poole Whs 50:47
12 Matt Peel Male Senior C and N Cycles RT 50:48
13 Antony Green Male Vet New Forest CC 51:00
14 Mark Stafford Male Vet Portsmouth North End CC 51:20
15 Mark Bashford Male Senior East Grinstead CC 51:47
16 Andrew Thomas Male Senior ...a3crg 52:04
17 Andy Smith Male Vet Velo Club St Raphael 52:10
18 Julian Middlewick Male Vet Hampshire Road Club 52:13
19 Peter Younghusband Male Vet Petersfield Triathlon Club 52:16
20 Stephen Williamson Male Vet ...a3crg 52:17
21 Phil Wilks Male Senior Sotonia CC 52:19
22 Angus Macinnes Male Vet Royal Air Force Cycling Association 52:21
23 Howard Waller Male Vet Python RT 52:32
24 Andy Lack Male Vet Paceline RT 52:59
25 James Fawcett Male Vet Hampshire Road Club 53:06
26 David Shepherd Male Vet ...a3crg 53:21
27 David Wells Male Vet Petersfield Triathlon Club 53:24
28 Nick Jones Male Vet Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 53:30
29 Alex Allen Male Senior Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 53:36
30 James Joel Garner Male Vet ...a3crg 53:37
31 Neil Grunshaw Male Senior Kingston Wheelers CC 53:58
32 Paul Byford Male Vet Crawley Wheelers 54:00
33 Paul Smith Male Vet Aerosmiths 54:04
34 Thomas Day Male Juvenile Poole Whs 54:06
35 Ben Boardman Male Senior New Forest CC 54:12
36 Nigel Sign Male Vet Fareham Wheelers CC 54:20
37 Steve Legg Male Vet ...a3crg 54:32
38 Gavin Hinxman (Trike) Male Vet DRAG2ZERO 54:33
39 Tom Burke-Nott Male Vet De Laune CC 54:54
40 Peter Hatt Male Vet Velo Club St Raphael 54:59
41 Matt Harris Male Senior ...a3crg 55:02
42 George Creasey Male Espoir Bournemouth Cycleworks - UK-Biking - Trek 55:14
43 Peter Oliver Male Vet Fairly United Cycling Team 55:20
44 Gary Ferrett Male Vet Hampshire Road Club 55:23
45 Neil Buckley Male Senior Port Sunlight Wheelers 55:38
46 Richard Weatherstone Male Vet C and N Cycles RT 56:40
47 Stuart Thompson Male Vet Velo Club St Raphael 58:40
48 Richard Tully Male Vet Elite Cycling 1:00:36
49 Robert Oliver Male Vet Fareham Wheelers CC 1:02:09
50 Peter Knipe Male Vet Fareham Wheelers CC 1:04:12
51 Martin Whitty Male Vet ...a3crg 1:06:44

1 Laura Bartlett Female Senior ...a3crg 55:47
2 Lisa Davis Female Vet Lewes Wanderers CC 57:04
3 Sarah Matthews Female Vet ...a3crg 57:21
4 Caitlin Peters Female Junior i-Team Cyclists Club 57:27
5 Jenny Simmonds Female Vet Look Mum No Hands! 58:15
6 Louisa Cooper Female Senior Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 58:31
7 Olivia Webb Female Vet Eastbourne Rovers CC 58:46
8 Marianne Holt Female Senior Team Bottrill / Vanguard 59:00
9 Eva Nyirenda Female Senior ...a3crg 1:02:22
10 Gemma Hayes Female Senior Norwood Paragon CC 1:03:28
11 Sue Mcfarlane Female Senior Army Cycling Union 1:03:36
12 Dana Sweeney Female Senior Clapham Chasers 1:03:54
13 Robyn Yates Female Vet Addiscombe CC 1:05:10
14 Fiona Scotter Female Vet ...a3crg 1:06:11
15 Rachael Lamont Female Vet Hampshire Road Club 1:07:59
16 Deanna Ferrett Female Vet Hampshire Road Club 1:10:16
17 Johanna Lovell Female Vet ...a3crg 1:12:37

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